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"You must go where I cannot ..."

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a character in “Witch's Garden”, as played by flickery


Name: Blain Siegward Burkhard

Appearance: Siegward is a young adolescent of age around twenty, though not given a farmer's tan, he has seen abit of sun in his life. Before the Witch cast her vile horde upon the plight of his village, he was once a lumberer's adopted son, as seen by his still built stature and broad shoulders. But he has since then deteoriated, sullen dark eyes gloom behind snaps of his long-grown fringe compared to the bright greens he once had. Not particularly kept either, he bears stubble along his jaw, giving him a perpetual overworked-underslept look.

Despite this, he speaks with an amiable tone that can sometimes be suprisingly energetic. It seems his shagged looks are more physical than anything else, belying a moderately sociable individual.


" I ran …ran with all my vigor and strength in my legs, clutching tightly my only hope of surviving alone in this world. A book, the last remanant of my town that I held, pressed hard against my chest. With each painful step I saw the world shake, my heart throbbing along with it.

Why am I doing this? I sometimes ask. But I know the answer too well, it’s because NO ONE and I mean NO ONE, cared enough to save me …no, save my people. Not even themselves, we live under an oppression we didn’t deserve.

But I took a stand, I am taking the stand right now. At least, I thought, even if I die in the course then at least, I did something right. I have a little magic, I know it’s not enough but magic is rare and I know it will help me along the way.

It’s been a week now, I’ve returned to my village. I think no one recognizes me but I recognize them, the poor saps living in thorough fear of the forest. I hated living like that, that’s why I left –to free them even if they don’t know who I am …it’s the least I can do for those years. They cannot know what I am up to, they will surely oppose –but I have to do this.
" -Entry 206, 3rd Winter Solstice, Seventh day of Season.

His last home was burnt to the ground when they fled for safety, now, housed within humanity's last bastion, he has built up the courage and will to venture out and put an end to all this. Or die trying ...


Living in a haven settlement and working in the forest all those years, Siegward was always more attunted to nature and the workings of the universe around him than others. He understood why Light shined, why water flowed from top to bottom, without ever being told. And he was a dreamer, prefering to use his head to solve matters and always in a daze for no good reason -just pondering why whatever was happening, was happening.

This incited the ire of his woodworking uncle on many occasions, often earning his scoldings. But his odd pattern of thought led him to a unique talent, when the Witch's corruption spread to single Yew that stood in the middle of his house -turning it into a monstrosity of it's former self. He could sense the corruption, from years spent amongst the natural order of things, her defilement was transparent. So that day, from a distance safe from the snaking vines that threaten to strangle him, he approached the tree and did what he felt would remove the taint.

Deliberate, forceful and relentless, he reshaped the laws that made things unnatural and imposed it on the Yew. From those reversed workings was his first sign of magic, it was Lore, and knowing how it works it has become his sword in the fight against the Witch. Now he must go where they could not ...

Magic showcased so far:
Sending -Barely a spell, this primitive form of magic calls on fate and unseen beings guide subtlely -a person or item as he desires.
Redoubt -By gesturing a symbol against the evil-eye used by Witches, a magician defends himself against powers of the mind.
Drowz -A quiet prayer lends the user a tiny fraction of Sommus's strength, the god of sleep, allowing him to put an unwary being to sleep with but a touch to the face.
Apprentice's Rushed Fireball -A mistake more than a spell, the user forces fire to leap wherever he desires in an instant through sheer force of will. Never attempt it as a first resort.


When Hero 3 eats a Cupcake ...

He is able to enact the miracle of magic, whether be it taken from Lore or simply a direct manisfestation of impervious will. But he is still starting out, inexperienced in magical arts, he still has to rely largely on his own life skills. Though fire is a little easier to shape compared to the rest ...

He also has the ability to Remove some of the corruption from any given thing, through reverse engineering of the Witch's magic. Though not everything can be saved and there's too much corruption around.

So begins...

Siegward's Story