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Decio Kenyon

M, Winter, brother of Keziay and Kamali.

0 · 245 views · located in Arcadia

a character in “With Darkness Comes Light”, originally authored by IvyCoppersky, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full Name: Decio Kenyon

Alliance: Undecided.

Ark Code Name: White Willow

Element: Winter.

Nicknames: Willow, Winter, December

Age: 18

Gender: M

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity/Race: Half-German, born in America.

Appearance: Decio has light blonde hair and blue eyes, with an athletic build.

Charm's Appearance: A key, with an intricate design of feathers and snowflakes among other things, arranged around a small crystal. It turns into a long sword with an ice-cold blade and a snowflake etched above the hilt.

Personality: Decio is very reserved around other people, except for his siblings, coming off as emotionless to others. He is smart, creative, a little playful, very protective of those he cares about, and is fearless in the face of danger. He is a quick thinker with extremely sharp senses, and is merciless to anyone who threatens those he cares about. When he sleeps he cannot consciously control his ability, so when he wakes, everything around him is frozen solid. He sleeps outside for this reason. He LOVES rain and snow, and HATES heat and fire. He LOVES to listen to the wind make icicles he created chime against each other, and music itself by extension.

Short Bio: Decio's mother died giving birth to his little twin sisters, and his father committed suicide right after. He was only a little over a year old at the time, so he does not remember either of them. He was split up from his younger siblings when they were put into the Foster System, living for very short times in many different places all around their home state. During this, he was allowed visitation one day a month with his sisters, until by chance all three of them were placed in the same home, when he was seven. The mother there was one of the rare ones who was actually in it to help the children instead of getting a paycheck. She fell in love with the little twins, and adopted all three of them two years after their placement there, allowing them to officially join their family or herself and two others she had adopted. The year Decio left elementary school and went into middle school, the twins began to be heavily picked on, so Decio would leave class whenever they called, and go to help them, leading all three of them to fail school until their adopted mother began homeschooling them. When their adopted mother died of sickness, Decio was already 16, so was able to get himself and his siblings out of the system and into an apartment with a small paycheck. Then, when he was 18, a tiny charm fell from the sky and suddenly everything around him was frozen solid...

Fears: Decio fears loosing his humanity and becoming like the ice entirely, cold and merciless. He also fears caring too deeply for someone, and then being the one to kill them by loosing control of his ability, which leads him to fear being trusted and being so powerful he hurts them, but too weak to protect them from others. The only ones he lets close to him are his siblings.

Abilities: Decio can freeze liquid completely solid with just a touch. His ice is not meltable by anyone besides himself, retaining its freezing internal temperature even under the hottest fires. He can always tell if a storm is on the way, and of what nature it will be. Cold, no matter how extreme, does not bother him. He can cool down a room without even really thinking about it. He can call rain or snow storms at will, and his talent at ice sculptures is very useful in that it means he can also create weapons.

Weaknesses: Decio is extremely weak on hot days, easily becoming exhausted. On these days, his abilities are also extremely limited - such as, he could not create storms. He cannot create these things out of thin air except on the coldest of Winter days, so he needs a water supply, which he can then direct to create ice or storms. He can sense if a storm is coming, but do nothing to change where it is headed or it's strength. His presence naturally cools rooms down, so it takes more of an effort for him to keep it at normal temperatures than it would to cool it to a subzero, so if he is stressed or tired, this can become very difficult for him to maintain, running the risk of hurting his friends.

Miscellaneous: If he gets upset or angry, the air around him goes freezing cold, and sometimes frost starts appearing.

Face Claim: Len Kagamine. *Note - this character is NOT based off anything Kagamine, only how they look.

So begins...

Decio Kenyon's Story


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#, as written by Felilla

The city of Arcadia glistened with sunlight. It would be easiest to compare it to New York or Los Angeles, but it was a fairly new city, so it was unlike others with the same population. It was not unusual for entire families to move to Arcadia at a time. In it's one year of function, Arcadia had already become a major city in the United States. Anyone could see why. It boasted a coast lined with large hotels and amusement parks everywhere. If someone combined every popular city in the United States, it wouldn't even begin to compare to Arcadia.
Seven o'clock. Not an unlikely time for people to be up and about. One girl followed this rule of the weekday. She was getting ready for school, checking her texts, doing everything a normal girl would do. However, Avalon Delta was far from being a "normal girl". If someone had seen her bend over her bed to grab her notebook, they would've seen a small key dangling from around Avalon's neck. Most people didn't know what the key was actually for, but she knew very well what it was for. When she straightened up, she tucked it back under her shirt, glancing around anxiously.
She placed her notebook in her blue messenger bag the moment her phone rang. She picked it up, answering the call. "Hey, mom. No, everything's going great. Didn't Tori start school today?" she paused before laughing softly. "That's great. Look, I gotta go. I'm showing around the foreign exchange students today. I'll call you back later. M'kay? Love you, bye!"
When she hung up, she placed the phone in her pocket, letting out a small sigh. She slung her bag over her shoulder, walking out of her dorm room. As she walked to Arcadia Academy's main building, she chuckled a bit. Exchange students weren't unusual in the Academy.
It took a few minutes for her to get to the office and when she did, she looked at the ten new students in front of her. She sighed, her shoulders slumping. This was going to be a long day.


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Third Person POV.

Decio, Kamali, and Keziay.

The bus was warm, almost unbearable so, especially for Decio. He could sit in an icy tundra in a blizzard, and not be cold, but heaven forbid the thermometer rise over 70. And it must have been at least 80 on that bus, a temperature that made Decio's stomach twist in pain. The low murmur of conversation on the bus barely reached them, all the way in the back. And since the seats were yellow, it made them pretty hard to see anyway.

On either side of him, his two little twin sisters were fast asleep, leaning on his arms. He was half asleep when they left, but the temperature had risen so suddenly and dramatically he could not get back to sleep. He glanced around warily. Most of the inhabitants of the bus were asleep or looking out the windows.They would not notice him. He reached up and pulled the small intricate key charm out of his shirt where it hung on a long chain, and curled his fingers around it. Carefully, oh so carefully, he reached inside himself and let out the tiniest bit of power possible, less than even a spark, spreading it around he and his siblings.

Several people on the bus yelped at the sudden cold as the temperature plunged to the low sixties, and Decio sighed in relief. The twins didn't stir, completely used to sudden temperature changes by now.

"Oy, driver! It's freezing in here, turn off the AC!" Someone yelled, and the twins woke, Keziay bolting upright with her usual high level of energy, without taking time to wake up, and Kamali slowly blinking and looking around calmly.

"It is off!" The bus driver said, confused, fiddling with the many buttons on the dash.

Both the twins swiveled their heads to stare at him, and he looked away awkwardly, staring intently at the window. The twins giggled.

The bus suddenly screeched to a hat, nearly throwing themselves from their seats. "S-sorry about that! Um... we're here..." The bus driver stuttered in embarrassment.


Keziay snatched her duffel bag and streaked off the bus excitedly. We were used to moving. It was mundane for us. So, they didn't have a huge bulky suitcase with us like many others on beard - a single small duffel each was all they needed, and we had actually packed in more than we usually took when we moved. We were wearing pretty much the same thing, except the male version for me. A loose white halter top with a blue design, black causal dress pants, grey sneakers, and of course a long black chain with a charm on it tucked into each of our shirts. Each of us had our hair up in a pony tail, what would reach anyway since all of us kept our hair short, so some messy bangs hung down at the sides of our faces. This place was completely foreign - nothing like home in Alaska. With gangs, violence, and crime. It wasn't like those things were unfamiliar, but the protocol on them was much different here - we didn't want to get close to these sick, twisted people, so we were going with the triplets act. Wearing the same thing, talking the same way and finishing each other's sentences (which we sometimes did anyway, because of how quiet Keziay was and how shy Kamali was), always staying close together (which we usually did in unfamiliar places), and generally trying not to talk to other people besides each other. This 'triplets act' tended to scare people away, and that was exactly what we wanted.

Making sure Kamali was with me, who was nervously sticking close to me, half hiding behind me, I stepped off the bus. Keziay suddenly flashed past, running from one end of the bus unloading sidewalk to the other, her eyes scanning the crowds, green grass, new white sidewalk, and all I could think was that it looked like something that would come out of a detailed, colorful cookie cutter with how straight all the edges were. I hated it.


The place was... pristine. That was the only word I could think to describe it. How something could be pristine where so many people are constantly walking and where the smell of smog was rich in the air, I didn't know, but it was all the same. I didn't want to be here in the first place anyway, and now I wanted to be even less, no matter how fancy it was. I'd take a fun-down mansion with a giant unkept, wild Alaskan backyard any day over this. Our adoptive mother's house, where we stayed near after she died. Once the eldest of the two other sons turned 18, he would inherit it, and we would all get to move back home. Home... until I was six, I didn't even really know what that word meant.

Now, I just wanted to go back, and we had only left a day ago. And for that full day, we were stuck on that horrible contraption. I stretched my arms over my head in unison with Decio, earning us a few odd looks. Wow, our strategy was working pretty well. People here were a lot more into appearances than I thought, and I had thought they were wretchedly obsessive over them in the first place. Keziay fell into step with us as we started walking, Decio glancing at a campus map in his hands as he led the way. I glanced down and Keziay and I both synchronized our steps and head turns with him. A few passerby's stopped and stared at us, another glancing nervously and then walking away quickly. Keziay giggled and smirked at their discomfort, and I matched it. Maybe this place might be a little fun after all... just wait until we got bored here, then they'd be really scared.


We carefully entered the room, Decio throwing the doors so wide they kind of slammed into the walls so that we all three could fit through together, making a coincidentally loud grand entrance. We stopped for a moment and looked left, then right, then started walking to stand in formation a bit away form the crowd, all three of us making the same fidgeting motions with our right hand.

For once, our bright yellow hair wasn't out of place - one girl had flaming red hair that was obviously dyed, a drama queen, probably - I even saw a girl with pink hair, but she looked slightly deranged, in a different way than my siblings and I, a bad way. I smirked faintly - I couldn't wait to get on her nerves and make her attempt to tear her hair out because she wouldn't be able to kill me. There was also a white haired boy that stuck close to her, like a puppy. He looked nice, excitable and childlike, the kind of person we would like, the one who is looked down on by society for his naΓ―vetΓ© but who is funner to be around than anybody who would look down on him. Another was some kid slouching in a corner as if trying to hide. He aura screamed darkness to me, not evil, but darkness, because nothing was entirely good or entirely evil.

Well, one thing was for sure, no matter how much we hated this place, with people like these around at least it would take a while for us to get bored.