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Alyss Desmarais

"Listen up, because I'm not going to say it again. That witch is going down."

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a character in “Witch's Garden”, as played by Lurelle


"Listen UP! I'm not going to say it again! That witch is going DOWN!"

Alyss is gifted with the ability to transform into any animal. Although, she's young. She can't just pick one and morph. Alyss has to study them, and begin preparing herself mentally for it. So far, the creatures she can turn into are; a panther, hawk, and fox. She's working on a bear and a wolf. Each of her moods depend on the animal she's morped into. For example; a panther, silent and clever, sneaky. Or a bear, loud and fierce, bossy.

Alyss, in her human form, looked like she descended from the woods themselves. Her skin is darker, which is unusual in the city. She's respected for her usually fiery temper. Her hair is like rivulets of ink down her back and shoulders. She is well-muscled and has a body built of running. Alyss lived sort of a wild life, and has adapted well to most situations due to her experience in the wild. She's known as wily and proud, fierce and cunning. She is young, 17, and is 5'9" and weighs 114 lbs. Her eyes are silver. Although her colors change when she morphs, whether black to white to brown, her eyes remain silver.

Miss Desmarais was born in the city to a rich family. They lived off what her father sold, and he was well-respected. Alyss was, of course, expected to stay at home and become a mother to children and wife. She thought that was stupid and she would not succumb to any mere man. So she ran away, the week before her arranged marriage. She fled into the forest, and her father covered up her disappearance. They assumed her to be dead.
She'd been living in the forest as a fox for a long time, eating mice and birds and rats. She'd learned the ways of the wild, which water to drink and which areas to stay away from. Too many hunters would gladly shoot her for her pelt. Alyss had only a tiny sliver of regret for leaving the wonderful life she'd had before. She decided, grudgingly, to pay her family a visit. She'd felt a burning vengeance against them for years. But then, she'd been fourteen and was ready to forgive. As she snuck into the city, to her family's home, she could hear whimpers and terrified whispers. With a snarl, she morphed into a large panther and broke into one of the windows. She could see her mother, father, brothers and sisters all on the floor, with men wielding swords around them. An attempted assassination on her family? Alyss snarled and without a thought lunged at the nearest opponent. It was over in a matter of minutes. Scarlet stained the ground, and lifeless bodies littered the room.
Her old family stared into the fearsome, gleaming eyes of the lithe hunter, and she stared back. They flinched as she spat at them. She said her silent, tense goodbyes and turned tail, hopping out the window. Alyss never looked back, even for the cupcakes.

Ever since, she's been suffering due to the witch's endless magic flowing into the forest. Her food source has been depleted, and she cannot drink the river water for fear it is poisoned. She can't even eat the foliage. So she's sworn revenge on the witch. Alyss has been forced to live in the city, though as a hawk. She snatches food from the marketplace and currently takes refuge in the mighty bell tower by the church. She's become infamous for her daily attacks on the marketplace. Merchants grow fearful if her shadow looms over the street. With the witch's ever-growing threat of starvation and death, prices for food and other necessities rose higher and higher. People had to turn into criminals just to put food on the table. The ones who were discovered were, of course, hanged. It was starve and die, or be executed.

Weaknesses: water (she cannot swim), mention of her family, animals (she used to be a strict vegetarian and can't stand to harm them), fire, thunderstorms, and talk of dragons. She's terrified of them.

Basic temper: fiery and fierce. She's not afraid of anyone. She can be extremely irritating sometimes, because she doesn't watch what she says. If you can befriend her, she will become more loyal than anything and would gladly sacrifice her life for you.




So begins...

Alyss Desmarais's Story