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Steel Nova

"Ever seen Kill Bill motherfucker? I'm like the bride, with more swords."

0 · 237 views · located in Death Weapon Meister Academy, Nevada

a character in “Witch Control: A Meister's Innocence”, as played by Gray

So begins...

Steel Nova's Story

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#, as written by Gray
“You’ve got to be fuckin’ me… You’re lying, right? …God I hate you, it’s not really Seven AM already is it? The annoying buzzing of an alarm clock had been going off for the last thirty minutes. Just now, had a droopy-eyed boy bothered to roll over, and peek at the clock. There was no way he’d be able to pick out a new outfit now, or style his hair, or brush his teeth. Perhaps the clothes from yesterday would do? They’d have to. Like a sloth, inching towards a new branch, the young male motioned his hand towards the alarm clock, eager to kill it. “Yes, die! Die! Die! Save your tears for tomorrow when you somehow resurrect yourself, you vile demon!” Then, silence. A cocky smile crept over the male’s features brightening his complexion instantly. Steel had already vanquished his first foe of the day, and perhaps the hardest… it was going to be a good day.

Throwing off the stiff dorm covers from his slender form, the male seemed to be invigorated by his kill. In a pile against the dorm-room door sat yesterdays’ clothes. They’d be nice enough, it’s not like they smelled horrible or anything. “I don’t even know why they need me there this early,” a yawn escaped his loosening lips, “it’s not like I’m gonna’ be selected for a partner anyways.” Placing on the last of his clothes, a black jacket-which may have been a tad bit too tight to be usable in combat- Steel stretched his arms wide. From the pocket of the jacket, the boy pulled out a half-eaten granola bar, and some lint. “Alright, Breakfast!” Despite his early morning, Steel couldn’t be in a better mood. The clock now read Seven-fifteen, and just before the youth could step outside his room, his eyes wandered to a floral pattern suitcase in the corner. It was very large, even though it was zipped it appeared to be stuffed to the brim. The usually sturdy wheels on the luggage buckled under the weight as Steel attempted to move it. It was like a lead ball to pull behind him, but Steel would just have to manage.

Surprisingly enough, the campus was mostly a level plane. This helped Steel, who wasn’t keen on being up this early, let alone dragging a heavy suitcase. His energy was depleting greatly with each stride, it didn’t help that the boy was attempting to stick meager bites of granola into his mouth whenever the opportunity presented itself. The campus was sprawling, large castle-like towers jutted out of an otherwise picturesque town, mazes of cobblestone streets were interrupted by bakeries, houses, and even a maid-café, but near the center was where everyone would be. Of course, they’d all have the sense to wake up at a decent time, and be far more prepared for their moment of shining glory than Steel. Finally, the familiar setting of the DWMA presented itself. Even Steel, who’d never been here, noticed the buildings. These were plastered on post-cards, and almost all kids dreamed of coming here. It couldn’t be helped that they were somehow nostalgic.

Intuition took over, his feet once again found their strength and confidence, the suitcase (which seemed to have broken a wheel on part of its weight, and with a helping hand from cobblestone streets) now felt lighter, and now sounds of people his own age were in the air. A few more turns past classrooms, students, and judging gazes of faculty he had finally found the student administration building where Steel was supposed to have been nearly forty minutes ago. Pushing open the large doors, the male finally saw the faces of all of his soon to be peers. It took a few more heaves to enter the room, the suitcase was now being pushed, now no longer having wheels, but at last he was here. Nearly collapsing onto the luggage the boy used it as a pillow to survey the scene. They all looked so happy, each one discovering their soon-to-be partners. It was like observing a game of musical chairs, only Steel was going to be the lone chair.

There were plenty of subtleties about the room that the boy only began to notice once he was done catching his breath. Most members here had a tag showing Meister, or Weapon. He too had one, though it would be hastily fashioned out of a napkin found on a table, and a pen borrowed from a nearby professor. Steel’s would read Meister, and he was pretty sure he had the worst handwriting of the bunch. On the plus side, there appeared to be a buffet in one of the corners. Once all the students were done bumping into each-other, and finding a partner of their own, Steel might just be able to make it into the crowd. Another stretch, and a warm smile spoke more about his personality than he could by shouting above the crowd about how bad-ass he was, or by making a fool of himself (these being his normal cordial greetings to new people) instead it showed that while late, he was happy to be here, and ready for the year to start. Hands quickly began work on yet another napkin name-tag, this one read “Steel Nova, you can address me as King Nova in advance.” The last words were hardly legible, being crammed into the last bit of space remaining. “Fuck yeah, it’s going to be a good year.”

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#, as written by Seirei
Euphemia Tait

Effie woke up fully-clothed, on top of her covers. She'd been reading well into the night, and in an exhausted daze, had only managed to slovenly roll onto her mattress. It's a sad thing for a maiden to admit, but this was a common occurrence.

Today marked a year since she'd moved into the DWMA dormitories. It was difficult to believe – her room looked like she'd arrived last week. Some of her boxes were still sealed, her bed was little more than a mattress on the floor, and the only thing looking remotely used was her desk, scattered with library books, most of which were accumulating rather dreadful late return fines.

Effie sat up, groaned, and shook her blonde curls out of her face. It wasn't until after a shower, a modest breakfast, and a scorching hot cup of tea that she woke up proper. She put on her cap and left her dormitory. Death City was abustle even in the early hour, and it took her some time to arrive at the campus. She always saw up to the task of climbing the absurdly long stairs ascending the DWMA. This morning, too, it left her gasping for air by the time she arrived at the summit. Through habit and unthinking exhaustion, her feet ushered her towards the library. Halfway there, Effie recovered her wits and remembered the new student orientation. She was already late – and truthfully, tempted to skip it. Again. She'd done so last year. Effie liked thinking she had bowed out of it with dignity, but in truth, she had panicked. Swords, polearms, axes. Incomplete transformations at times, but the orientation had been filled with actual, proper weapons. Confident in her inferiority, she'd tossed her Weapon badge into the bin and fled.

The teachers hadn't given her much trouble over it, for which she was grateful, but it had meant a year of seclusion, partnerless. It had been a year of ease, surely, but that wasn't the challenge she came to the DWMA for. It was oddly conflicting – to be torn between comfort, and duty, responsibility, perhaps even adventure. She needed something to tip the scales.

Effie turned around and made for her new destination. For the time being, she'd have a quick look around at the orientation, show her face. Come to think of it, one of her teachers had ordered her to attend, hadn't she? It was a little embarrassing to be among freshmen, but Effie knew she'd brought it on herself. No sense thinking on it, it was just a formality for her anyway.

She soon arrived at the assembly, held in an overly grand classroom. It was a relief that she was not the only latecomer. A small smile tugged at the corners of her mouth when she saw the young man, resting on his luggage in the middle of the entrance, obstructing the way, and apparently not caring that he was. Effie circled him and waded through the sea of chattering students, toward the front of the room. Instructor Sid and Professor Rizzocelli were there, standing beside another face she recognized, but couldn't quite place. Had the bearded man been part of the staff?

“Good morning, I apologize for being late” she said in a clear voice, though she cast her gaze down, avoiding those of the teachers, lest they be filled with unspoken scrutiny she'd have to answer to. Effie demurely took a Weapon badge from the box in front of the teachers and pinned it to her chest.

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#, as written by Gray
It had taken some time, though Steel’s strength was recovering slowly. There was so much going on around him, that the youth found it easy to get lost, in just surveying the room. The tiniest shock of envy fluttered through his veins when he saw a soon-to-be meister take hold of a male who transformed, immediately, into a hammer. They seemed happy, they were probably a lot like him, eager to meet someone who completed their soul, and made good use out of their own wavelengths. Of course, Steel wasn’t opposed to this thought process, but his own wavelengths were different. Thus far he’d never been too keen on taking up a single weapon, and doing battle against ferocious hordes of baddies. Instead, he preferred his floral suitcase.

Just when Steel found himself lost in studying the crowd, he heard the sounds of footsteps. They were uniform, and sluggish… the sound of someone unsure. The large doors opened up behind him, and their owner appeared. The youth half expected the girl to ask him to move out of the way, yet she didn’t. Instead she made a line directly for the professors, and the box –the boy now learned- contained nametags. “So that’s where they get those from.” Looking down at his own napkin crafted badges, he preferred his work. It was more him. While he couldn’t be sure, Steel assumed now, everyone was all here. Now would be the time for someone like him to begin socializing. Even if he didn’t find a weapon out of this crowd, he could find a friend…maybe.

Slowly the youth moved from the suitcase. Part of him wanted to move to the buffet and slay countless numbers of cocktail shrimp, and that was the part Steel was fighting hard not to listen to. ”Conversation first, then breakfast.” A sour look appeared on the boy’s face. He really wanted to continue being a one-man show, but if he never tried anything else he’d never succeed. It would be harder to get between groups of people, as an assassin-in-training, he at least knew the basics. “First rule of assassins, single out a target.” Scanning the room, the crowds of people would be dissected in a single glance. Some were too busy. Their focus was entirely upon the person they’d bumped into earlier, as much as steel wanted to be worshiped by them all, he’d have to go about it when they had the time to truly see the scope of his greatness. Others, they were just now finding the courage to speak to someone they thought completed them. They too, were out of the question. “That just leaves one.”

Tunnel vision immediately took over; sweeping the crowd from his vision, and making Steel’s entire focus lock onto the perfect target. With renewed vigor, the youth stood and stretched before attempting to break through the crowd. It would be easy enough to move between them if he didn’t rush through this. Even though his wavelength was abuzz at finding the perfect target, his body would do the best it could to remain stoic. Calmly, he’d move behind the pair he’d seen earlier, now the short woman was swinging around the hammer, eager to test out her skills. A look of pure glee was wrapped on her features. Then too, he passed another pair, this one contained a tall boy who might have even spoken as loud as Steel, though he had been approached by a woman eager to find a new weapon.

Finally his own feet, and subtle movements had carried him behind his target. It was none other than the girl who had been late. “Ya’ know it takes great skill to be later than me! “ Somehow, his voice came out calmer than he thought it would. Generally Steel had so much energy that he talked a mile a minute. While his octaves were still loud enough to carry over the crowd, they had enough poise to be useful in a one-on-one situation like this. “Some here, might even think you tried.” A genuine smile crossed his lips, just now, the boy was close enough to finally take a peek at her nametags. ” A weapon? “ His hand outstretched towards the girl. “Steel Nova, I’m the man these chumps are all gonna’ be talkin’ about by the end of the year. They’ll be all, wow Steel’s so brave, and did you see that!? He’s so awesome. “ There was a sense of earnestness about his voice as if Steel truly believed in what he was saying. “So what kind of weapon shows up later than a yet-anointed king? Clearly someone who knows their own greatness, right?” Apparently, this boy also thought being late was something of a badge of honor for those with strength. A single look from the professors could tell anyone differently, but he paid no mind to them. Steel, was lost in his own fantasy.

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#, as written by Seirei
"Effie, my dear, good to see you!"

Effie brightened at the warm greeting, looking up from under her cap to meet miss Rizzocetti's eyes. It seemed the youthful teacher had a fondness for her, a fondness that was returned in kind. It was not difficult to like professor Rizzocetti. Her classes were interesting, and she was much involved with her students, even if it was clear she'd rather be out in the field. Effie had had tea with her a few times, discussing career opportunities at the DWMA. It seemed the professor hadn't given up pairing her with someone, though.

"Try to find a meister today, if not for yourself, then for me, okay?"

"Yes'm," Effie replied with a playful mock salute. Her voice did not have much conviction in it. She was a latecomer, and wavelength gravitation would have paired most of the students already. She'd just go stand someplace out of the way. Perhaps she could find Teo or Ash, and see how they had fared. It still baffled her how the two didn't just partner up with each other. They were friends, and though she couldn't tell much about Ash, Teo at least seemed to want a meister.

Effie politely nodded to the teachers and turned around, and let out a high-pitched gasp when she nearly bumped into someone. Her heartbeat echoed in her ears. She hadn't noticed the young man approach at all – would it have hurt him to make some noise? Effie quickly regained her composure, adjusted her glasses, mumbled an apology, and took a second look at the person before her. How had she missed him, even from the corner of her eye? He seemed dressed to impress, tall, and well-styled, if a bit gaudy to her tastes.

"Ya' know it takes great skill to be later than me! Some here, might even think you tried." The blond man smiled at her.

Effie belatedly realized she was talking to the latecomer who'd been sitting near the entrance. She answered his smile with one of her own.
"You know how it is," Effie answered with a theatrical shrug. "One moment, you're reading a book, 'en five minutes later, it's five hours later."

"A weapon?" the man asked. It wasn't really phrased as a question, so Effie didn't answer it. She did note how his voice held none of the objectification some people viewed Weapons with, which put her at ease. Effie wondered if the man was a weapon himself. A closer examination of his improvised nametags didn't provide much insight. She thought one of them said Meister, but she couldn't be sure. Address me as King No… vain a dance? That couldn't be right. Effie's gaze wandered to the young man's hands, which were well-kept, but decorated with multiple rings that would get in the way of… Effie caught herself. Why was she even evaluating someone as a potential meister?

"Steel Nova," the young man introduced himself. "I'm the man these chumps are all gonna' be talkin' about by the end of the year. They'll be all, wow Steel's so brave, and did you see that!? He's so awesome."

A wry smile played on Effie's lips, even if she couldn't for the life of her tell whether he was serious or joking.

"Euphemia Tait," Effie said, shaking the outstretched hand. "They call me Effie."

Not knowing what to say, Effie was thankful Steel continued the conversation before the silence could grow uncomfortable.

"So what kind of weapon shows up later than a yet-anointed king? Clearly someone who knows their own greatness, right?"

And then the conversation grew uncomfortable anyway. It was not common to ask about a Weapon's nature so bluntly, but then she could hardly blame him for the breach of tact. It was what this meeting was for, after all. Perhaps it was just his straightforward personality? It troubled her, but she didn't hate it.

"I'm… something like a shield, I guess," Effie said, pulling her cap down a little in an effort to hide her blush. It wasn't technically untrue, but it felt like a lie regardless. "And yourself?"

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#, as written by Gray
Effie seemed like a shy one at first. Though, Steel could feel her gaze on him, she studied him left nothing to chance. She might, perhaps, be his opposite. The boy was known to be aggressive, loud, and at times forward. These traits, which persisted normally, were by far a better calling card than anything else. There weren’t many like him, and with individuals such as he, it was a wonder how the Star clan gained notoriety as the best assassin clan of them all. Unlike Steel, Effie seemed quite polite, and actually interested in being here. She hadn’t quite resigned herself to becoming masterless quite yet. Even if the blond couldn’t quite read wavelengths as well as others, these traits were written all over her features. There was a sense of life behind her eyes, she was actually interested in becoming a great tool for the Shinigami.

“Effie is it?” The boy seemed to ponder the name around in his head a bit. Eyes flickered from directly at hers, to the upper left. There was a perplexed look upon his face, as if he were trying to deduce some hidden meaning behind her name. Finally, after nearly a moment of thought, the male spoke. “I like it. Easy to remember, and sounds like it fits you pretty well.” At the blunt mention of her weapon status, the youth noticed the woman lock up, and placed her hood over her head. It appeared that Effie was more touchy on this subject than he expected. Though, upon her reply Effie would receive a hearty nod from Steel. “A shield! Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a weapon that specializes upon defense.”

That might be because there weren’t any. Weapons, to Steel’s knowledge were mostly aggressive. While there were the occasional weapons that doubled as defensive, there were even fewer whose main prowess lie in defense. It would take a special kind of meister to use one like Effie effectively. Kids, which most of the people in this room appeared to be, were often dumb and reckless. They were under the assumption that they were invincible. Even Steel went through this mindset without a care in the world. Yet, in a real fight offense wasn’t nearly as important as being able to live to see another day. Living meant one got stronger, and could fight again. Dying…. Not so much. “Just think!” Spoke Steel, “if you become a Death Scythe, you’ll probably never get a single scratch ever again. Isn’t that cool?”

There was of course, a problem that Steel was noting with a weapon like a shield. If all of these Meisters were sure to be dumb, reckless, and aggressive… who among them would use a shield in combat. She’d have tough luck trying to find a meister whose wavelength she could bond with so easily. Steel himself was running into a similar problem. His wavelength was erratic. It wouldn’t lend itself easily to another being. Perhaps this channeled into the reason why his tactics were more on the ‘lone wolf’ style, this probably also had something to do with why he was so very loud and bold. Sure, he wouldn’t be a ‘proper’ Meister, but he could at least be twice as bold, and brave, and courageous. From the looks of them, both Effie, and Steel were in quite a predicament. “But, it’s got to be tricky not having a decent Meister to wield you properly.”

Then Effie did something that immediately brought a smile to Steel’s features. She asked about him. This was the subject that Steel liked best. It was a subject that he could recite like an epic poem. “Me? I come from the Star Clan, and I’m a master assassin.” His voice appeared to get louder with each passing word, as if excitement made him more boisterous. Obviously, it wasn’t a great trait for assassins to possess, yet the male didn’t seem to think anything of it. “I came into this room today because they told me to, though I don’t expect to find a weapon, I’ll make sure to collect the souls I can for Mr. Shinigami.” This school was going to teach him plenty. Sure, Steel couldn’t make a Death Scythe at this rate, but he could become a meister like Stein. Powerful, great, and cool. If he attained half that power in his lifetime, Steel would be quite content with his skills.

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#, as written by Seirei
"A shield! Wow, I don't think I've ever heard of a weapon that specializes upon defense."

Effie was glad Steel seemed to accept her answer without question. A shield would have been right up there with the more eccentric weapons, and her true form doubly so. She was less glad with his response. No ridicule, no disappointment, but enthusiasm – and not the subject-changing kind of enthusiasm either. She was unsure whether she liked it any better.

"Just think! If you become a Death Scythe, you'll probably never get a single scratch ever again. Isn't that cool?"

Despite herself, Effie smiled and nodded heartily. Not at the prospect of invulnerability, which she didn't believe in, but at the mention of becoming a Death Scythe. It was a silly, juvenile ambition she'd harbored ever since she learned of her less-than-human nature. It did not bother her terribly – everyone had an impossible wish or two, though she'd expected to have grown out of this one by now. Many a night had she lain awake, trying to uncover just what recesses of her mind gave birth to that odd desire. She did not like fighting, she thought, and she'd probably be a poor hand at it. In relation to many other students, the young man before her included, Effie was confident she could trip over and die. Regardless, the yearning remained rooted fast to her heart, and no matter how she argued with herself, a single incontrovertible truth silenced the voice of all others:

A weapon doesn't need a reason to seek strength. It made perfect sense by itself.

Effie shook her head, berating herself for her pointless thoughts. She didn't even have a partner, and in the war against the witches, she was hardly a weapon to responsibly invest souls in. Now, that chainsaw over there...

"But, it's got to be tricky not having a decent Meister to wield you properly," the young man said.

Effie turned back to Steel and gave him a puzzled look. Before being wielded properly, wasn't it an issue of being wielded at all? On the rare occasion she hadn't avoided the issue, she'd claimed to be a shield, and that settled it. No ordinary Meister had been prepared to forego the offensive capability a conventional weapon brought to the table. Perhaps Steel was still unfamiliar with the DWMA, or perhaps the concept of needing a Demon Weapon for offense was foreign to him. It hadn't escaped Effie's attention that the young man's floral-themed luggage had started digging its way into the wooden floor, toward... Madagascar, she estimated, after a moment of mental geography. Clothing and a toothbrush? It did not seem likely.

Effie changed the subject, and she was grateful to find Steel was not averse to talking about himself.

"Me? I come from the Star Clan, and I'm a master assassin."

Effie started at that announcement. Was that something you tell someone on a first meeting? But then, the DWMA did have a few oddball assassins around. She'd run into Black☆Star on occasion. While rude, and not exactly library company –or Effie's kind of company anywhere– he wasn't a bad person. Probably.

"I came into this room today because they told me to, though I don't expect to find a weapon, I'll make sure to collect the souls I can for Mr. Shinigami," the assassin stated.

Effie visibly relaxed – she couldn't tell when she'd tensed up. So Steel hadn't approached her as a Meister, but as a person, and saw her not as an object, but as a person as well. She laughed – a quiet, modest laugh, but a genuine one.

"We're the same then," Effie said, still smiling. "I'm here 'cause I was told to, but I can't see myself finding a Meister. It's all so awkward, this meeting."

Effie cast a glance behind her. The teachers had seen her, that was for sure. But what would they say if she were the first to leave, again? Effie leaned toward Steel conspiratorially.

"Should we make ourselves scarce?"