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Jinx Harlan

0 · 442 views · located in Ashwick

a character in “Witches Brew”, as played by Just Sayin'


Full Name::
Paola Jinx Harlan "Short and sweet, am I right?"
She's went by her middle name, Jinx, since a very young age. "'Though my sister likes calling me 'Jinxy' at times just to annoy me, naturally."
Seventeen "And three quarters, don't forget that part." Jinx has this quirk that when she gives her age she will say seventeen, but always add in the "three quarters" part. It makes her feel older.
"Do we gotta mention that furball?"
Taking a step away from your stereotypical "black cat," Jinx's familiar is a large, black and white cat. His name is Shakespeare(from her love of William Shakespeare), and he's unique to say the least. Along the front of Shakespeare's face, lining where his whiskers are, is a blotched patch of white fur that contrasts against his black head, shaped like a mustache. This, Jinx finds hilarious, taunting the cat about it practically daily. He also has one blue eye, his left, and one green eye, his right(opposite that of Jinx's[explained in Appearance]). Shakespeare is a very strict being(he's 140 years old, after all, and her greatx4 grandmother's familiar!), unlike Jinx who isn't eighty-five percent of the time. They're always getting into silly arguments, and Shakespeare is always complaining like an old man. And though Jinx would never admit it, she loves the fluffy, old cat! β™₯
Animal they Shift into::
A lithe, large-pawed Mountain Lion.
Element Best At::
Grade They're In::
Eleventh Grade (Junior)
"Is there any way to sum up amazing?" ;P
Carrying a 'Devil-May-Care' attitude, Jinx gives little to no thought on what people say about her. When it comes to being talked about she keeps her head held high, not showing any indication of it harming her emotionally. Talk about her family, however, and that turns into a completely different story. She is fiercely protective of them even though she is not the oldest, and would place a hex on some smart mouth faster than you can say "Witch!" She's protective of many of those she deems "weaker," however. Jinx isn't one to argue with someone over something stupid, yet she does have a heaping of wit on her side. Sarcasm might as well be her best friend, hence the reason she always as a comeback for pretty such any situation(in the argument sense) on the tip of her tongue. Intelligent, if she is not outside enjoying nature and all it has to offer she is burying herself into books, into her studies. It's easy to say she makes excellent grades in school. For the past two years she's plunged herself into the history of her own bloodline, the Harlan Witches, the trials her family had to face, and so on. Some things she learned has kept her up at night, wondering. However, she loves telling her sister and cousin what she's learned the very next day, no matter how brutal the discovery.

Jinx is an adrenaline junky. She likes to partake in the many mundane activities like sports, dances, and festivals. She feels that those certain things cannot happen without her. She also enjoys messing with humans, may it be by using magic or by simply making them feel "uncomfortable." However, she's learned over the years that she gets particularly "bashful" in front of males. Which, she does not know why the shy-ness occurs. No, she does not find humans beneath her kind, it just-.. It does not make sense. When alone she can gladly rant and bash the awful creatures(men) to her small family consisting of only women, but around a man it's different. She's never got close to a male before, so stiffly brushes away the giddy feeling she receives when around them. The do intrigue her, grant you, the human males especially. However, she is a stubborn, strong-willed girl. Not having a male figure in her life at any point that she remembers, she feels women are the superior sex. She knows she does not need a man, nor does she really want one, though they do make her fidget. When it comes to things like "love"(towards the opposite sex), she simply does not believe in it. Messing with a males' emotion, now that could be fun, though.

Behind Jinx's fiery attitude(modestly given) and shy-ness towards the average male, you find a down-to-earth..Witch? She enjoys the easy flow of things life can bring like sitting down to a civilized meal with her family(like anything is "civilized" with those goofballs) or lazying around outside on a nice day. Laughter might as well be the best medicine because this girl loves to laugh, and have a good time. She is an even mix of many things that can only make up one Paola Jinx.

Appearance in Description::
If you asked Jinx her opinion on her own personal appearance, she would most likely tell you she's nothing special. Besides having a bigger bust, she feels she has nothing else over her older sister. "Average," perhaps she would use as a word when describing herself. In all honesty, however, Jinx is a fairly attractive young woman(far from "average"), which is not odd, her being a Harlan witch and all. Her height, being mostly in mile long legs, is 5'7" exactly. Most in the Harlan bloodline are known for being fairly tall(not too tall, maybe). She is, no doubt, a promise of health. Having a lithe, curved figure with a fine waist and trimmed thighs most would figure she is an athletic girl. Like stated above, Jinx has topped her sister in breast size, but not by too much(though her sister likes being overly dramatic over the fact). They are of reasonable size for her figure. Her hair, dark brown in color, is kept tousled, cascading in silks waves/curls to the lower part of her back, unless she has the notion to straighten it. Most of the time, when feeling lazy and not wanting to use a spell to fix it, she keeps her hair slung back in a bun and or "ponytail."

What is fairly "unique" about Jinx, besides her attire at times, is her eyes. Surrounded by long, thick black eyelashes that cast shadows upon her cheeks when she blinks are her two different colored eyes. They are what people usually notice right off when meeting Jinx, along with feeling comfortable around the girl. Her right eye is light, baby blue in color, like a robin's egg. Yet, around the pupil, barely noticable, are flecks of silver. Her left eye is a minty green in color. Simple, but fairly pretty as her Aunt puts it! Many times Jinx has thought of using a spell to change her eye color. That is before she found her self-pride and embraced who she was. If you did not catch on, Jinx's right eye is blue, where her familiar, Shakespeare's, left eye is blue, the same goes with the other eye. Her family likes to joke that the two stole each others' other eye at birth.

As for Jinx's attire, she likes keeping things comfortable. A pair of jeans, a band/graphic tee, a nice, big hoodie, whatever! There is one tee shirt she likes wearing as a joke amongst her family. On it it states 'The House Fell on My Other Sister,' many witches get a kick out of it, that is if you've seen The Wizard of Oz.

"Spells, Potions, Wicked Laughter, Toads...The usual."
βœ” Books: You can never know too much. Plus, Jinx loves her old spell book, though that new one looks rather nice..
βœ” Using spells, potions and magic in general; there would be no life without it.
βœ” Music: She adores many, many different kinds of music, especially the "human kind." She's gotten into 80s music, loves rock, but also cherishes other genres, too.
βœ” Flying on a Broom: Only able to do it twice in her lifetime, Jinx admits it gives you quite the rush. Deifying gravity and all.
βœ” Animals
βœ” Nature
βœ” Warmth: She cannot stand the cold at all. On particularly windy/cool days you find her buried in a fairly large hoodie.
βœ” Movies: Horror movies, Comedy movies, the whole shebang! Don't even get her started on Harry Potter..
βœ” Sweets
And much, much more..

"Stereotypes. 'Nuff said."
βœ— Authority: Although Jinx loves her aunt, she hates being told what she can or can't do. When she was younger she went out of her way to do the opposite of what her mother said.
βœ— Yelling: Loud noises, especially voices, make her sick to her stomach. She doesn't like angry people in her face screaming.
βœ— Letting her family down: Hates disappointing them in any way.
βœ— Old, degrading witchy movies: The kind where the witch burns when water touches her, or the classic wart-covered, green-skinned witch. Things like that just piss Jinx off.
βœ— Cocky, Snobby Humans: Who do they think they are?
βœ— Purposely Idiotic People: She can't stand people who act stupid just for attention (/cough/ cheerleaders /cough/), it's annoying.
βœ— Assholes: People who pick on those weaker than them, etc. It's ridiculous..
I could go on..
β–»Having her magic stripped from her.β—…
β–»Doing something stupid that could possibly harm her family in the long run.β—…
β–»Being exposed to human society: Silly, maybe, but it could happen!β—…
β–»One of her family members being killed, or all of them for that matter. Leaving her by herself..β—…
Will be adding soon..
Adding a couple things here soon..
'Double, double, toil and trouble' ^.^
Taken two years ago with her mother, Willow's, familiar named Frosty. She was, obviously, fifteen. Note the right blue eye, left green eye. =)

So begins...

Jinx Harlan's Story