Rosette Marina Sypher

"Remembrance....Why if I can just bury everything? "

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a character in “Witching Hour: Abnormals”, as played by Michaelis_xXx_Elly


Full Name
Rosette Marina Sypher

Nickname: Rose Or Rina
Age: 19
Role/Species: Rose is a vampire, her status in the vampiric world is actually pretty high standard since she comes from a wealthy family.
Rose stands at the height of 5'7, and has a very slender build. Though she may look petite, her being a vampire gives her more escalated abilities. Her skin is quite literally snow white, her eyes being a bright rich caramel color. Though when she doesn't feed for a time period of three days her eyes become a dark chocolate brown, slowly becoming a pitch black.


Rose also dawns a tattoo that's located down her side of a beautiful design of black roses; that she had gotten when she was human. Along with this is her belly button piercing.

Crush: No one at the moment.
Personality: Rose is actually quite independent, she keeps to herself. Befriending her is quite like winning the lottery, though she does feel jealous whenever she sees groups of friend having a jolly ol' time. Eck. Once you get to know her, people find out she's actually a bit hard headed, and rebellious. She does have her moment when she's sweet, caring, and VERY out going. Rose is even a little insecure. She hides things constantly about herself and won't hesitate to lie or use her persuasion abilities on others. She'd never cheat using them though to get ahead in life.
•Sweets{{Only human food she'll eat}}•
•Things she can't obtain•
•Mysterious objects or people•
•Adventures and traveling•
•Being the first to find things out•
•Odd reptiles and creatures such as Snakes and Rodents•
*Obnoxious people*
*Crowded places*
*Being hammered by questions*
*Too much unnecessary physical contact*
*Nosey people*
*Being told she's wrong*
*To much work, and over thinking*

Sexuality: Pansexual


~Average Clothing~




Rose usually adorns shades, her style being edgy and a bit odd. But she really care less about others opinions.
When she was still human she had a interest in fashion and loved trying on new outfits, but dresses used to be her big thing.

Keepsakes/Special Items You Brought: The only things she brought with her that hold a very special meaning to her is tucked deep in her suitcase. It's just a plain old styled gold key. If anyone asks why she has it she'll just lie.


Bio: Rose, as a human, was a very well off girl. She was sweet, a bit bossy, but was loyal. She got things done and made sure everything was done to perfection. She doesn't like talking about what happened the night she got turned, but whenever some asks she'll just either lie or just walk away. She hates persistent people. But her father had been a vampire in the beginning, but be was never around when she was growing up, her mother taking care of her alone. The night...it happened, her father suddenly showed up and took her in. And now she just wants to travel. This chance at "Collage Credits" sounds interesting...
One Greatest Fear: Psht, like she'd ever tell anyone. Though, her greatest fear is herself. Thinking her thirst for blood will overcome her one day, and she'll just become a cold blooded monster.
One Greatest Secret: She actually wishes she could make friends and interact easier. But her greatest fear get in the way of that because she doesn't want to get close to someone then have her heart broken.
Other: She actually has OCD when it comes to clothing. No wrinkles, when in a closet they have to be put in order by color or brand, if someones collar is flipped up she'll flip out, ect.

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