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The Depressive Edge

0 · 371 views · located in Death Weapon Meister Academy, Nevada

a character in “Witch Control: A Meister's Innocence”, as played by RedRaine



- Full Name -
Tachibana Iroha

- Gender -

- Age -

- Ethnicity -

- Appearance -
Noir is about 5'1, 110lbs. She has short black hair she usually ties back in a ponytail and short bangs at the front. She usually wears a red plaid skirt with black pantyhose, a long sleeve white shirt, a black cropped jacket, and a pair of orange rimmed glasses. She usually has a small white bag at her side that carries her camera.

- Personality -

Noir is rather gloomy and unconfident; she's very pessimistic and usually looks at a situation very darkly. She's unconfident about her ability as a weapon and it'll take a rather strong willed partner to rile her up into doing things. Noir can be seen as shy but that's only due to her nervousness around people. Her soul color is a forest green with streaks of black circling it.

- Role -
Demon Weapon/Student

- Weapon Form -
Razor Blade Sword


- Weapon Powers -
Soul Resonance; Heavy Soul: Noir and her partner create a large green spherical space around them the size of a human body. Everything within this space is burdened with incredibly dense gravity. Nearly any physical object that comes in contact with this space instantly plummets to the ground.
Vacuum Wave: Manipulating the space of vacuums between herself and the opponent, Noir can cause air to slice through it at incredible speeds.
Weight Manipulation: Noir can manipulate the weight of her sword to make it as light as a feather or as heavy as a boulder. This ability can be manipulated further but that will require more training.

- Background -

Noir was originally known as Tachibana Iroha; she was a typical girl that lived in Chiba, Japan. Ever since she was born she had always been incredibly gloomy and pessimistic and bad luck always seemed to gravitate around her. It wasn't until middle school when the problems suddenly escalated. The local Shibusen scouts in the area originally thought she had the makings of a witch about her and so did research. In time they realized she was affected slightly by the sway of magic, in which explains her gravitational powers and her witches soul wavelength, but had a more dominant weapon gene instead. In order to control her powers more her family sent her to Shibusen under the name of the guardians in the area. Thanks to the liberal naming system of Shibusen she renamed herself 'Noir'.

- Other -

Noir loves tea and taking photographs. She also has a slight attraction to reading but isn't exactly enthusiastic about it. As for dislikes she really dislikes her hair color as it makes her stand out too much; there aren't many Asians in America. She also dislikes the long climb up the stairs every morning to school.

- Hex Code -

So begins...

Noir's Story

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Abelie Rizzocelli

The DWMA: Death Weapon Meister Academy. A perfectly symmetrical beauty of a school. Every student at the school has a special quality that allows them to be here. So, at seven in the morning, every students trudges into the school with a passion for training and fighting. The seniors sleep in peacefully, not needed until eight. Rumor has it the time was changed for a certain reaper senior who needed the time to be symmetrical, but who knows. The freshman are ready to pick their partners and everything is set for the day of orientation at the DWMA, some more ready than others. A grand room is set to accommodate the blooming of partnerships and rivalries, friends and enemies. Sid and Abelie Rizzocelli stand at the front of the room, the freshmen advisors and mentors. Below them on a second step are the top six pairs, the models of hard work at the academy, Maka's team and Ox's team. The only thing missing from the grand hall, filled with snacks and tournaments to find partners, were the actual freshmen. But, as the clock struck seven, the Meisters and Weapons came flowing in to meet each other more personally than just talking.

In the large group, a boy in a grey trench coat surveys the possible partners with a large calmness about him. His grey eyes set about finding the perfect partner. Abel, still at the front of the room, surveys the boy carefully. For a new Weapon, he's very calm and collected. Even when a large boy bumped into him, only a swift shake of his shoulder claimed his reaction. Abel would keep an eye.

"Speaking of new partners, your Weapon is arriving today, isn't he?" Abel eyed Sid from her side vision. Was he trying to get her mad, or was he genuinely interested in hearing about her new partner? Before answering, Abel took another look at the students, examining each blooming partnership forming. Each new pair symbolized each new hero, new protector in the world. "Baldur said he was coming in during freshman orientation, because Lord Death wanted us to show off for the new students." Abel added a grin to her words, knowing Sid was usually the one to show off today.

Abel found the kid again. Looking closer, she watches him interact with the other students, seeing them physically relax to the boy's calming, restful soul. She saw his soul's very green color, a healing soul. It was bigger than some of the souls around him, and big for a Weapon.

Hammer Beausoleil

Corbin "Hammer" Beausoleil had arrived at the school in a particularly good mood. He was another Beausoleil melee Weapon attending Shibusen. His name was known well, as the Beausoleil's one of the most prominent Weapon families from France. A blade family is a good ally and the most prominent. Hammer arrived early, only a few lonely freshman stood waiting anxiously to enter their new school. He, on the other hand, was very calm and collected, and tried to relate it to the other students around. His sister Sara would be returning to see him enter the school, taking Kim's place on Ox's team since she was out on a mission for Lord Death. It would be good to see her, after her absence during his past few years. A shiver pulled through him at the thought of bad memories. Never again would he be forced into something by a beautifully wicked girl. The bell bang from the tall, symmetrical building, allowing the thickening group of freshmen to trickle inside the building to find their partners and what exactly Shibusen is. Hammer took this time to find his sister, standing proudly at the front with her partner Alex, and examine people.

He noticed a girl, darker skinned and very closed in, standing near him. Her badge read Meister, but the way she stood told him she probably wouldn't match well. One boy near her, a very open but also secretive soul, seemed to grasp for her soul. Before she could notice his stare, he pretended to flatten out his black t-shirt, also taking measure to cuff his khaki pants so his favorite Converse displayed very proudly. There were other pairs he noticed, a lazy Japanese Meister in the current situation of a conversation with a blue-haired Weapon, judging by their name tags. Another pair was a peppy blonde girl tugging along a red-haired boy covering his eyes with goggles. A very upbeat boy chattered on to a reserved girl. An older man walked through the group to meet the woman upfront.

The girl that peaked his interest was an experienced Meister, from her wearied soul. She looked similar to the blonde girl from before, but older and more mature. She has a fiery red waterfall of hair and a good helping of freckles across the bridge of her nose and cheeks. What had caught his eye were her eyes, the prettiest green and almost fluorescent bright. She is certainly a gem.

Hammer walked up to her with the charm of a millionaire bachelor, his small grin appearing. "Hi, I'm Corbin, but I'd prefer you'd call me Hammer."

His voice was a vocal oxymoron; strong but soft, deep yet light. The rough edges of a waning French accent returning softly to his voice. But it was his eyes that did the speaking. Hammer's eyes showed the want, the need, of having her as his partner. It's set.

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#, as written by Odinson

The smell was the same, the halls ever pristine and orderly and symmetrical, though that wasn’t to say there was a lack of character. The school itself always seemed almost alive to Baldur, he supposed it was simply the mixing of auras or aesthetically it was imbued with the persona of Lord Death. Many years had he been attending this school, and though he was much older than the other students initially they still found a way to make him welcome. Today however was the first day when he would not enter to learn, but to teach.

Baldur had thought once he’d completed his studies he would be assigned to any of the bases stationed around the globe, but Lord Death it seemed had different ideas. He would be getting a new partner, to which the man wasn’t particularly enthused for, he had partners before and though it wasn’t as if the didn’t get along, he simply never resonated well with them. Why should this one be different? That of course was not his decision.

Young voices clamored together to grace his ears as he entered the room, nostalgia vibrant in the air as if a sweet smell. He scanned the room, watching the young ones be enthused and building what would become fond memories in the future, but at first he didn’t see the main reason he attended this morning. Out of his peripheral he spotted, and mentally berated himself for missing the person he searched for not two feet away from him.

He stood a few heads taller than her, and she appeared quite slim with gentle feature for a professor meister, however Baldur wasn’t so unwise to believe appearance had anything to do with skill in their line of work. Now Baldur could of course not sense a soul’s wavelength being a weapon, but Abelie still managed to produce a readable aura from her posture, that of one who maintained a want to see others succeed, and a willingness to do whatever to see it done.

Baldur took his place beside her not uttering a word, for he had nothing to say yet, and for the moment their attention was to be warranted to their new students. He did however find himself contented with Lord Death’s choice, at least for now.


Connor’s eyes darted around the room, finding this the only way he could contain himself. After all today was the big day! Who wouldn’t be enthused? He and his peers quickly found themselves searching for their partners as soon as they were allowed, and for Connor he thought he would spot his weapon immediately.

But minutes rolled by and though he met a fair amount of good students none of them seemed to quite fit. His eyes however did spot in the corner of the room, a girl that strangely didn’t seem to be conversing with anyone. In fact it was almost like she was avoiding it. Curious as to why anyone would avoid interaction on today of all days Connor decided to at least.

When he approached her he could see her tag read “weapon”, but for the moment paid little attention to that fact. “ ‘Ey, you a’right there?” he asked a thick accent pouring from his tongue.

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Noir looked about the room from her spot in the corner of the room; dozens of students, both weapons and meisters, milled about the room conversing with each other. She looked at the large groups through the panes of glass that decorated her face and bit her lower lip nervously. She really shouldn't have been there, or at least that was how she felt. Noir felt the white noise of conversation overtake her and she stood, absolutely still, in her little corner as the people in the room seemingly moved quickly amongst each other; in her mind they were moving so quick it was as if one had pressed the fast-forward button on the world.

"Ey, you a'right there?" A clear, heavily accented voice suddenly broke her reverie. Noir looked up to find a white skinned brunette, perhaps two years of age older, in front of her.

Despite the fast forwarding it was doing just moments beforehand, Noir's brain took that moment to outwardly shut down. Streams of thoughts and questions suddenly screamed in her mind: 'Who is he?' 'What does he want?' 'Am I in trouble?' were just a few. It took nearly half a minute, but eventually the girl with reddish brown hair looked upwards back at the boy.

"I... am... okay." She said in stilted English. She had only been out of Japan for a few months at most so, while correct, her words were heavily thought out and slowly enunciated.

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#, as written by Odinson
His brow arched at her, she being rather softly spoken and tentative. Connor also noted he wasn’t the only one with an accent. At first sight he knew at least her ancestors were foreigners, but now it was concluded that she herself immigrated here. It wasn’t difficult to figure out that she felt she was a stranger in a strange land, where people didn’t speak her language and she had to adopt theirs instead.

She spoke naught but three words to him, and it was evident she put forth a great deal of effort into pronouncing them correctly, the language seemed to be one she was still learning. Realizing this, Connor gave more of a concerned look at her, “Are ya sure? I mean, if need anything all you need do is ask miss.”

And at that moment the boy suddenly remembered manners existed, “Oh, right. Name’s Connor by the way glad to meet ya.” His hand extended forward in sincerity, he couldn’t quite put his finger on why, but he felt that this girl deserved his attention.