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Milena Yuli

A long haired, young woman who can predict your future just by looking in your eyes.

0 · 288 views · located in Etrea

a character in “Witch Throne”, as played by VivekaMoon


Character sheet:

Name: Milena Yuli
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Race (Humans, Elves, Orcs, Goblins and Trolls are available races): Elf
Occupation: (examples are witch, gatherer, warrior, doctor, healer, alchemist etc.): Healer
Appearance (description or illustrated pics please): She is a very small girl with jet black hair that falls down her back in long, wavy curls. She has gray eyes
and she is abnormally pale. She is 5 feet and 105lbs.
Clothing: She wears very long corset dresses. They are normally white, black, or red.
Likes: She likes helping people and adventuring. She loves seeing beyond and predicting the future for other people. She also likes the rain and black cats.
Dislikes: She does not like human affection, she hates relationships. Some would say she doesn't know how to love. She doesn't like feeling emotions for other people.
Skills (use magic types if you name magic, a maximum of five skills, only two may be "proficient") She has the power to heal with energies and she can see the future just by looking into someone's eyes.
Weaknesses (at least two minor or one critical weakness): She can't say no and she never speaks her mind.
Goals: To become the best Healer to ever have lived.
Personality: She is VERY quiet and extremely intelligent. She is wise beyond her years. She wears glasses when she is focusing on something, it is a sign to show that she does not want to be disturbed.
Alignment (as in good or evil and to what degree): She is good, she could never hurt anyone...on purpose that is.
Background: She grew up in the middle of the woods with her mother and sister. Her mother and sister were killed by an infectious disease so she ran away to a nearby village so that she wouldn't become infected also. The villagers noticed there was something different about her. One, she moved different, more swiftly than the other people. She spoke differently, as if she had a hard time speaking loudly enough for other people to hear her. She also looked like a Goddess, her piercing gray eyes that seemed as if they could see into all of your nightmares. She had a slender body that was strong and flexible. The village raised her but by the time she was sixteen, she left the village to find something more. She found a new home that she has been in ever since, here she studies the ways of the Healer and she has advanced faster than most students.
Weapon/Equipment: Her only weapons are her hands, she can manipulate energies to heal, harm, and change.

So begins...

Milena Yuli's Story