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Chiyo Ariwa

"Just because I'm guiding you doesn't mean you can't guide me too."

0 · 947 views · located in Hollowyn

a character in “Withering”, as played by storii




You can never escape the fact that there is war everywhere.

Theme song || ヘドバãƒŗã‚ŽãƒŖãƒŧīŧīŧ- Head Bangya!! | BABYMETAL ||
Talk color || #66DCFF
Thought color || #e8abdc

< Name > Image
Chiyo Ariwa

< Nickname(s) >
Chi, Chiyo-san, Ari

< Age >

< Gender >

< Sexuality >

< Team >
None, helps them all

Image< Weapon(s) > Image
Her fists and ponytail (both not enchanted)

< Nationality >
50% Japanese, 50% American

< Face Claim >
Mashiro Mitsumine

< Height > Image

< Weight >
52 lbs

< Hair Color >
Latte brown

< Eye Color >

Image< Scars & Oddities > Image

Image♔ Personality ♔
daring â€Ŗ hot-headed â€Ŗ cheerful

Chiyo is an example of the term devil-may-care. Her personality is usually reckless and cheerful, with a hint of boldness. However, even with that sort of attitude, she can easily be embarrassed by the simplest of things. If there is any weird person in her way, she can tend to be very rude and ignorant, and she may possibly scream at them. To the teams, she likes to boast and show off for she prefers to be the center of attention. She seems to show a lot of spirit with the teams.

Chi encounters her dark side when it's someone else taking her light. She prefers revenge on them over everything, so she'll do anything to them, even wipe them out of existence, but the first thing that runs into her mine is to pout, cross her arms, and give everyone the silent treatment.

< Likes > Image
  • Cats
  • Dancing
  • Pie
  • Sweet foods

< Dislikes >
  • Dogs
  • Rodents
  • Spicy foods
  • Gross things

Image< Strengths > Image
  • Dancing
  • Hand-to-hand combat
  • Getting into small spaces
  • Playing electric guitar

< Weaknesses >
  • Cooking
  • Singing
  • Lying
  • Distracting people

♔ Bio ♔
Chiyo never knew how the real world looked like. She has been created in the game to be a "guide" for the other teams. Simply, she is just another computer hologram that feels realistic. Ari never got the education she needed in the world. The first teams were the most hating teams, using their enchanted weapons to destroy her. It took two years for her to be re-programmed. She pretends as if she's human, for she recalls the experience of being demolished with the weapons.

A couple years later, Hollowyn had been destroyed by one team. Chi made her contribution to help her home world. Truthfully, all the work had been completed by her, giving her some responsibility and the lesson "nobody's always going to be there to help you". It was surprisingly the only team she could have ever revealed her hatred for.

Chiyo was planned to be scrapped, but the teams before the current ones were able to respect her enough to save her. They were sacrifices and the team she was able to give the most emotional feelings to. She always remembers and cherishes that moment of how people actually cared for her, even if she was just a hologram. She currently treats the current teams the way the ones before treated her, always keeping them in her robotic heart.

So begins...

Chiyo Ariwa's Story