Charling Gullveig

"Two things. Shut up, and leave me the hell alone. You're an eyesore."

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Full Name:: "Do not ever speak of my name, I absolutely hate it. And if you actually had a brain, you'd understand."
Charling Gullveig
Nickname:: "Refer me as such... please."
Charles (A very soft 'ch' that sounds more like a 'sh') & 'Ulises' (It is very rare that you will ever hear this nickname, as it is only her grandmother who calls her that)
Gender:: "Well isn't that obvious?"
Sixteen (About to turn seventeen very soon)
Grade They're In::

Personality:: "Whatever."
Mean. Charling Gullveig is m, e, a, n; mean. She's generally quiet most of the time, saying the occasional nice word but keeping to herself. Despite appearing as a loner and a sort of mousy character, once you understand as to just who Charling is, she is anything but "a sweet little darling". Charling attacks people verbally, and is quite good at it, being able to nitpick at people and bring out the worst in them, having them face their fears, insecurities and flaws all at once. As a creative insulter and well-educated word twister, she manages to be able to bring almost anyone to tears with a solid and cold-hearted poker face that does not allow anyone to even try to hurt her back. She's a great informant, seeing as she's always being slightly nosy in others' business, but remaining inconspicuious as she does so. Her strongest feature about her, however, is her leadership or great authority that she is able to present in many of situations, easily able to bend the wills of others to match that of her own with simple conduct and wording.

Charling is a very resenting and hateful individual, and this dark, 'dirty' aura is probably what sends a sort of repel effect when they first meet her. She doesn't trust anyone, and doesn't depend on anyone. They often said that, as a child, Charling "ate steel and spat it out with chewed acid and other things, for breakfast", according to the locals, anyway. She's pretty introverted, and once she becomes passionate about something (be it insulting you or otherwise), she becomes practically borderline obsessive. She is a very insecure individual herself, and is very self-conscious over her and herself, not that she'd show it, of course.

Charling is very independent, never allowing anyone to help her, preferring the wall-flower attitude. However, she strives to be the best in areas that she takes interest in, and becomes obsessive over that like the perfectionist she is. She hasn't much of shame, and isn't afraid to even cheat to get what she wants as a slightly selfish and arrogant girl.

Deep down, she is still a child with many a broken dream who has grown bitter to the world and its influence on her.


Appearance in Description:: "Don't like what you see? Too bad. That's what you get. You yourself aren't much of a dish either, so please shut up, and go away already. You're hurting my eyes. They burn."

A lithe and averagely sized woman (standing at 5'4"), Charling is a well bodied girl, being fit yet thin, and yet not overly muscled nor too under-muscled. Fair skinned that's smooth, her darker features stand out and give a more edgier aura in terms of her appearance, bold brows and dark eyes. Dark, messy and curly hair is often tangled slightly, but is left wildly tamed, easily able to hide her face with the way it's able to completely shadow her face, being past her shoulders. Charling is actually a pretty looking girl, but her rude attitude and scowling expression that's practically stuck on her face prevents most from being able to see that. Her most notable feature of how fragile she may appear, from having a small face, as well as small hands and feet, giving her the impression like that of a doll. It's quite a shame when this doll is only a doll until she finally speaks with her venomously tongue.

Likes:: "You can considered lucky enough if you could actually gain my approval. So carry on and continue living your worthless life."
  • science, preferrably chemistry and biology
  • logic and common sense, rather than what magic, which is something beyond the minds of the scientific comprehension
  • messing around people's minds; seeing people breakdown mentally
  • perfection (has a mild case of OCD)
  • neatness, organization and perfectly balanced order (can be applied to above)
  • reading up on anything, while either critisizing or being well-informed of it
  • quiet and peaceful moments
  • drinking orphan tears and trampling kittens

    Dislikes:: "If there is anything in this world that I absolutely hate and abhor, is witches. Go on, think me crazy! But I hate them, and everything there is to do with them!"
    • witches and magic; it is her extreme hatred it is because of this that she is a well known Harry Potter flamer
    • her name and its meaning, which is directly related to that of Witches. (Gullveig was the name of a very infamous witch, and Charling means "the location in which witches gather".)
    • naivete and ignorance
    • being inside a dark room for too long
    • stupidity
    • those who have no business meddling in her own affairs
    • loud, whiny children
    • the majority of the school and the townspeople

      Fears:: "Everyone has fears. .. Even me."
      Charling has many and few fears, but of those few fears, they are very strong fears. Fears like the dark, being buried alive, being unable to be completely accepted; the common ones of the imagination that plays tricks on you; and the fear that she's been trying to withstand her entire life: the fear of rejection and not being able to fit in properly. But she's only making it worse..

      History:: "When I was a child, I preferred witches over fairies and princesses, those women who were so many stronger than those weak creatures. I often wished that a witch on a flying broom will come to my home and take me away with her, so I may never, ever see this town again. .. It didn't happen, of course."

      Charling is an interesting case. She comes from a very long line of witch hunters, her ancestors having been one of founders of Ashwick and being the most infamous for having taken the most participation in witch hunts back in the day. Charling wears this with pride. However, oddly, while she has the traditions of being a natural witch hunter in her, she also has witch blood in her, from a very, very old great ancestor that had married into the family during an era of peace and compromise between the family and witches.

      She knows this. From a very young age, she was able to see how on her mother's side, she had relatives who were able to perform magic (very rarely on occasion), and she was expected to be able to use magic as well. Despite this excitement, she turned to have inherited her father's dominant non-magic genes, and she was greatly disappointed, some relatives more so than her. This lack of having a magical ability led her to hating those who did, and thus began her great hatred of witches and all things related to so, because of her pain of not being able to be one like them.
      This caused many of a strained relationship between her and her mother, and while Charling generally pleases the family with her outstanding academic grades, it is her personality and lack of social life that worries them. She is a problem child, and began violent fits once she hit middle school. She's going through therapy, and is mostly cured of such outbursts, but her hatred is still there, as she cannot properly vent it out as humans are not to know of witches and their business. Despite how Charling cannot use magic, she still has witch blood in her, with sleeping genetics that still contain magic, but she is unable to access to it. Charling has struggled with this dead dream of her childhood even now.

      Once she entered high school, Charling was sent to live with her grandparents, as her irrational and problem-child behavior were getting out of control, being too much for her parents to handle. It doesn't help that most of the town come to believe that her behavior's reasoning is not witches, but rather just her in general, causing her to being out casted and misunderstood. She keeps in touch, but prefers to keep this contact as little as possible. These grandparents of hers are generally nice people, and she doesn't have as many outbursts living with them, as they aren't witches, but rather are retired witch hunters. She's beginning to adapt their skills, but she's still an amateur who has much to learn, even with great advancing and growing progress. Her grandmother, who is against having Charling taking old traditional Witch Hunter training, calls her by Ulises, meaning "hateful one".

      When the Harlan family first move into town, she immediately dislikes them, and with growing suspicion that the girls may be the beings that she has grown to hate all of her life, she begins to scheme as she tries to test her suspicion.

      Other: "What is there left to know? Get out of my face already."
      • is able to speak and understand Latin and Greek very well. Enjoys studying dead languages.
      • volunteers at a children's daycare in her spare time, where her group of children is very quiet and disciplined, much to the astonishment to those have seen the other rowdy and loud children.
      • has a pet snake that is actually her grandfather's, but takes care of it anyway.


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