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Minerva Dawkins
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[size=200]General Info.

Name: Minerva Dawkins
Nick-Name(s): Minnie, Mins, Athena, Nervi, Nerva, Dawkins, Ghost,
Age: 20
Gender: Female♀
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 100lbs
Role: 4th member of the Final 6
Main Power: Astral Projection-
Secondary Power: Necromancy-


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So begins...

Minerva Dawkins's Story


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And here I sit, at this desk, typing on this universal computer the story of the Last Six. Oh, how long has it been since I addressed such topics? Weeks? Months? Years? Centuries, ears, eternity? Of course, no one can know this but me myself for I know everything. I know everyone. I know all. Some would call such abilities a gift. But I wouldn't call it that. You're think I believe my abilities to be a curse, do you not? Well, to answer that, I don't think nor do I believe this is a curse. It's a calling. I am to spend eternity knowing all until I find one to take my place. But what would happen after that, you ask? Well, I would be no more. I would be erased from eternity. It would no longer be me keeping track of the events taking place nor would it ever be me. But, I refuse to give this calling to anyone else. Not out of spite, not out of greed, not for the sickness of power-hording. I don't wish this suffering upon anyone else. Nor do I wish anyone else to ever suffer.

That's enough about me. While I write this, a small group of Galians are taking shelter on a planet most commonly known as Earth. These Galians are seeking out a new planet for the rest of their people to inhabit. It just so happens that the Galians are coming from a planet much like Earth. After all, it is the Earth of a different universe. They don't call their planet Earth though. No, their planet goes by the name of Galliga. It resides in a universe structure much like Earth's. The different is all the planets are full of life. But this is for another story.

Upon blending in with Earths people, some of the Galians changed. They no longer wanted the Humans to exterminate humans. They had decided to breed with them. And with that, the Spades were created. Before it was known to the humans, however, the Galians left, the leader tired of trying to get the humans into the next world war. He had made his whole team that had came with return with him as well, setting course back to their home planet.

As the Spades generation grew older, the worlds nations fought more and more. There was many problems containing to it all. Politics. Religion. Gay rights. Science. They list goes on. All the many topics continued in an never ending list. But the Spades kept on. They became the greatest minds in the world. Some would even call them all reincarnations of Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Sir Isac Newton, Stephan Hawking, and Niles Bohr alike. Then they all banded together to form a group. A group they called the Spades, thus naming their own subspecies of bipedal species.

Once banded, they started experiments. For what ever reason, they wished to clone themselves, to make themselves more powerful. To expand their species without the need to commit the act of procreation. They started by testing small animals. This included mice, rats, squirrels, birds. Then they went bigger. Small cats and small dogs. Then bigger. Big dogs, chimpanzee's, monkeys. Eventually, they started testing apes and gorilla's. Then humans. They would send some of the members out to receive DNA of the healthiest human babies in the world. No one questioned this as they believed the Spades to be smart and world loving like the great minds they believed them to be. They didn't expect this.

Sixty of the worlds healthiest new born babies were chosen, a sample of their DNA taken in a vial, along with their name, to the Spades headquarters. Here was where they edited those sixty DNA's, crossing them along and giving some of their own DNA to aid in it all. But one of the Spades decided to put just enough into one of the children he was creating to make the child biologically his. As they finished researching and editing DNA and all, war broke out.

The Galians plains had finally taken off long after they had all gone. The world had launched into a world war that eventually hit everywhere but the small islands of the world. As this happened, the Spades loaded themselves and their new infants all into a space-station. Before they took off though, they dumped the First Five of the children who had awoken into orphanages around the world. The Spades had put small, undetectable computer chips into the back of the neck of each child. This computer chip didn't only tack the child through their life. It gave access for the Spades to manipulate the dreams of the children, and little did they hesitate.

Once in space, they Spades continued on experimenting. Their were times when one of the subjects would wake up. These children either drowned in the ectoplasm in their cylinder or their plug was pulled by their watcher Spades member, as each member was assigned to his or her own child, sometimes two. Over the years they lost all the children but six from various reasons that included Galian invasions, plug-pulling, drowning, and failure of tests. Then it happened. The first of the Last Six awoke after a Spades member tried pulling it's plug for no reason. It used the powers it inherited to get out of the cylinder, with such waking the others and helping them out.

They was when they realize the life in the computer was a lie. It was all pretend. Weather they were a king, a President, or anything else important didn't matter no more. All they had left was each other. That's what I told them, or, rather, am telling them. I had appeared on the ship in front of the naked six. The Spades members had ran in shouting, then stopped in my presence. Then wanted to know what happened and why. But all I could tell them was what had happened. The Last Six had awoken. And as we speak, the First Five are closing in by the second.

Omnes Agnitioni, the All Knowing One, had appeared in front of the Last Six. They were each standing in a pile of glass and green slim from their hibernation cylinders, naked and dripping in green goo. Omnes hands each of them a dark cloak. This form of Omnes is his younger form, his cloak already on but the hood pulled back. His eyes completely blacked out, no pupil visible, no whites visible. His forearms, hands, face, and head, completely covered in markings that continued down on his skin beneath the cloak. He appears to be hovering slightly off the ground, his cloak not reaching the floor and his feet not being seen.

"Be not frightened of me. Be not frightened of me." Omnes spoke, his voice doubled in harmony; one deeper, one younger, speaking at the same time and echoing off the walls. For any normal human, it'd be considered the voice of a god. "I am but thee All Knowing One. All, I see it. All, I know it. All, I know it." He spoke again, the same dueled effect happening and the echo following as he paused and made eye contact with each.

It wasn't too long for a Spades member to come running in. Baldwin Yikes. As he ran, he yelled into a walkies-talkie. "I heard a noise, sounded like glass breaking. I'm on my way to-!" He stopped in his tracks, shock on his face, when he saw Omnes and the Six. After a moment of staring, he spoke into the talkie "We have a code RED7777. We have the Six awake and...and....the All Knowing One."


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Hana Ambrose

It was a brisk night, Hana's parents weren't home as she stood upon the balcony, letting the cold breeze push onto her skin, letting her night gown and hair flow and ripple around her. She took a deep breath as she continued walking closer to the edge of the balcony, placing her trembling hands upon the railing of the ledge. Her breath was shaky and as she exhaled she could see a fog come out of her mouth...it was as if she were a ghost already...it was about time she ended it.

She began lifting her foot up upon the ledge...she was so cold...she was about to continue...

But he stopped her. Nicholas.

She shoved her face into his chest, continuing to cry as he stroked her hair trying to calm her down. He wrapped his arms around her, he brought her warmth even in the cold winter air. They talked throughout the rest of the night, he told her how worried he was about her and she told him how she felt...she had promised to make her life better...to face her fears and to not let sadness get to her...he had saved her.

He began to bring his lips closer to hers...it was going to be her first kiss...and she wouldn't regret having it go to him. 'It's like a fairy tale' she thought to herself as she followed his lead. Their lips were close...about to meet...


A loud sound of shattering glass shattered around Hana, causing her ears to ache in pain. She coughed on the ground wondering what the hell happened, wondering if all of that was just another one of her dreams. But as she was thinking all of her thought processes stopped when it hit her how cold she was. She looked at herself, she was nude and her body covered in some sort of translucent green liquid. A red blush shone on her face as she covered herself.

She began shivering, not only due to her nudity and how cold it was, but also to her fear. She scanned the room around her and as she looked, she noticed others. They were on the floor as she was, covered in the same green liquid, and...well, nude. It was extremely embarrassing, the presence of a boy in their company making it a lot worse...he was the first guy she had ever seen naked...and the circumstances weren't close to being anything romantic or intimate.

Suddenly, another male appeared in front of all of them, at his sudden appearance she shuddered and let out a faint gasp. But this man wasn't ordinary, and at least he was clothed unlike the other boy. He offered them cloaks, and without hesitation Hana took one, covering herself. She had so many questions, specifically, 'What's going on?' but she didn't have time to ask...just to listen.

He spoke, his voice like no other she had ever heard before...like that of an angel...or even a god...was that what he was? For now she guessed she'd just stick with 'The All Knowing One' seeing as that was what he introduced himself with. Soon after what the All Knowing One had finished speaking, another man entered, yelling frantically...he referred to six being awake, and to the All Knowing One...hopefully this man had answers...she guessed that they were the Six he spoke of, but what did that mean? The fact that the man was panicking about their awakening worried Hana, so she opted to pay attention to the All Knowing One's directions before anything else.

Miko Sasaki

It was around two in the afternoon when Miko finally woke up from his sleep. He stretched like a lion within his bed before he finally sat up, somehow still groggy after all the sleep he had. Most of his clientele asked for readings from the afternoon to night, and it was the only way he could afford the place he was staying at, so he made the sacrifices to his sleep schedule that he had to make.

Yawning, he crawled out of bed, stumbling onto the floor. After hearing his stomach growl with hunger he decided not to bother with showering or getting dressed until after he ate. He walked out of the room, his attire consisting of an unzipped hoodie and boxers as he managed to poor himself a bowl of cereal to eat. He plopped down onto the couch, turning on the TV to watch the news while eating. He enjoyed watching the news, especially in turbulent times such as these where you never knew what could happen next.

He flicked from news channel to news channel, scanning the information before he finally ended up on one news channel showcasing an alleged shape shifter. When he saw what they were reporting his jaw immediately dropped. His eyes attentively scanned the screen, searching for any semblance or trace of photoshopping or video editing that could have been done to make it seem like this person was a shape shifter, but he couldn't detect any in the slightest. He was about ninety percent certain that this shifter was legit, but the only way to be a hundred percent sure would be to check in with the All Knowing One of course. But he was intensely curious to find out about this person if they were to turn out to be a real shape shifter...he wanted to meet someone like him, someone with abilities that made them different from the rest.

Turning off the TV, Miko closed his eyes and focused on summoning the All Knowing One, before text reading 'Not Available' appeared in his mind. He growled and grumbled to himself, frustrated. "Is the guy still pissed at me?" He asked himself out loud. Shaking his head he decided he might as well take a shower and try again, stripping before stepping into the shower and turning it on.


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Bel, one of the first of the last Six to awaken, had not adapted as quickly as he would have liked to the strange room he was in. He had assumed foul play was involved and that he had been kidnapped, but his theorizing had been cut short by the appearance of a strange man with no 'normal' eyes. Bel took the cloak he was handed and put it on, having decided that he'd rather face outside of wherever he was with the commodity of clothing. Assuming the place he was at worked the same way his kingdom did, then he most likely would be told to put on clothing. That's when he saw the others in the room. Most of them, to his dismay, were nude. He froze in shock before composing himself and putting on the cloak. He had fumbled around with the cloak, but eventually managed to put it on. His cheeks were no longer flushed, for he had begun listening to the person who gave him the cloak.
The man had introduced himself as the All Knowing One. If Bel's memory served correctly, this would mean that the All Knowing one was omniscient. Bel decided he would call the man 'AKO' instead of the ridiculously long name the man had introduced himself with. Bel decided to do two things simultaneously: interrogate the AKO and see if he could get into the systems of whatever technological room he was in. Hopefully the technology wouldn't be too alien, but he couldn't expect luck to be on his side. Bel backed himself against a wall and slid his hand behind his back, touching a wall of sorts. He then, without moving the hand behind his back, spoke. "I am Belphegor otherwise known as Bel, but I'm sure you already knew that, All Knowing One." Bel was going to use the AKO's supposed omniscience to his advantage, " If what you're saying is true, then I have but one question." Bel smiled as he said this, "What now?"
Bel turned from the AKO and towards the other 'six', still listening for anything the Ako might say of course. "Good morning," Bel wasn't rude. "Assuming what the All Knowing one says is true, you're stuck with me." Bel said this matter-of-factly. The others seemed to be in the same situation as he was, so he saw that forging alliances with them would be of his best interest.
Then he saw Baldwin run in. The man's voice seemed somewhat familiar, but Bel brushed it off as his mind playing tricks on him. "You do understand that us 'Six' can hear you, and that we most likely hold some degree of power over you, right?" Bel had managed to, through his tampering with the ship, make a makeshift spear behind his back. He couldn't have done much else without familiarizing himself with the ship. His previous question had simply been to make a distraction from the weapon he was creating. He didn't particularly fear the AKO interfering, for the AKO could have killed Bel easily if the AKO had wanted to. It was simple logic. "Now then, mind filling poor-little confused me in on what code RED7777 is?" Bel didn't actually expect to need to fight, and instead expected to be able to have a proper discussion. The weapon he had fashioned from a part of the wall behind him was simply a precaution.


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Zerxes Ayres

"This is impossible!" Zerxes sat at his desk, breathing heavily as the glow projecting from his computer screen reflected off his glasses. His eyes skimmed frantically through each coding that he had recorded upon his database, regarding each and every experiment he had assisted with. His fist found itself diving into the keyboard, causing numerous keys to become lose and break a part. "I've gone through each and every possibility..." He hesitated, swaying away from the screen on his leather office chair, slowly removing his glasses, "and yet, the result is still the same." He exhaled heavily, brushing his pale hand through his hair.

His mind was trying to comprehend the fact that he had failed to create a successful clone. He wasn't a human being, so why did failing seem so natural? After hours of collecting data, observing other scientists at their work and adding many adjustments to his previous experiments, failure was still the final outcome. What was he doing wrong? He sighed lightly, realising that he was letting his human traits get to him again, before facing the computer screen again. Practise made perfect and Zerxes was willing to spend as much time as possible, reaching for perfection. "Wait a second..." His eyes widened, as he hovered the cursor over a file. 'The First Five' What exactly had he stumbled upon.


The sound of smashing glass raised Zerxes' suspicion as he flung out of his seat, retrieving his spectacles and placing them back over his eyes. "It couldn't be..." He mumbled. Without much thought, he dashed out the room, leaving the door slamming behind him whilst the walkie-talkie within his lab coat echoed. "We have a code RED7777. We have the Six awake and...and....the All Knowing One." Zerxes' hasty dash had slowed into a gentle jog as he went into thought.

Code RED7777? We succeeded with the last of our experiments? ... That must be why he's here. This is extraordinary.

For some strange reason, his mouth started to gather more moisture than usual, as the scent of the gooey green liquid became stronger. The tension was so high that he could feel it, and he didn't like that one bit as he strolled into the room next to Baldwin. He seemed shaken. He had a reason to be.

"The Human body is truly disgusting." He said, whilst adjusting his glasses. "Baldwin, do you realise what we have achieved?" He turned to look at him again, only to realise that one of them had developed a grudge very quickly, as some sort of weapon had formed. It looked like it had an intent to kill. Slowly easing back, Zerxes finally began to realise the situation he was in. Each and every one of them posed a threat, they were super-weapons that he assisted with creating. Beings that could pose much danger without much effort at all. He had to be smart about his next move, he had to keep them calm. But that would prove hard, seeming how the All Knowing One was present.

As Zerxes saw it, he had three options. Run, Attack or Negotiate. As tempting as running seemed at the current moment, doing that would only prove that all their time spent creating such magnificent beings would only be in vain, their leader wouldn't be satisfied with that either. Attacking would be suicide. Leaving one other possibility.

Taking a step forward, Zerxes began to speak, using nothing but complete improvisation. "I know you're confused, and I know you're all scared. Worried. And angry to know that the lives you once thought was very real, was only a figure of your imaginations..." He paused, glaring at each and every creation. He wasn't a man to give out sympathy, he didn't believe in that. "But as far as I see it, we created you. We gave you life. We made you into what you are, the least you can do is offer us respect for what we have done for you all." His voice trembled a little, knowing that he had no defences against such beings, but he was buying time. Not only to think of a way to get out of this issue, but overcome it also. Failure wasn't an option.


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"If what you're saying is true, then I have but one question...What now?"
"You open your eyes to the lies you've been living." Omnes said, a smile nearly appearing on his face. He would have continued to explain to the six, but, of course, the Spades had to intervene, as always. And that wasn't all, one of the Fist Five, Miko, was trying to summon him. Omnes would have went, but he had much he must do to prepare the last Six before he may even leave them behind. So, he sent this to poor Miko.
Hopefully he wouldn't be too upset. Omnes watched the scene rolled out just the way he knew it would. Bel taking precaution while trying to act casual. Baldwin being slightly shocked for Omnes presence and shocked at Zerxes taking everything so easy like there's not a chance their experiments can strike any moment. Omnes listened as Zerxes speak and found that this what his chance to aid into this. This would someday become Ombes' downfall, and he knew that. But it's his duty to do these thing.

"Respect is what thou must show thy fathers, is it not? Omnes said, his voice doubling again but with a more deeper voice as he donned his hood. The moment the fabric of his hood touched his head, he grew. He went from looking the young, innocent, weak age he did to looking old, cruel, and powerful. He mostly looked this way around the Spades as a way of intimidation and to show them he wasn't just some kid. The marks that covered his skin spread out until not a millimeter of pale skin was shown. His eyes took on a new darkness as they deepened into his face. A long grey-blue beard growing down to over his chest. He no longer looked little, malnourished, or weak. He looked big, almighty, and powerful. His cloak seemed to grew old and worn with him, making his newly appeared muscles look more bulbous. His hands grew to that of a child's nightmare monster with long claws like finger nails.

The transformation took less that a minute, but seemed to last hours. After giving a look to the two Spades members, he turned back to the Last Six, instantly turning back to his young form, hood over his. "Would you two like to explain, or shall I?" Omnes said, his voice still dueled in harmonized young and old. He was clearly asking the Spades members.

Baldwin took this chance to speak. First, he retorted at Bel who said something about them having a degree of power over them. "First off, you have no degree of power over anything! We created you, not the other way around!" Baldwin yelled at Bel, his eyes cold and angry. "Secondly, you have no authority here either, Omnes!" He added, this time glaring at Omnes. Omnes simply widened his eyes and a small amused smirk appeared on his face. "And lastly, you don't get to ask questions!" He said, turning back to the six. "Your not suppose to ask any damn questions! Just listen and obey! That's what you do!" He put his head down, raising his hands to rub his temples. He was obviously tired.

He walked over and sat in one of the chairs beside an empty cylinder. "All you need to know is we didn't expect any of you to actually make it to these last stages, but you did. Now, all you've got to do is forget the lives you lived. Those were simulations full of testing. No matter how real it felt, you need to realize none of it was real." He paused and looked up, his hands now on the armrests of the chair. "You've all been sleeping a hell of a long time. It's time to wake up, children, and open your eyes to the real world." He didn't know it at the time, but Baldwin just restated Omnes' answer from before. Baldwin stood, glanced over the Six, and walked over to Zerxes. "You can take it from here. I need a serious break." At that, he walked out of the door.

He went down the hall, to the left, and into the Simulation Room. This is the room where most of the Spades members who became tired of living in this space ship with nothing to do would go. He stepped in the room. In the room was many other rooms, each with a metal symbol on the front that represented the name of each member, for each member had their own personal simulations. Finding his being the second to the right, Baldwin opened the door to the small room. There's only room for one person. He leaned against the slightly inclined wall, putting his arms down to his side and laying his hands flat against the wall. Three metal straps came out of the wall. One going over his ankles and connecting to the wall on the opposite side. One going over his thighs and connecting to the wall on the opposite side. And one reaching up and over his forehead to the opposite side of the wall.

He took a deep breath. Inhaling then exhaling. Before closing his eyes and letting the simulation take his. He was now in a night club. Not a normal night club though. This was one of those night clubs that only play futuristic songs. By the sound of the music, someone was fighting. And they were. He loved his simulation. And he knew he'd live another day.

Back to Omnes and the Six. Could he give more answers.


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#, as written by Iezobel
Suki stared of into the fire. Her brother sat on the sofa beside her and watched her.
"What the hell are you doing?" he asked, frowning slightly.
Suki didn't take her eyes of the fire, "I'm watching the fire... Upside down."
Her brother frowned and left the room mumbling something about her always being the weird one. She laughed and sat up properly as her phone rang.
"Suki?" came the voice from the other side of the phone.
"Mmhmm, 'tis I, the person you seek," Suki replied, still in a sort of trance looking at the fire.
"Oook, why are you staring at a fire?" he said, Suki paused not really knowing what to say to this, "I can see you from the car," he explained.
"On my god Max, you do know that's incredibly creepy,"
Suki hung up and left the house heading to Max's car. Samantha and Blane were already in the back, Suki got in the front.
"I can't believe you got an award for your art," Sam said to Suki.
Suki smiled and blushed a bit as they drove to the art center.

"Suki!" Blane yelled over the crowds, "Yours is next!"
Suki smiled as the crowds headed to her painting.
"... And this lovely piece of art work was painted by one of our young artists, Tsuki..."

Suki sat up. What the hell was... Where was she? She looked around and she saw that she was naked. She screeched and covered herself. Someone handed her a cloak like thing, she slipped it on not hesitating. At this point she was aware of some type of green goo dripping from her hair. She heard talking but paid no attention to them, an alarm was sounding but it seemed distant. The only thing Suki was currently interested in was getting this stuff out of her hair. She began ringing it out and pulling big clumps of it from her hair.
"Aww, gross," she muttered and she shook her hand up and down trying to get the slime off it.
Someone left the room and Suki looked up.
"Ok, someone has a lot of explaining to do, so please, do start"
She looked around. It probably wasn't any of the ones near her, also covered in slime.
Wait... Does this have something to do with my... Ability, Suki thought. She didn't want to mention it as it might have nothing to do with that at all and it might put her in danger.