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Lena Jeanine Darrows

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a character in “Wishing Well”, as played by Peaches-N-Cream



Lena Darrows

Name: Lena Jeanine Darrows

Age: Appears 23 but is really about 550

Nicknames: "Jeanie" but this is seldom used and unless you know her very well, you won't use it. That is, unless, you like having hexes put on you.

Appearance: Lena is about 5'6" with a soft, curvy build. Her waist is slender but she is certainly not lacking in the bust or hip areas. Her raven black hair falls in curls around her shoulders and olive green eyes peer out from a golden tan face. She wears a nazar ( around her neck for protection and a tattoo of a green trinity knot with a yellow rose blooming from the middle in between her shoulder blades.

History: Lena was born in the early 1500's into a coven her mother belonged to. She never knew her father and so, was raised by her mother and her "Aunts", who taught her the ways of magic and taught her the laws all witches abide by. They all lived in the countryside, away from prying eyes and Lena was able to use her magic freely. By the time Lena matured, she was a very strong little witch and her life seemed full and happy.
Then the Darkness came. The world around them began to change. People began to fear magic with a passion and those who wielded it began to turn into dark beings. Lena saw her little family contort before her eyes. Even her own mother succumbed to the Darkness. Lena fled and joined forces with witches who, like her, wished to put an end to the Darkness. For years the war between magic and Darkness raged on and the witch covens found that they were slowly failing. And so a decision was made to ensure the survival of their magic while at least putting the Darkness to sleep. A boy, Astral, was found to be quite an important key for the darkness and the witches knew they needed to keep him safe at all costs. And so, Lena helped lock him away in a well, along with magic, sealed from the world and everything in it.
After the magic was sealed away, witchcraft nearly became a thing of the past. Lena watched her sisters' powers dwindle. Most were picked off in the 1600's and early 1700's. Witch hunts flourished and Lena decided to hide herself away in Montreal, Canada. Far enough away from the states to avoid being planted on a stake, but close enough for her to keep her eye on a certain well in New York. For the next 3 centuries she kept herself from the public eye, locked away with nothing but her memories and the weight of the insurmountable losses she'd suffered. She practiced her magic in secret, trying to keep it strong and feeling it grow weak. She watched the entire world change around her. Styles, music, books, television. Wars, violence. She longed to rejoin the human race. She longed for company. Perhaps she even went a bit insane. She did catch herself talking to her own shadow on more than one occasion. But still, she waited. And then her wait finally ended.
2013 arrived and Lena began to hear whispers of things happening in the land she left so long ago. The Darkness was stirring, awakening like a dragon lifting it's sleepy head. The time she'd been waiting for was drawing near, Lena could feel it.
Lena packed her things immediately and entered a land so strange and foreign to her. New York was definitely not as she remembered it. She took a job at a bookstore and found that re-entering society was not nearly as easy as she thought it would be. Suddenly she had to learn how to dress, how to speak, how to act... even how to cook. Who knew food could change so much! In only a few short months, Lena had turned into, as she saw it, a completely different person. She wasn't sure she entirely liked the change but knew it was a necessary adjustment. And then it happened.
Lena had been shelving books when she felt Magic enter the world, returning like a long awaited friend and hitting her hard in the gut, like a train barreling at full speed. Customers looked on as the previously calm store manager collapsed in a heap, crying and laughing at the same time, and heaving as if her lungs had stopped working. Just as someone took out their cell phone to dial 911, Lena sprang to her feet and dashed out into the gloriously bright day, letting instinct drive her towards Astral and the ones who freed him.

Equipment: Her wand.... though, it hasn't been of much use for the past few centuries.

Other: Lena has an affinity for wolves and horses... perhaps because they were more often than not her source of company in her little cottage deep in the woods. Back when her powers were strong, she'd been able to cast very powerful spells and enchantments. But now she is limited to basic healing spells and small magic, like moving things across the room, altering an object's trajectory. And she's developed a small fondness for silly hexes. A thief once robbed her store of the money in their cash register and not only did the door slam in his face on the way out but when he stood, he was covered in boils and he dropped the money before running off, terrified.

So begins...

Lena Jeanine Darrows's Story

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The Pulse of Magic would be felt by all related to magic.

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#, as written by tigerz
Alex Reed


Alex walked through a a forest just on the outskirts of the town. She was observing the perimeter to make sure no rival packs had already claimed this land as there territory. The last thing she needed was a turf war between herself and another pack. Each time Alex took a step closer to this mysterious town, she could feel the magic even more than before. This caused her wolf stir as they slowly began to reach the end of the forest.

Alex stopped for a moment a few feet from the exit of the forest and the entrance to a town she knew nothing about. She closed her eyes and focused just on her sense of hearing. Alex could hear many of the conversations that were taking place and focused on the one exerting the most amount of magic, a boy and a man. They seemed to be a having a normal conversation to each other but that didn't stop Alex and her wolf from becoming precocious.

Suddenly Alex heard a noise behind her a quickly spun around. Her eyes flashed red as she scanned the area for the perpetrator. Alex's eyes landed on a young girl who looked to be about her age. Alex let out a wolfish growl but it soon died out. There was something strange about her. Her wolf wasn't threatened by her but instead drawn to this mystery girl. Alex's eyes returned to there normal blue state and she spoke calmly to the girl. "Who are you?"