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Belladonna Sky

"Here, let me help you. Please,"

0 · 130 views · located in The North

a character in “Witching Wars”, as played by BelleOceane



Name: Belladonna Sky

Title/position: "La Belle du Nord" or "The beauty of the North," now Belle of the North/ Head of the northern coven

Gender: Female

Coven/Home base: North Coven

Witch type/Class: Alchemist

Contract/ abilities (if any): She can talk to trees and plants by touching them. This is because of her caring and love of nature. She knows trees are wise and are all connected to each other in some way. She can also speak to animals and insects and anything that is a part of nature.

Age (Actual/Apparent): 22

Description: She has long blonde (almost white) hair with streaks of blue in it. She often has flowers woven into her hair. She is not very tall, but she's very thin. She has long legs that she doesn't like to show off. She almost always wears a dress with some wort of flora pattern on it. Because she is so short, she likes to wear high heels. She looks younger than she is but she acts older. She has fair, ivory skin. Her nails are always painted some shade of green with organic, home-made nail polish. One of her eyes is green and the other is blue. On her green eye, she wears blue eye shadow. On her blue one, she wears green eye shadow. Her full lips are usually bright red. Besides that, she always wears a silver locket.

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Spouse/Lover(s): N/A but she is looking to love if the right person comes along

Personality: She is very calm and relaxed. She is often singing her favorite songs when she's nervous of just very peaceful. She is happiest when she can be alone in her garden. Despite her love of nature, she isn't a hippie. She does love nature though, and it loves her back. She likes to be around people, too. She is very social and kind to everyone. All she wants to do is help and make others calm. She enjoys healing those who are sick and dying. She also loves giving advise.
One of her favorite things is taking on apprentices because she loves children. She never can pass up helping a sobbing kid. Her deepest desire is to have one of her own.
Her kindness, though, doesn't mean she can't be evil. She has the ability to be exremely angry and will often lose control if she gets mad.

Equipment/weapon: She has a book for making potions, poisons, and medicines that will magically find the perfect page for what she needs. She also has a small bag of commonly used ingredients and a few viles of poison if she'd ever need it. Finally, she had a dagger laced with poison that will kill almost instantly.

History (At least two paragraph)- When she was a young girl, she could do strange things. When her parents realized this, they rejected her and left her to die. She was placed in a thorn bush with nothing but a locket from her mother who didn't want to give her up. Her mother was, in fact a witch in hiding because she only wanted a "normal" life. She knew her daughter could be a witch, so she place a good luck charm on her at birth. She then gave her the magic locket that will protect her and guide her.

Luckily, her mother's spell worked. Soon, a witch coven on the run found her. Amazingly, a blanket that was wrapped around the child saved her from the sharp and poisonous thorns of the bush. A young girl named Ella in the coven immediately fell in love and adopted the baby. She raised her more like a sister than a mother. Belladonna became the most skilled of her fellow apprentices. It was soon clear that she had a special gift. She has an amazing ability to talk to plants and have a conversation with them. This created jealousy amoung the others, so she had to get by with no friends. For her, though, all the friends she needed were the plants and animals. In fact, on her 13th birthday, she was walking through a frozen tundra in search of plants when she found an abandoned white tiger cub. She brought it home and healed it with herbs and raised it. She named it Storm and kept it.

The cub has became very loyal to her as a pet. It allows her to ride it around like a horse. Eventually, the Coven had to break up. Some went east, some went south, some went west, some were killed, but only Belladonna and Storm went North. There, she was treated like a slave and often beaten by the other witches. Her hard work and determination to be kind to everyone paid off in the end. She became a powerful witch when she was only 15. At the are of 16, she became head witch of the north. Because she was so beautiful (or, rather, just more beautiful than others in the north at the time) she was called "La Belle du Nord" or "The beauty of the north." Now, though, there are many beautiful witches in the North, although, she remains one of the prettiest.

Despite the fact that she was admired for her looks, she hid for a time. She did not wish to be labeled based on them. During this period of solitude, she was able to develop many noew medicines and poisons. She is the creator of several medicines that heal small wounds, notalbly the Sky Mix that will heal small cuts or bruises in less than a day.

Today, she still has Storm as a very loyal pet.

So begins...

Belladonna Sky's Story