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Wishing Well

Wishing Well


Once upon a time, magic existed in the world, but it was hunted and persecuted. Then, it just disappeared, believed to have died out. Until one day...

1,021 readers have visited Wishing Well since Mr. Baneling Squishy created it.


Since the dawn of time, there was magic and science. Magic was the energy of humans, allowing them to control and do things by manipulating this energy. Science explained the creation of things, and the destruction, as well as even explaining magic itself. However, from unknown origins, a third force finally came into play: Darkness.

This powerful force was like magic, but different. It corrupted and manipulated people. It could even manipulate science. However, magic was something it could not manipulate. And that is because it fed on it. A great Sorcerer, Merlin, used his magic to determine something. Darkness normally devoured magic. And if it was to devour certain sources of magic, and certain people, it would become powerful enough to corrupt all of humanity using the combined magic of special people. And it did get them all. All but one.

Roanoke Colony, Late 1500s:

A cloud of darkness rushed towards the colony, consuming all those in its path. A woman ran with a boy, covered head to toe with enchantments. Eleven Coven's of witchs stood inbetween the Darkness and The Boy. But they had no magic to fight it with, for they realized there was only one way to stop the darkness and regain their strength.

The woman ran to a wishing well. "I don't want to go!"

the boy was just short of 13. "Listen, Astral. Your magic is the last it needs. We have no choice..."

She put him down on the edge of the well. This was their last hope. She pushed the boy down the well, and cast her magic, placing a stone with a symbol on it. Eleven covens had given this one woman her magic, so she could cast the most powerful spell ever created by magic. The darkness was closing in, so she made the well, and the boy, vanish into thin air. For centuries, the well will be hidden from The Darkness, ending up in the future town of Brookevale.

9 dark Agents aprocahed the woman. "What have you done?"

"I took away your food source. You better conserve your energy if you want to survive what we just did".

"We can outlast your magic".

"But you will be weak when it is done. Weak enough to be defeatable".

"We shall see..."

Brookevale, 2013:

The boy had observed the world around him grow. He could not go far from the well, but he heard conversations, read newspapers, watched people work on cars and then computers. And then, one day, two people walked up to the well, and put a stone down. A stone with a symbol.

"This case is just so annoying. Who kidnaps a child and then releases them once some Private Detectives arrive instead of the police? And why kill a sheriff? And what is with this stone?"

"Hey, this is a wishing well. Maybe we should wish for an answer?"

"Except, wishing wells don't work really, except to give you more room in your wallet".

"Oh come on, it can't hurt. Wish with me?"


One of the private detectives took out a coin. "A lady gave me this coin anyways, apparently made just for this well".

They both spoke together now. "I wish we got some help on this case". And they tossed it out of the well.

They had no idea what they were about to do. As the coin fell down the well, it began to glow bright blue. Just then, a pulse emanated from the Well, knocking both detectives back as this blue burst shot into the air. An invisible pulse was also sent outward, to reach every corner of the earth. This pulse would be the return of magic. The well had not only sealed away the boy, but all magic as well, giving The Darkness nothing to feed on. It was the most powerful spell ever cast. But the Darkness would come now...with all its minions and tricks.

"Hello? Can someone get me out?" The boy said at the bottom of the well.

The Detectives have been best friends since childhood, and their families friends for longer then they can remember. Both detectives have some magic because they are decedents of Witches, but not too much since their families have been out of practice for ages. They would be unable to cast offensive spells, only some minor ones like the ability to move objects or detect magic, and only with practice.

The return of magic will attract creatures to the town, like Werewolves, who do not need magic to transform, as well as other creatures that were significantly weakened by magic's disappearance. Some may wish to help, but others may be a bit more hostile, or goal oriented.

All in all, the world just got a lot more interesting.

But with the Darkness returning weakened, will it be defeated? For the Darkness has many strategies it uses, and because it has been weakened it will have to be a lot more stealthy and careful to achieve its victory. If it gets the boy, then it will enslave the world.

No Pressure!

The Roleplay will start in a Diner, with the boy and the two detectives who got him out of the well.

Roles: (You can have more then one, but you can't have two of the already listed characters)

The Boy: (Taken by me)

Detective number 1 (P.S.: the Detectives own guns): Taken

Detective 2: Open

The Deputy:

The Witch (She kept in touch with Witch rituals. However, even she has her limits, and is not skilled in physical combat or shooting): Taken

The Second Witch (Dem Witches, lol): Taken

Other Characters:

Cecilia Bren: Taken, Surviving Tree Nymph Descendant

Alex Reed: Taken, Werewolf Alpha.

Character Sheet:

I don't really care what you put on your character sheets so long as you have a long history, some way to show or describe your appearance, and a list of equipment. However, for those who would like some organization:









1: No OOC fighting. Keep it civil, or I will summon an ogre on top of you.
2: No God mod. People only control their own characters and NPCs.
3: No Perfect Characters. To quote someone, "No one is perfect". I expect to see evidence of such.
4: No auto hits on other characters, unless you have a REALLY good reason why.
5: No submitting a character unless you put "You got what you wished for" into your history somewhere. :)
6: No racist comments.
7: No Politics.
8: Have fun!
9: Post every 2 days at least, and tell us when you cant for awhile. If there is an emergency or if I feel we have been waiting too long, I WILL control your character to the best of my ability.
11: No rule 10. Rule 10 is for luzerz.
12: No Text Speak. Rule 11 was the only exception. Keep to standard English please!

Toggle Rules

The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 5 authors

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Character Portrait: James De Santa Character Portrait: Astral Morningwood
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Astral was eating food like there was no tomorrow. He was hungry, and who could blame him? He had not eaten in over 400 years.

He seemed to be especially obsessed with hamburgers and pizza. He continued eating, surprising one of the detectives. The detective looked at his partner, and said ", you deal with this, I am going to ask around who's kid this is. Okay?"

Astral continued eating and drinking. "Hey. You think we can get some more of this?"

Astral was acting as if this was normal. That, or he was focused on his hunger. He had already eaten more then could possibly fit in his stomach, but it was as if nothing could fill this kid up. "So, who are you guys anyways? What are your names?"

He simply smiled and continued eating.

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Character Portrait: Charlotte Merin Character Portrait: Alex Reed Character Portrait: Lena Jeanine Darrows Character Portrait: James De Santa Character Portrait: Astral Morningwood Character Portrait: Cecilia Bren
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0.00 INK

The Pulse of Magic would be felt by all related to magic.

2 Characters Present

Character Portrait: James De Santa Character Portrait: Astral Morningwood
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0.00 INK

James De Santa

Were you to ask him two hours ago about where he would be in the afternoon, he most certainly would not have said, "Feeding a boy I found in a well a year's worth of hamburgers" as his answer. He, however, found himself in just that position, and couldn't exactly figure out why. He recalled the day's events, remembering that the case he was currently on turned out very strange indeed, what with the boy he was looking for showing up out of the blue, and the kidnapper(s) nowhere to be found. That was certainly strange. Then came this boy, who after a strange display of light he couldn't pin the source to, appeared from inside a well, then requested to eat.

Maybe the strangest part was that this kid was eating copious amounts of hamburgers with no signs of stopping, nor slowing. He wasn't exaggerating when he said the amount of beef he intook was probably enough to feed a school, K through 8. Hopefully, he could find this boy's parents, lest this bill cost him every dime James had, which wasn't an enormous amount to begin with. Being a PI didn't earn you the big bucks, unfortunately.

", you deal with this, I am going to ask around who's kid this is. Okay?" came his friend's voice. He might as well have said, "Here, lemme ditch you with this kid. Oh, and take the bill too." James sighed and nodded in defeat.

"Let me know what you find." he said, watching his friend and supposedly fellow PI leave him. James wondered how he got stuck with all the stuff like this every time, as he watched the boy eat yet another burger.

"Hey. You think we can get more of this?" the child asked.

"I'm not normally selfish," James began. "But I'm afraid that if you eat too much more that I won't be able to eat. So, no, I'm afraid not." he replied.

"So, who are you guys anyways? What are your names?" came the first bit of non-food-related voice from the boy's mouth. Truthfully, James was a bit relieved to hear something new.

"Well," he replied. "My name is James De Santa. My partner is... well, I'll let him tell you when he gets back. For now, how about you tell me about yourself. How about your name? And do you know where you live?" he asked, focusing his attention fully upon the boy. "If you do, I can drive you home."

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Character Portrait: Alex Reed Character Portrait: Lena Jeanine Darrows
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0.00 INK

#, as written by tigerz
Alex Reed


Alex walked through a a forest just on the outskirts of the town. She was observing the perimeter to make sure no rival packs had already claimed this land as there territory. The last thing she needed was a turf war between herself and another pack. Each time Alex took a step closer to this mysterious town, she could feel the magic even more than before. This caused her wolf stir as they slowly began to reach the end of the forest.

Alex stopped for a moment a few feet from the exit of the forest and the entrance to a town she knew nothing about. She closed her eyes and focused just on her sense of hearing. Alex could hear many of the conversations that were taking place and focused on the one exerting the most amount of magic, a boy and a man. They seemed to be a having a normal conversation to each other but that didn't stop Alex and her wolf from becoming precocious.

Suddenly Alex heard a noise behind her a quickly spun around. Her eyes flashed red as she scanned the area for the perpetrator. Alex's eyes landed on a young girl who looked to be about her age. Alex let out a wolfish growl but it soon died out. There was something strange about her. Her wolf wasn't threatened by her but instead drawn to this mystery girl. Alex's eyes returned to there normal blue state and she spoke calmly to the girl. "Who are you?"

4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Charlotte Merin Character Portrait: James De Santa Character Portrait: Astral Morningwood Character Portrait: Cecilia Bren
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0.00 INK

#, as written by merthur

A barely noticeable flick of her fingers and the top of the sugar packet ripped off. Except she wasn't even holding the little white square, it was floating lowly on the table, close enough that she could drop it if anyone came near enough to see and they wouldn't actually notice it had ever been floating. It may have been a bit more difficult to explain why her eyes were golden though, but no one had ever actually caught her before. She was careful, unlike the rest of her 'sisters' who had acted foolishly against darkness or humans, and gotten themselves killed. Or consumed, which was a terrifying concept to her. It wasn't like she was afraid of either things though, humans did not frighten her in the slightest, but she did not feel the need to act irrationally and get herself killed for really no reason at all.

Now a flick of her wrist, and the packet lifted and dumped it's contents into the mug of coffee in front of her. Some of the white crystals escaped over the rim and landed on the table instead, and she brushed them away before grabbing a few more packets and opening them up the old-fashioned way, adding those to the cup too before stirring the steaming liquid. There was a man and a boy in the corner of the restaurant, but it wasn't the man for once that she found interesting. The boy seemed to have some sort of aura around him, something she and other witches would be able to see- and anyone in tune with nature -, that she hadn't ever seen before. It intrigued her, and so she stayed in the cafe instead of taking her cup and leaving as per usual.

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Character Portrait: Charlotte Merin Character Portrait: James De Santa Character Portrait: Astral Morningwood Character Portrait: Cecilia Bren
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Turbocs
Earlier that day...
Cecilia stood in the nursery greenhouse, having just arrived for the day. The forecast showed that it was going to be sunny and warm, the perfect weather for the plants that stocked the nursery. In fact, Cecilia was surrounded by the content feeling that seemed to accompany healthy plants. Glancing down to the end of the aisle, the woman could see her son, Peter, playing happily. He was pushing himself around on his little scooter, smiling broadly. Turning back to her task of restocking the shelves, she gave a satisfied sigh. This day was looking out to be a very good day - the weather was good, Peter wasn't fussing, and she had already had a few customers straggling in despite the usually slow early hour.

Suddenly, a bolt of energy seemed to shoot through her. It felt like an electric shock, and she stiffened and fell towards the ground. As quickly as it started, the pain subsided. Sitting up, Cecilia looked around. People were looking towards her strangely, but that didn't concern her. Where as the rest of the people did not seem to have felt what she had, her son had fallen to the floor. Rushing over, she could see the same stiffness and pain that she had felt only seconds before.

One of the customers who had been in the store had been kind enough to drive them to the hospital. After the strange pain Cecilia and her son had felt, and the strange feeling that had lingered, there wasn't anything else to do but talk to the doctor. Strangely enough, the doctor had said there was nothing wrong with either of them. Cecilia drove down the street, pondering the strange events of the morning. She knew that something momentous had occurred but was not sure what.

Taking a deep breath, Cecilia made a decision. There was really only one way to put this out of her mind. She pulled into the nearby parking lot of the towns coffee shop. "Peter, how about you and mommy visit the nice coffee ladies and then go for a nice trip to the park." Peter, recognizing 'park' as one of his favorite places, gurgled happily. Getting out of the car and lifting her son onto her hip, Cecilia made her way into the shop.

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Character Portrait: Astral Morningwood
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0.00 INK

(While I wait for Peaches to post...well, let's get things really started...)(Accidentally tagged Astral)

A dark shadow entered an auto shop, finding four men inside working on a stolen car. The shadow took the form of a man, who startled all of them.

"Hello, Mr. Banes".

"Who are you, want do you want?"

"To make a deal with you. You have skills that my employer finds useful. He wishes to help you, but you must help him first. It will require violence. So, what do you say?"

He looked at the others, and then back on the shadowy man. "Sure. We can do violent, if the reward is great enough".

"Oh, it is Mr. Banes".

All four men soon became engulfed in a dark mist, and they screamed. But they would become lesser servants of darkness. They would have power beyond their dreams. And their mission: Kill the boy, and all those who stood in their way. For you see, the boy was the final piece of the puzzle. The darkness needs his corpse, not him. The corpse would become a vessel for The Darkness. A physical form, that would permanently link him to this universe.

"Now. Let's go get our Lord a vessel". The shadow man disappeared again, into the shadows, and went in one direction: Astral's.

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0.00 INK

Astral looked at the man. "Astral. Astral Morningwood. And you would not believe me even if I told you..."

He looked over at the waitress as she gave some customers their steaks, as well as giving them some forks and knives. She immediately walked back into the back.

"You are a detective right? Well, I guess you might believe me now. Let me ask you something. The entire time you were here, did you hear anyone order a steak?"

The customers started to stand up, picking up their knives. As the partner came back, one of them stabbed him through the heart. All of their eyes were pure black, and they seemed focused on Astral and the detective. A shadowy figure appeared behind the counter.

"Hello Astral. It isn't nice to hide from me".

He vanished, and the waitress came out with a shotgun, raising it to fire at the detective.

(Well that escalated quickly. Writers block can do that to me).

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Character Portrait: Charlotte Merin Character Portrait: James De Santa Character Portrait: Astral Morningwood
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0.00 INK

James De Santa

"Astral. Astral Morningwood. And you would not believe me even if I told you..." answered the boy, who began looking around the establishment as he continued. "You are a detective right? Well, I guess you might believe me now. Let me ask you something. The entire time you were here, did you hear anyone order a steak?"

"..." That was not something he was actively listening to, but come to think of it, he hadn't heard any order from the people who just received one. There was this woman who had ordered tea, if he recalled correctly, and someone ordered a chicken sandwhich. But no, there was nothing about steak in his memories. Though... now he wanted one. Or did. His appetite suddenly changed as he saw his best friend approaching, only to be stabbed by one of the people now holding a steakknife.

"NO! WE DIDNT EVEN NAME HIM YET WTF!" shouted James, who could only watch his friend fall limp and lifeless to the floor, the men staring at James and the boy without so much as a second glance to his recently deceased friend and partner. He wasn't entirely sure what the hell to think -- there was too much to think at once. He was sad, angry, confused and frightened all at once. James wasn't entirely sure that this was even happening for a moment, but even still, his hand dropped to his side as he retrieved his firearm hidden underneath his shirt. His friend was just brutally murdered in front of him, and they locked their eyes on James and the boy next, so something was obviously up with him and this whole situation. The colorless pupils said as much to him, but so did the figure that appeared seemingly from nowhere.

"Hello Astral. It isn't nice to hide from me". it teased before suddenly disappearing and being replaced by a shotgun-wielding waitress.

"Astral, get down!" James ordered as, without further provocation necessary, he fired a shot towards the waitress while pushing his one piece of the puzzle forcefully down so that he wouldn't be hit by the lead that was sure to begin flying, and joined as well as he kept his head down.

Just what was happening? Today, James had just been talking with his best friend, now he's dead on the floor just a few feet away, surrounded by knife-wielding murderers and a waitress who probably wanted to show them what buckshot looks like fired from close range into their faces. Either way, with his position and small weapon, things didn't seem to be good or understandable for James De Santa.

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Character Portrait: Charlotte Merin Character Portrait: James De Santa Character Portrait: Astral Morningwood
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0.00 INK

#, as written by merthur
The young witch in the corner of the room felt the presence before she saw it, but she couldn't detect where it was coming from. It wasn't until she witnessed the man being stabbed that she found them, and by then it wasn't entirely hard to since they were the ones with the black eyes. For a moment she scolded herself for not practicing magic more, but she knew enough easy spells that might get her and at least most of the humans out of here alive. Provided that they only had one shotgun stashed around here, and she didn't pass out first from using her powers.

She rose and ducked behind her seat, glad that she had chosen a booth at the end of the row. Opening up her back to the enemy would be a bad idea, and if she had sat further down in the row she would have had to expose it to run back where she was now. Never before had she actually killed a human, though she had killed plenty of supernaturals and fortunately, this lady was probably already dead inside or would be seriously messed up when whatever was in her came out. So she wouldn't feel too terrible about what was about to happen.

Unfortunately, when she flicked her wrist to perform the spell, she couldn't get a direct line to the shotgun. Another few shots went off, and she heard the sound of the gun being opened up to probably have more bullets loaded. Spying a bench nearby that was thrown over, she decided it was worth the risk and quickly skittered over, ducking behind it with the two males. She paid them no attention though, concentrating on the shotgun as she mumbled something under her breath and then flicked her wrist once more. Out of nowhere a chair flew towards the lady, smacking her down hard. Charlie was fairly sure she was dead and was about to get the hell out of the place when the men with the black-pupils appeared again.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Turbocs
Cecilia entered the diner just in time to get cut-off from any escape by the 'nice coffee lady' with a shotgun and her black-eyed henchmen. As the gun was raised, Cecilia instinctively ducked behind one of the hefty chairs in the diner, trying to create some kind of protection. The scene quickly went down hill. A man was stabbed in the chest, there was blood everywhere. A figure appeared, calling out to some strange young boy. A man, probably some kind of policeman, began firing off shots. And then the chair she had been sheltering behind flew off, as if drawn by some invisible string, to flatten the lady with a shotgun. Peter, upset by the noise, was crying. If she thought it would do any good, she would have been as well.

Looking frantically around for another barrier to hide behind, or escape avenue, Cecilia came up short. On her right was a woman who seemed to have barricaded herself in. In front of her, between the doors and escape, was a couple of the black-eyed men and the downed form of the shotgun-waitress. Despite the fact that she had just been nailed in the head with a solid block of chair, the waitress's arms seemed to be twitching, as if puppet strings were still being tugged. On her left was the man who seemed to have the only weapon on the civilian side as well as the strange child.

Quickly, Cecilia made her decision. Holding Peter tight to her, she dove to stand next to the detective and Astral. "Are you two okay? What are we supposed to do?" She asked, her voice surprisingly even despite her rising panic. In the crisis, she directed her queries towards the one who seemed to have the authority... or at least the firepower... which was the detective.

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Character Portrait: Charlotte Merin Character Portrait: James De Santa Character Portrait: Astral Morningwood Character Portrait: Cecilia Bren
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0.00 INK

All of a sudden, one of the possessed was on the floor with his arm cut. Astral was standing there, weilding a sword. To explain what just happened. Astral took out his wand, and in front of everyone magically turned it into a sword and unpossessed one of the ptraons. that patron was also unconscious though. They passed out when you saved them.

"I know how to handle my own" he pointed out, as another patron attacked him with a knife. He blocked it with his sword, and cut the man's hand, unpossessing him as he fell to the floor. "They only need to be wounded to be unpossessed!"

(Sorry, Writers Block, Field Trip, and two Essays)

4 Characters Present

Character Portrait: Charlotte Merin Character Portrait: James De Santa Character Portrait: Astral Morningwood Character Portrait: Cecilia Bren
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0.00 INK

James De Santa

So James De Santa attempted so very hard to wrap his mind around the situation. So much effort and so much confusion had led him to a dead end in his mind. There was no real logic about these events. They defied what he believed to be real, and they almost literally shot every theory he could make about the scenario down within an instant. There was no way this was some joke. No, you can't fake a death that realistically without people who are there to witness it noticing. If his friend's neck wasn't really slit, then James wouldn't have tasted blood in his mouth from the spray, but cornstarch or something like that. The movies didn't really kill people, so the blood was never real. This blood was. Among his other theories was that he was dreaming - which still seemed like the most obvious conclusion - but he took cover rather hard and although it did not make him cry or wince, he still felt a pain on his back from basically slamming into the thing. He wasn't dreaming either.

But then... what was going on? A chair flew across the room and hit the shotgun-toting woman in the face, presumably knocking her unconscious. After that, people started grouping up around him. That was rather odd. Well, I guess it's good they don't think I'm the one at fault here. He thought, knowing that people can easily get confused in tense situations like this. One even asked him something.

"Are you two okay? What are we supposed to do?" came her query.

He peeked over his cover before then replying to her in a hurried voice, not bothering to answer the first question at this point. "If I knew how to throw chairs like that, I'd suggest that but... " his voice trailed off for but a moment. "I'm not sure. I have no clue what's going on. I'd rather not kill someone...." he went to look away to see if he could think of something, but then Astrid began moving on his own. He pulled a wand from his butt out of nowhere and made it a sword, magically. It was... unreal. But he continued.

He knocked one of the men unconscious, and then another who had attacked him saying something along the lines of hurting them will subdue them. Not one to argue about their weakness with a boy who had magically summoned a sword and/or ancient hidden samurai ninja skills, James quickly popped up. "I have no fucking clue what is going on, but whatever! I'm done with this!" he exclaimed as he took two shots at the first possessed person he saw towards their legs. One shot missed by an inch, but the other nailed him straight in the middle of the leg. It was possible he just crippled this man, but in contrast to blowing his brains out, James thought it to be a decent compromise. "Really... would rather know what all this shit is when we're done!" he said as he then turned on the offensive with a means of non-lethally taking these people out.

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Character Portrait: Charlotte Merin
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Character Portrait: James De Santa
James De Santa

"Could've sworn magic didn't exist two days ago. Now I have it?"

Character Portrait: Astral Morningwood
Astral Morningwood

"So this is what a hamburger tastes like!"


Character Portrait: James De Santa
James De Santa

"Could've sworn magic didn't exist two days ago. Now I have it?"

Character Portrait: Astral Morningwood
Astral Morningwood

"So this is what a hamburger tastes like!"

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Re: Wishing Well

Well, it's a bit delayed but I accidentally forgot it was my turn since I've been busy getting into another RP. BUT I HAVE REMEMBERED AND POSTED! HAZAH!

Re: Wishing Well

Spoiler: Astral's wand can turn into a sword. :)

But yeah...I did mention the Sheriff died, didn't I?

Totally not hinting at anything there.

Oh, tigerz! If you did want to make a second charrie, you could be the deputy! :3. (No sheriff though. And as Deputy Beagal says in Fallout New Vegas, every deputy needs a Sheriff. :3).

Re: Wishing Well

Well, I'm waiting for Bane to post before I do.


not really.

But, I don't want him to be too much of a badass, so I won't be dealing with the Possessed really quickly, if that's what someone's expecting. My guy's only a PRIVATE Detective, after all. For now, at least.

Re: Wishing Well

I should probably make a character for that Dark minion to be honest.

Oh, just to clarify some things:

Greater Minions, like the one that turned those people into lesser minions, are the most powerful Dark Enemies currently in existence. They are capable of Telekinesis, turning others to lesser minnions, and possessing people. They cal also create Dark Spawn, and re-animate statues and Gargoyles.

Lesser Minions are less powerful, and are only capable of Telekinesis. While allowed to persue their own agenda when they do not have orders, they are required to do anything a greater minion tells them to.

Possessed people are not actually minions, and can be identified and defeated easily. They have pure black eyes, and all you have to do is give them a minor injury, such as a small cut or kick into a table to possess them. They have no powers.

Just to be clear :)

Re: Wishing Well

I'm just stuck with nothing to do with my character. I think I might just make a second one.

Re: Wishing Well

Normally I wouldnt escalate things so quickly, but...writers block hit me at the worst time yesterday.

And lol Famished. I loved the crossed out bit. XD

Re: Wishing Well

If peaches doesn't post sometime today, I will post again. Just giving her some time is all.

Re: Wishing Well

I am catching up and making my first response tomorrow!! Sorry, I've been working all weekend

Re: Wishing Well

Alright, I am going to give it a few more hours to see if anyone will show up for the second detective, and then enact plan Delta 4.

Everyone rev up their posting engines!

Re: Wishing Well

A longer history would be nice, but I am not going to require it.

Re: Wishing Well

Well, I'm done.

But if you need a longer history from me, then I'll try to think of something.

Re: Wishing Well

Private. They were hired by a family to find their son and his kidnapper, only the boy turned up as soon as they arrived. While trying to find the kidnapper, they found the stone.

Re: Wishing Well

I wasn't entirely sure.... but are the detectives real ones, or private?

Re: Wishing Well

Alright. Also, if anyone knows someone why might want to be the second detective, that would be awesome. If not, my emergency backup plan provides two ways to deal with the role.

Creation, or Destruction. :)

Once Famished finishes his character or if another day or two passes, I will start this thing.

Tell your friends about it! :D

Re: Wishing Well

Alright, I know that character looks really finished, but it's not. I accidentally hit 'Enter', so I'll leave a message here when I'm done.

Re: Wishing Well

This sounds like a fun story.

Could I have the first detective?

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