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Elijah Blakewood

"I sound just like you!"

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a character in “Wiser and Older - Story of the Last 6”, as played by badboyej


Elijah Blakewood
Just because you can doesn't mean that you should. Why is that so hard to understand lately?

[size=200]General Info

Name:Elijah Blakewood
Nick-Name(s): Eli (Although this nickname annoys him)
Age: 21
Gender: Male♂
Height: 6'0"
Weight: -lbs
Role: Second member of the First Five- Voice Mimicker
Main Power: Voice Mimicry
Secondary Power: Sound Manipulation


Brief Overview: Mischievous, Hyper-active, Loud, Confident
Elijah can easily be described as someone who lacks fear, simply because he loves performing. No matter how big the audience, Elijah seems to have no second thoughts about stepping out onto the big stage. Being able to shift his voice to suit different characters that need to be portrayed not only by body language, but also spoken language, allows Elijah to be very confident when the time is needed. As a result, this has caused him to become immune to anyone's opinion about him. Good or bad, Elijah simply shrugs it off and continues to be himself, ignoring anything that could possibly alter the way he would act normally. Many people often quote about the extreme extent of his confidence, as he has no issue performing even the most embarrassing act in front of an audience, which tends to leave an effect on people as his confidence can influence those around him.

He loves his music, which is rather obvious since he is usually seen with earphones with him. Being inspired by many songs, Elijah tends to put on the voice of an artist and sing exactly in tune with the song that he may be listening/thinking about, this includes artists that tend to use auto-tune (and that's quite a few...). Because of his mastery of singing without much effort at all, he has caused a bit of attention as he has a habit of putting videos of himself singing onto the web. Now he isn't a smug person, but he certainly loves attention, however he knows his place and doesn't need reminding of it. Because of his love for music, Elijah is an exceptional listener. It takes a lot of listening to mimic a voice/sound effectively, and despite his love for talking, he can surprisingly keep quite for a while.

He tends to keep his emotions to himself, but usually the voice he puts on gives away his emotion, particularly when he's angry, in which case he puts on a deep intimidating voice. Tending to use his voice to his advantage, Elijah alters the way he speaks depending on the situation. For example, when in trouble, he'd put on a voice of a distressed child to gain sympathy. He is extremely mischievous and hardly ever uses his original voice.

▲An Audience
▲Being Heard
▲Creating mischief
▼Depressing people
♫♪♫♪Theme Song(s)♫♪♫♪
MitiS- Parting
Never fade (Eyes Remix)
Disclosure- Boiling

Brief History

When he had awoken, Elijah had found himself within an adopted family. Now it's usually cliché for kids to find themselves adopted into a miserable house hold, filled with nothing but selfish parents whilst the victim is left to rot, barely experiencing life at all. But nothing was cliché about Elijah's family. In fact, he was rather fortunate. His adopted family was wealthy, only flawed by the fact that they weren't able to have children of their own, Elijah was the answer to problem in their lives. After a short while, they noticed that he disliked being spoiled as he only wanted to be seen as a typically everyday child. However, his gift only made that difficult for him.

The first sign of his gift being noticed was when he was with his 'mother', who was preparing dinner. She was singing her favourite song with such grace that it had only inspired Elijah to do the same. Now it would be particularly difficult for a male to impersonate a grown woman who was reaching her late 30's, but for some reason, Elijah was able to mimic her voice with the lack of effort. This raised suspicion. Not only for Elijah, but his so called parents as well. It's not exactly normal for anyone to be able to mimic a voice spot on, without many months of training...Elijah had a gift. He wasn't quiet about it either.

Matter of fact, he learned the voices of every single person he met, using them whenever he felt like just to mess with people's heads. He loved the fact that people were noticing him because of his gift, and he wanted express it more. That's where performing arts came into his life. This sparked a whole new life for him, being unique enough to take on more than one role in a single performance and having the voice which could compare to any artist...Literally. With all this, a lot of attention was being drawn towards him, and with that came the media. Something he didn't want. Despite all the attempts to buy Elijah for his numerous talents, he could only refuse as he simply hate the thought of money.

As life went on, Elijah began to realise that he had something abnormal about him. Being able to alter his voice is one thing, but being able to copy any sound was another. From beat-boxing all the way to the extremes of dubstep, Elijah was able to project sounds that no normal human could possibly make. When suffering from a migraine, the constant ringing of a car alarm was seriously causing suffering for him, but there wasn't anything he could do about it a part from yell "Oh will you shut up" in much frustration. What overwhelmed him is that the volume that was being projected from the car, went from the loudest thing that he could hear, to something he could be compared to utter silence.

Elijah currently lives alone, ignoring his lust for attention as a war threatens the well being of himself and those around him.



So begins...

Elijah Blakewood's Story


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And here I sit, at this desk, typing on this universal computer the story of the Last Six. Oh, how long has it been since I addressed such topics? Weeks? Months? Years? Centuries, ears, eternity? Of course, no one can know this but me myself for I know everything. I know everyone. I know all. Some would call such abilities a gift. But I wouldn't call it that. You're think I believe my abilities to be a curse, do you not? Well, to answer that, I don't think nor do I believe this is a curse. It's a calling. I am to spend eternity knowing all until I find one to take my place. But what would happen after that, you ask? Well, I would be no more. I would be erased from eternity. It would no longer be me keeping track of the events taking place nor would it ever be me. But, I refuse to give this calling to anyone else. Not out of spite, not out of greed, not for the sickness of power-hording. I don't wish this suffering upon anyone else. Nor do I wish anyone else to ever suffer.

That's enough about me. While I write this, a small group of Galians are taking shelter on a planet most commonly known as Earth. These Galians are seeking out a new planet for the rest of their people to inhabit. It just so happens that the Galians are coming from a planet much like Earth. After all, it is the Earth of a different universe. They don't call their planet Earth though. No, their planet goes by the name of Galliga. It resides in a universe structure much like Earth's. The different is all the planets are full of life. But this is for another story.

Upon blending in with Earths people, some of the Galians changed. They no longer wanted the Humans to exterminate humans. They had decided to breed with them. And with that, the Spades were created. Before it was known to the humans, however, the Galians left, the leader tired of trying to get the humans into the next world war. He had made his whole team that had came with return with him as well, setting course back to their home planet.

As the Spades generation grew older, the worlds nations fought more and more. There was many problems containing to it all. Politics. Religion. Gay rights. Science. They list goes on. All the many topics continued in an never ending list. But the Spades kept on. They became the greatest minds in the world. Some would even call them all reincarnations of Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isac Newton, Stephan Hawking, and Niles Bohr alike. Then they all banded together to form a group. A group they called the Spades, thus naming their own subspecies of bipedal species.

Once banded, they started experiments. For what ever reason, they wished to clone themselves, to make themselves more powerful. To expand their species without the need to commit the act of procreation. They started by testing small animals. This included mice, rats, squirrels, birds. Then they went bigger. Small cats and small dogs. Then bigger. Big dogs, chimpanzee's, monkeys. Eventually, they started testing apes and gorilla's. Then humans. They would send some of the members out to receive DNA of the healthiest human babies in the world. No one questioned this as they believed the Spades to be smart and world loving like the great minds they believed them to be. They didn't expect this.

Sixty of the worlds healthiest new born babies were chosen, a sample of their DNA taken in a vial, along with their name, to the Spades headquarters. Here was where they edited those sixty DNA's, crossing them along and giving some of their own DNA to aid in it all. But one of the Spades decided to put just enough into one of the children he was creating to make the child biologically his. As they finished researching and editing DNA and all, war broke out.

The Galians plains had finally taken off long after they had all gone. The world had launched into a world war that eventually hit everywhere but the small islands of the world. As this happened, the Spades loaded themselves and their new infants all into a space-station. Before they took off though, they dumped the First Five of the children who had awoken into orphanages around the world. The Spades had put small, undetectable computer chips into the back of the neck of each child. This computer chip didn't only tack the child through their life. It gave access for the Spades to manipulate the dreams of the children, and little did they hesitate.

Once in space, they Spades continued on experimenting. Their were times when one of the subjects would wake up. These children either drowned in the ectoplasm in their cylinder or their plug was pulled by their watcher Spades member, as each member was assigned to his or her own child, sometimes two. Over the years they lost all the children but six from various reasons that included Galian invasions, plug-pulling, drowning, and failure of tests. Then it happened. The first of the Last Six awoke after a Spades member tried pulling it's plug for no reason. It used the powers it inherited to get out of the cylinder, with such waking the others and helping them out.

They was when they realize the life in the computer was a lie. It was all pretend. Weather they were a king, a President, or anything else important didn't matter no more. All they had left was each other. That's what I told them, or, rather, am telling them. I had appeared on the ship in front of the naked six. The Spades members had ran in shouting, then stopped in my presence. Then wanted to know what happened and why. But all I could tell them was what had happened. The Last Six had awoken. And as we speak, the First Five are closing in by the second.

Omnes Agnitioni, the All Knowing One, had appeared in front of the Last Six. They were each standing in a pile of glass and green slim from their hibernation cylinders, naked and dripping in green goo. Omnes hands each of them a dark cloak. This form of Omnes is his younger form, his cloak already on but the hood pulled back. His eyes completely blacked out, no pupil visible, no whites visible. His forearms, hands, face, and head, completely covered in markings that continued down on his skin beneath the cloak. He appears to be hovering slightly off the ground, his cloak not reaching the floor and his feet not being seen.

"Be not frightened of me. Be not frightened of me." Omnes spoke, his voice doubled in harmony; one deeper, one younger, speaking at the same time and echoing off the walls. For any normal human, it'd be considered the voice of a god. "I am but thee All Knowing One. All, I see it. All, I know it. All, I know it." He spoke again, the same dueled effect happening and the echo following as he paused and made eye contact with each.

It wasn't too long for a Spades member to come running in. Baldwin Yikes. As he ran, he yelled into a walkies-talkie. "I heard a noise, sounded like glass breaking. I'm on my way to-!" He stopped in his tracks, shock on his face, when he saw Omnes and the Six. After a moment of staring, he spoke into the talkie "We have a code RED7777. We have the Six awake and...and....the All Knowing One."


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Hana Ambrose

It was a brisk night, Hana's parents weren't home as she stood upon the balcony, letting the cold breeze push onto her skin, letting her night gown and hair flow and ripple around her. She took a deep breath as she continued walking closer to the edge of the balcony, placing her trembling hands upon the railing of the ledge. Her breath was shaky and as she exhaled she could see a fog come out of her was as if she were a ghost was about time she ended it.

She began lifting her foot up upon the ledge...she was so cold...she was about to continue...

But he stopped her. Nicholas.

She shoved her face into his chest, continuing to cry as he stroked her hair trying to calm her down. He wrapped his arms around her, he brought her warmth even in the cold winter air. They talked throughout the rest of the night, he told her how worried he was about her and she told him how she felt...she had promised to make her life face her fears and to not let sadness get to her...he had saved her.

He began to bring his lips closer to was going to be her first kiss...and she wouldn't regret having it go to him. 'It's like a fairy tale' she thought to herself as she followed his lead. Their lips were close...about to meet...


A loud sound of shattering glass shattered around Hana, causing her ears to ache in pain. She coughed on the ground wondering what the hell happened, wondering if all of that was just another one of her dreams. But as she was thinking all of her thought processes stopped when it hit her how cold she was. She looked at herself, she was nude and her body covered in some sort of translucent green liquid. A red blush shone on her face as she covered herself.

She began shivering, not only due to her nudity and how cold it was, but also to her fear. She scanned the room around her and as she looked, she noticed others. They were on the floor as she was, covered in the same green liquid, and...well, nude. It was extremely embarrassing, the presence of a boy in their company making it a lot worse...he was the first guy she had ever seen naked...and the circumstances weren't close to being anything romantic or intimate.

Suddenly, another male appeared in front of all of them, at his sudden appearance she shuddered and let out a faint gasp. But this man wasn't ordinary, and at least he was clothed unlike the other boy. He offered them cloaks, and without hesitation Hana took one, covering herself. She had so many questions, specifically, 'What's going on?' but she didn't have time to ask...just to listen.

He spoke, his voice like no other she had ever heard that of an angel...or even a god...was that what he was? For now she guessed she'd just stick with 'The All Knowing One' seeing as that was what he introduced himself with. Soon after what the All Knowing One had finished speaking, another man entered, yelling frantically...he referred to six being awake, and to the All Knowing One...hopefully this man had answers...she guessed that they were the Six he spoke of, but what did that mean? The fact that the man was panicking about their awakening worried Hana, so she opted to pay attention to the All Knowing One's directions before anything else.

Miko Sasaki

It was around two in the afternoon when Miko finally woke up from his sleep. He stretched like a lion within his bed before he finally sat up, somehow still groggy after all the sleep he had. Most of his clientele asked for readings from the afternoon to night, and it was the only way he could afford the place he was staying at, so he made the sacrifices to his sleep schedule that he had to make.

Yawning, he crawled out of bed, stumbling onto the floor. After hearing his stomach growl with hunger he decided not to bother with showering or getting dressed until after he ate. He walked out of the room, his attire consisting of an unzipped hoodie and boxers as he managed to poor himself a bowl of cereal to eat. He plopped down onto the couch, turning on the TV to watch the news while eating. He enjoyed watching the news, especially in turbulent times such as these where you never knew what could happen next.

He flicked from news channel to news channel, scanning the information before he finally ended up on one news channel showcasing an alleged shape shifter. When he saw what they were reporting his jaw immediately dropped. His eyes attentively scanned the screen, searching for any semblance or trace of photoshopping or video editing that could have been done to make it seem like this person was a shape shifter, but he couldn't detect any in the slightest. He was about ninety percent certain that this shifter was legit, but the only way to be a hundred percent sure would be to check in with the All Knowing One of course. But he was intensely curious to find out about this person if they were to turn out to be a real shape shifter...he wanted to meet someone like him, someone with abilities that made them different from the rest.

Turning off the TV, Miko closed his eyes and focused on summoning the All Knowing One, before text reading 'Not Available' appeared in his mind. He growled and grumbled to himself, frustrated. "Is the guy still pissed at me?" He asked himself out loud. Shaking his head he decided he might as well take a shower and try again, stripping before stepping into the shower and turning it on.


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Elijah Blakewood

The moon hung high as a gentle wind brushed in-between the firm palm trees which were anchored in the white sands. Not a single cloud seemed present, making it very easy to spot every last visible star. Before the crystal like sands, stood the ocean. A deep mystical blue imitating the colours of the night sky, drawn closer to the coast, only to retreat once again. The sound of the monotonous rhythm of the waves returning...and then retreating...Only to return once more, echoed throughout the coast line.

Laying upon the silky sand was a male who seemed to be dressed for a special occasion. His suit was black as tar, whilst his shoes, which were stained by clusters of sand particles, still seemed to have that polished glow to them. His suit pants had seemed to gather moisture, as from his waist downwards, he was soaked with sea water. The male's eyes had slowly began to open, exposing his hazel eyes to the clear night skies.


"Live in a isolated place Elijah- That would be a great idea!" His voice had sounded like a middle aged woman, who was teaching morals to her child, only to exaggerate his sarcastic tone. By now he was sitting up, allowing his dark hair to float over his eyes as he listened to the waves contently.

"What a load of crap that was." He spoke normally, pushing himself back onto his feet, releasing a stretch as if he had just awoken from a deep slumber. "I suppose she was right thought...No one would expect that a war for the possession of the world was going on from such an isolated place..Heh." Releasing a soft smile, Elijah pulled out his musical device, followed by his earphones, from out his soaked pocket, dropping them carelessly onto the sandy shore as he walked contently towards his cabin.

From the inside, he had all that he needed. A bed, a wooden table which had remains of mango and passion fruit of which he had consumed earlier that night, a wooden chair and a door, which lead toward the 'toilet'. He took a seat upon his bed, glaring at the sand which had gotten inside his finger nails. His hands were shaking.

"Damn it all.." His voice deepened, into that of an angry British man carrying a cockney accent. "It's been so long since I've been around people...I really don't understand how people can live alone. How long has it been?" Only a week..? "I definitely have attention issues." He sighed, clenching his fists as he realised that he had scooped low enough to engage in a conversation with himself.
"How long will we have to endure all this." Exhaling briefly, Elijah had now collapsed into a more comfortable position. On his back. The war is worsening..Distant air strikes are being made..And yet here I am, concerned about sand in my damn fingernails. And yet, I feel strange. As if something even worse is brewing.

"America and Russia.. Germany and England...The same race wiping each other out for practically no reason-heck, they're basically holding the door open for these things." His voice was that of his adopted Father, helping him to engage in a conversation with himself once more.
Pitiful-Isn't it?
"You could say so..But then again, it only goes to prove that all this is self inflicted, doesn't it not-"
The air strikes are getting louder.
Elijah had rushed out the cabin, running to the edge of the coast. The waves allowed sound to travel faster than it normally would in air, making it easier for Elijah to listen. He had no enhanced senses- from his childhood, Elijah had used his ears more than any normal human would, since it was vital for his gift, because of this, he is slightly more reliant on his hearing.
"You're right. 5.6 seconds away."
Well that's a problem.

Elijah mumbled, unamused as he looked back at the cabin. He was going to miss it.
"Perhaps..It's a sign to leave..."
Clapping twice, the sound waves produced from Elijah's hands were ready to be manipulated. Without any delay, not only had the sound waves increased velocity, but they also repeated over and over. By the end of it, the manipulated sound waves sounded like thousands of people clapping while being put in fast forward. With this, Elijah stepped into the sea, increasing the tempo of his sound waves- which in-turn, allowed Elijah to move at an increased rate, thanks to being able to ride his own sound waves.

As the airstrike rained down behind him, Elijah raced off across the dense sea. He needed to prepare for anything, the war was intensifying and it was about time that he had found those that were like him.