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Natalie Dumonte

"Call me 'Sootie' one more time and I swear I'll jinx you."

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a character in “Witchcraft And Wizardry”, originally authored by rubytuesday, as played by RolePlayGateway


Natalie Dumonte


Basic Info

Natalie Grace Dumonte

Nat | Friends and Acquaintances | Often | Likes | Typical shortening of her name |
Sootie | Close Friends and People That Knew Her Well First Year | Occasionally | Dislikes | In her first charms class, she accidentally caused an explosion, and coated the entire room in soot, hence the nickname |
Lee | Friends and Acquaintances | Sometimes | Doesn't Mind | Typical shortening of her name |




Is a chaser in the Arietum team

Eleven inches, vine, unicorn tail hair

A snowy owl named Dany

Home Town:
New Hampshire, USA

Anything Else?
Is a registered animagus, possessing the ability to turn herself into a hummingbird
DAtDA and Transfiguration are her best classes

  • Chocolate
  • Magic
  • Winning
  • Loyalty
  • Comfortable Atmospheres
  • Reading
  • Spring Weather

  • Arrogance
  • Bullies
  • Being Lied To
  • Pretentiousness
  • Being Mocked or Ridiculed
  • Cold Weather
  • Spicy Foods

Natalie is quite a likeable individual, open and volatile, with a tendency to put others before herself. She is intelligent and passionate with everything she does, and hardly the sort to allow herself to be pushed around or manipulated. This being said, she isn't fond of conflict, and as far as such a thing goes, her main weapons are her biting sarcasm and sharp wit. She is intellectual, and a very talented young witch, but when she makes mistakes, they have a bad tendency to be more than little. Just remember her little 'explosion' incident in year one charms. She is cool-headed most of the time, but when riled up, she becomes a firecracker, spitting stinging sparks and burning those who get too close. She is quite introverted, keeping her deeper, more personal thoughts close to her chest, but when it comes to her typical opinions and everyday thoughts, she is an open book, and almost brutally honest. She is hateful towards bullies, and although quite popular, she is hardly a social butterfly, and at parties is the sort to be hanging out at the far reaches of the room, sipping beer with an uncomfortable expression and an air of awkwardness. She is imaginative and curious, and adores learning, possessing an impressive ability to tuck away any random dots of information and slotting them somewhere into the vast archive that is her psyche for later use. When comfortable, or talking about something she is interested is, she can chatter for ages, and isn't so good at picking up the signs that her 'audience' has lost interest in her babble.

Natalie's parents both possess magic, and so it was no surprise when Natalie was born a witch. Her father is a member of the Ministry of Magic, and her mother, and auror, and so it was also no surprise when Natalie displayed natural talent from the moment she picked up her first wand. Her parents had butted heads many times at Magnus Grexx, where Natalie's father, Gordon Dumonte, had been the chaser for the Vulpes quidditch team, and her mother, Adelaide Terrence, had been the keeper for the Arietum team. Not to mention that in second year in Defence Against the Dark Arts, Adelaide had deflected a jinx, and sent it straight into the unassuming Gordon. When they left, they were glad to see the back of each other. However, fate had other plans, and when an old wizard went loony and started jinxing muggles, the two both met up again. Somehow, the case brought them past the bitter banter, which soon turned into flirting, then romance, and then Natalie.

Natalie spent her first seven years in France, then the next two in England, before moving to the United States of America. Like most other witches and wizards, at eleven she received the mysterious letter, and thus entered her first year at Magnus Grexx. She's been going here since she was only eleven years old, and is now attending her seventh year.


Do you know much about the Harry Potter Universe?
A fair bit. I have read most of the books (Up to the fifth), and seen all the movies. I'm not an expert, or anything, but I'm not completely dense about it all. ;)
How often do you get online?
Usually every day, if not every other day.
How often can we expect you to be able to post?
About once or twice every two days, I'd say.
Copper Cauldron


So begins...

Natalie Dumonte's Story


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Bobby stood at the front of the cruise, looking on at the sight of Magnus with awe and aspiration within. He couldn't control how much his lust for returning outpaced itself. "Ah, fresh air indeed.. He thought silently to himself. He fixed his posture and licked his lips, followed by untying the knot in his freshly green tie. Bobby sniffed, once and again, finding himself uncontrollably sneezing at that. He whipped his nose with his arm, shaking his head as a sign of relief as he peaked over, noticing something strangely odd, grotesque rising to the top of the ocean losing all hope as his face changed from relief to horror within seconds.

They were humongous, rising in the league of hundreds, mermen and maid alike. All holding on tightly to their tridents and pitchforks. But they were waiting, almost as though they had been signaled. With shock came blood, as the skies lit up in a dash of multiple colors, snakes in fact, swirling around the other, almost hissing like a python in the Egyptian deserts. He gripped tightly onto his wand, turning left to face the cold that awaited him.

Men, covered in masks and smoke. Demons he thought? But he knew all too well for what was to come. Screams filled the air, followed by laughter and spells shouting left and right from one another. He fell down, watching the death eaters board the cruise one by one, filling what joy the students had with coldness, rain and death.

He pulled out his wand, breathing heavily with short pauses to catch his breath. Where were the others? Were they safe? Secure? His thoughts mesmerized and changed, crossing his arms as he hid under the cupboard by the deck, surrounded by spells shooting back and forth. "We're at deck! We're at deck!" The captain cried, stopping the cruise to a halt as Bobby exited. Pushing, following and running for his life.

"Dementors! Dementors!" A poor young girl screamed, pointing to the skies as they fell like rain. Bobby could see the carriages in clear view that would lead him to the school, safe and unharmed. He sped up his pace and ran, turning his back to see an all out war still on the cruise. "Faster, I must.." He repeated by the dozens. He could see it, the carriage just a few distances away, finally, he had made it.

Too soon the boy had hoped. Bobby clenched hard onto the carriage door, unknowingly realizing his fate would be decided right there. A word came..followed by a flash of green light. Bobby hit the floor with a face that had been filled with pink now cold like ice. He was dead.


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ImageThe day had not started out all that different from most others. Sure, it had been an earlier start than usual, and sure, she'd had to say goodbye to her parents, with promises to write and keep hold of the quidditch house cup. But in terms of unfamiliar and strange circumstances, it was all fairly in the norm. She'd dragged her belongings -a large suitcase and an empty owl cage, the latter because Natalie's owl, affectionately named after the white-haired heroine from Game of Thrones, had gone fly-about the day prior- as she searched for her cabin, before abandoning said belongings in order to go wandering about the ship's many decks. She'd weaved through a crowd of second years, and slipped past a trio of snickering fourth years before making her way above deck, drinking in the salty air with a faint smile, and feeling that familiar spark of anticipation for the year ahead. The previous year, she hadn't gotten into too much trouble, and had still managed to remain on her teachers' good lists. Would her seventh be similar? Heh, she hoped not. There was only so much of the same-old-same-old she could take.

Now, she was leaning against the bow of the ship, gazing unto the horizon and returning a wave sent to her by a particularly cheerful mermaid. Noting a presence behind her, she turned, and when her eyes fell upon none other than Bobby Burkinson, her smile darkened slightly. That boy. He really was the least pleasant of company. Even with both of her parents being wizards, he found fault in her heritage. She remembered fifth year, when he'd muttered something about her mother being a 'mudblood', and she'd reacted deftly.

A sharp right hook to his upturned nose.

She opened her mouth to greet him, when, quite suddenly, the boy's expression changed. His terror was clear on his features, and with curiosity, she followed his gaze.

Her own expression soon followed suit.

Men in masks. Dementors beneath their cloaks. An icy air and a feeling of dread. That what she saw and felt as she slid her wand from her pocket and shot a hex at one of the masked figures, "Petrificus Totalus!" and sent him down, before rushing after Bobby, only to catch sight of about eleven screaming first years. Running over to them, she urged them to come with her, leading them inside, following her fellow Arietum further into the ship, trying to comfort and calm the young ones as she did. "Don't worry, everything's going to be o-" A flash of green cut her off and lit up her features, and a figure fell in front of her, his glazed eyes staring blankly, his face eerily pale. As recognition dawned on her, Natalie's eyes widened in horror. "Bobby..."


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Her hand softly ran through her short hair as the young witch passed compartment after compartment. They were all filled to the brim with students which only drew a sigh from her lips. Corky wanted to find a compartment where she could just lay down and shut everything out for the whole ride but her search wasn't looking so fruitful until her tired eyes fell on a compartment that only held one person. With a slight smirk on her lips Corky quickly made her way over to the door sliding it open slowly and slipping inside. She stood in front of a young, small witch who was reading and had a cat napping on her lap. The small witch took up half the compartment so the young death eater set her things down on the other side.

"Hey, do you mind if I crash here for the ride?"

Corky's voice was relaxed and soft in tone but she sat down before the witch could answer then her sitting turned into laying as she used her backpack as her pillow. Time ticked by in silence and Corky liked it, the silence was nice but the movement of the waves beneath the ship was a bit nauseating, the witch across from her didn't look so good either. The young death eater couldn't take this anymore, she needed a smoke so she reached into her backpack and pulled out a bottle of ginger ale she hadn't open yet. She looked at it for a second then back over to her compartment mate before setting it next to her. "Here this will help with the nausea."

With that Corky was out the door and making her way above deck while she got her pink-ish cigarette ready to light as soon as she stepped into that fresh air. With cigarette in mouth and now lit, Cory walked over the the edge and rested her arms across the wood as she gazed into the endless sea. She blew out a cloud of cherry scented smoke into the air and hung her arms over the edge. A yawn escaped her lips but so did another puff of smoke that caught her attention. Corky blew out nothing but air his time just to see her own breath instead but before any ideas came to her head a scream broke her confusion.

Corky turned her head so fast that you would be surprised that she didn't give herself whiplash. Her eyes widened as she took in the sight of Dementors rising form the front of the ship. All the happiness and color was quickly sucked from all around leaving us under a dark cloudy sky that bared the dark sign. The young death eater gulped as she froze in place. What was going on? That's when she saw the death eaters, the people in masks. Those people . . . she didn't know them. Those wern't the death eaters she knew but she did recognize one by his mask and he was one of the higher ranking death eaters. What was she suppose to do? Her mother told her nothing about this attack but the mark on her left arm did burn and stung more intensely than usual. Was it because of them?

Corky reached down quickly taking her wand out from her boot and held it up as the once quiet air was filled with screaming and yelling from all directions plus the sound of hexes and jinxes whizzing by her ear. Her eyes darted around as she saw a boy struck down not to far from her. At that moment her feet moved on their own and she shielded the girl who stood in front of the boy who was just struck down from a hex. Corky hesitated for a second because she didn't know whether to attack or not. These weren't the death eaters she was trained by or knew but they were still death eaters all the same. Having the girl close behind her Corky wasn't going to let her die so she sent out a couple of rapid, wordless jinxes that sent the death eater overboard and into the water. "Cover me, I'm not leaving him here like this!"

Regina ran over to the lifeless body of the boy and picked him up the best she could. He wasn't that heavy but he was still heavy enough for Corky to struggle a little with him as she pulled his body back below deck hoping that girl was following her. "S-someone please help!" she half yelled hoping someone would come to her aid because honestly she didn't know what to do now. He was dead and there was probably no way of saving him but she wasn't going to leave his body there.


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โ€Not quite, yet,โ€ the Texan replied, โ€oh, but we're still holding our breaths. My uncle, the monsignor back home, says all the Masses in Latin under dispensation from our bishop. Some of my kinfolk refused to go to Mass until that dispensation was enforced. 'Course, there is definitely room for English... when German or Latin doesn't suffice.โ€.

"Quite true. I have a great deal of affection for the English language. With its patchwork of words and grammar from other languages, there isn't a language like it," the pure-blood noted. With that, he remained mostly quiet, observing the others and contributing to the conversation here and there. The cruise was pleasant and he was looking forward to another school year.

Then, an icy hand gripped his heart and everything went to hell in a hand basket. He cursed and gripped his wand as he watched helplessly as other students fell to an unholy alliance of Death Eaters and Dementors. In a split second he had to make a decision. Would he have a better chance of survival hiding somewhere in his compartment or fighting their attackers?

He calmly stepped out of his compartment and, spotting a group of Death Eaters, he thrust out his wand and softly murmured, "Flipindo Tria."

He watched with some satisfaction as the fools were knocked against the wall by a tornado of magic, losing consciousness. Honestly, it was a third year spell. He smiled charmingly at his friends.

"I really see this as an opportunity to cut loose, don't you?"

As he said that, he grimaced as a Dementor flew towards him. He had not yet fully mastered the Patronus Charm. It took great effort for him to produce a corpeal one.. Quickly, he drew circles in thin air with his wand.

"Expecto Patronum!"

Sure enough, a jet of white vapor erupted from his wand, halting the creature as he grinned, his patronus clearing his mind enough to allow him to regain a happier state of mind. Now then, what memory was strong enough for him to use? Ah yes, last New Year's Eve. He had not gotten any sleep that night.

"Expecto Patronum!"

Sure enough, a luminescent snake was produced by his wand. It hissed as the Dementor before lunging at it and Stephen nodded in satisfaction before he heard a familiar scream.


He ran towards the scream and spotted his classmate and the perpetrator, his mask hiding his expression, but Stephen could tell he was enjoying torturing the boy. He gripped his wand before making a slashing motion, casting the first spell that came to mind.


Stephen watched coldly as his spell made a large cut across the man's chest. He cursed when he heard a scream. Okay, it was time to lose the bravado.

"Stephen is not physically injured, but he's not getting up anytime soon," he murmured to the group, not caring in the slightest what they thought of his using a dark spell to leave a man to bleed out. He was not going to think about it now. He stepped down the hall and his heart clenched. He hadn't known Bobby well, but he didn't deserve to die.

"We can give him his last rites later. For now, we can make his enemies suffer greatly before they die."


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Image"Bobby..." Death. Natalie had never been a real witness. She was not like so many of her classmates, scarred by tragic pasts and dark histories. She was ignorant in perhaps the best way. Ignorant of true tragedy. Even now, as she looked upon the face of the boy she barely knew, a boy that she'd spoken to only through sharp barbs, swift jinxes and a single punch, she did not feel sadness, or misery. She was not torn up by his death. Her mind was vacant of fond memories of him, and thus, as the glimmer in his eyes faded and his skin turned cool as marble, she felt little more than shock. Shock and disbelief.

Why were they here? What did they want? Murder and violence, were they truly the only things these wicked creatures lived for? Her thoughts were suddenly shattered, and sensing a presence behind her, she spun around, wand at the ready and lips folding around a hex. But the person was not masked, nor cloaked. She was a fellow student, one that Natalie was familiar with, and as she went to shield Natalie, she fired spells not at the Arietum witch, but at the cruel beings that were now attacking them.

"Cover me, I'm not leaving him here like this!" The girl spoke to her, her voice sharp and desperate, and as she hoisted the limp and lifeless figure, Natalie nodded, spinning on her heel and firing a rally of wordless jinxes and hexes and the oncoming parade. Glancing at the cowering first years still beside her, she jerked her head pointedly towards the Corky, "Keep down, and follow her!" They were, for a brief moment, too terrified to move, but as a curse came their way, only to be deflected by Natalie's own spell, they followed her command, hurrying teary-eyed after the short-haired witch.

Natalie noted her struggle, and, with a pained expression, twirled her wand in a familiar, second-year charm. Bobby's body rose slightly, hovering above the ground like a spirit ascending to heaven, but stayed inches from the deck's surface, weightless.

She turned back to the crowd of death eaters and dementors, shivering slightly as a coldness overcame her, but firing spells all the same. Not taking her eyes off the attackers, she called over her shoulder at the girl pulling along Bobby. "We have to get these first years out of here!" She urged, her eyes searching for somewhere safe, secluded... Where else? Magnus.

"We have to get to Magnu-" The yelp of a first year cut her off, and she looked back to see the child squirming on the ground, writhing in pain as the death eater above grinned maniacally. "Sectumsempra!" The wizard's eyes widened in horror as his hand, still clutching the wand, tumbled from his wrist, and with another spell, he was sent soaring backwards. Grabbing hold of the girl, Natalie hoisted her up, helping her up and following after Corky.