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Moa Eden


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a character in “With Darkness Comes Light”, originally authored by moahi, as played by RolePlayGateway


Full Name: Moa Eden
Alliance: Undecided
Ark Code Name (ex. The White Dawn or the Dark King):
Element: Technology
Age :13
Ethnicity/Race (the Arks are from all over the world):Chinese American
Appearance :Image
Charm's Appearance: A small, gold watch with delicate and intricate gears carved in it.
Personality: Moa is indifferent to most things, preferring not to get involved in complications, such that she hides her powers carefully. Having an uncaring attitude, she is often seen either tired or sleepy. Hpwever, although slacking and lazy, she is a very good fighter and has several weapons built in to her body. A bright girl, she enjoys sums and formulas, and constantly upgrades the weapons she has on her body.

Short Bio: Moa was born into a rich family where both of her parents were scientists. Sadly, however privileged she was, she was only viewed as an experimental subject to her parents, never seeing her as their child, and only loving her as their possession. She has grown up as a lab rat, having tests performed on her small body since she was young. They even when as far as to make her into a human weapon, attaching machine parts and almost changing her whole body into one of a cyborgs. Finally, having had enough, she escaped her house to fend for herself, doing whatever it takes for her to survive. She couldn't care less about the charm, being strong enough as she is, and frankly just wished that it would go find someone else instead of getting her involved.

Flaws/Fears (at least four):
People. She has a hard time trusting them and hardly trusts anyone enough to even tell them her real name, usually faking her identity.

Abilities (what they can do with their Elemental powers):She could easily learn to handle any electronics, and make new one at will out of just scrap metal and some wires. She can control any type of electronics as long as they function on electricity, but moving heavier and more complicated objects like a crane requires a lot of mental power, and she would be mentally exhausted after that. Being partly a cyborg, she has the ability to sprout weapons from any part of her body in order to aid her in her fight. She usually prefers to use the guns attached to her hands, but sometimes uses other weapons as well/
Weaknesses (you must have as many or more weaknesses than abilities):
Miscellaneous (anything else you want to add: likes/dislikes, quirks, obsessions, etc.):
Face Claim:

So begins...

Moa Eden's Story


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#, as written by Felilla

The city of Arcadia glistened with sunlight. It would be easiest to compare it to New York or Los Angeles, but it was a fairly new city, so it was unlike others with the same population. It was not unusual for entire families to move to Arcadia at a time. In it's one year of function, Arcadia had already become a major city in the United States. Anyone could see why. It boasted a coast lined with large hotels and amusement parks everywhere. If someone combined every popular city in the United States, it wouldn't even begin to compare to Arcadia.
Seven o'clock. Not an unlikely time for people to be up and about. One girl followed this rule of the weekday. She was getting ready for school, checking her texts, doing everything a normal girl would do. However, Avalon Delta was far from being a "normal girl". If someone had seen her bend over her bed to grab her notebook, they would've seen a small key dangling from around Avalon's neck. Most people didn't know what the key was actually for, but she knew very well what it was for. When she straightened up, she tucked it back under her shirt, glancing around anxiously.
She placed her notebook in her blue messenger bag the moment her phone rang. She picked it up, answering the call. "Hey, mom. No, everything's going great. Didn't Tori start school today?" she paused before laughing softly. "That's great. Look, I gotta go. I'm showing around the foreign exchange students today. I'll call you back later. M'kay? Love you, bye!"
When she hung up, she placed the phone in her pocket, letting out a small sigh. She slung her bag over her shoulder, walking out of her dorm room. As she walked to Arcadia Academy's main building, she chuckled a bit. Exchange students weren't unusual in the Academy.
It took a few minutes for her to get to the office and when she did, she looked at the ten new students in front of her. She sighed, her shoulders slumping. This was going to be a long day.


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Character Portrait: Leonardo Da Vinci Character Portrait: Scarlet Harris Character Portrait: Roman Alexey Dmetriev Character Portrait: Avalon Delta Character Portrait: Marcus Lorde Character Portrait: Eiko Winters Character Portrait: Derren Akumu Character Portrait: Thanos Callis Character Portrait: Moa Eden
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#, as written by Felilla

Marcus Lorde never actually imagined that he would ever attend school in a city, much less the newest flourishing city. So far, Arcadia seemed much more hospitable than most places he had traveled to, but it was still too early to judge a book by its cover. Despite being born in England, he had been raised as a farm boy. However, no one could tell that by simply looking at him. He dressed like most teenagers with the small exception of the geode necklace swinging back and forth with his movements. It glinted in the sunlight as he walked to the academy's main building.

With a small hum, Marcus climbed the stairs into the office, only to discover that he was probably the only person that hadn't arrived yet. He walked off the the side just as the principal, at least he assumed it was the principal, walked in. She seemed like a very professional woman, with her hair in a bun and a manilla folder tucked under her arm.

She smiled warmly at the new arrivals. "Welcome to Arcadia Academy. I'm Principal Shire. If you have any questions, you can ask me or your guide, who should be here momentarily. Girls, she is in the dorms, so don't feel awkward if you have any questions. Boys, you have a dorm head, who was unfortunately out last night and this morning, but should be back today. Anyways," she opened the folder and started sorting through it. "Here are your schedules. Let's start from the top: Derren Akumu, Thanos Callis, Roman Dmitriev, Moa Eden, Scarlet Harris, Marcus Lorde-"

Marcus watched the others step forward until he heard his name. He walked up and grabbed his schedule, glancing over the piece of paper. The classes seemed relatively normal. They were ones he picked, after all. The principal was about to say something else when a girl entered the room. Marcus assumed she was either a late newcomer or their guide. She looked over the crowd and her confidence seemed to slump. Before he knew it, her smile was back on her face, "Good morning, everyone. My name is Avalon Delta and I'll be your guide today."

She repeated herself in several different languages, not even stumbling once over the foreign words. Impressive. Marcus thought.