Alexi Celsius

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a character in “Without the Avatar”, as played by Pyronide



”I am water. The greatest of the elements; it can carve through solid stone and when trapped, creates its own path."

-Name: Alexi Celsius
-Nickname: The Living-Liquid
-Age: 25
-Gender: Male
-Element: Water
-Faction: Rebels
-Motivation: Alexi had grown tired of the Fire Nation’s presence and of his family’s fear of them. He is taking matters into his own hands.

”Through my devotion I am unstoppable."

-Eyes: Ice Blue
-Hair: Reddish-Brown
-Height: 5’8
-Weight: 175 lbs
-Skin Tone: Fair complexion
-Build: Medium/well-toned
-Body Markings: Centered on his right shoulder is a tattoo of the water tribe symbol.


”Rage may not be a fair word. I like passionate."

-Quirks: There is only one thing that would be dubbed a quirk with Alexi and that would be his pride in waterbending.
-Fears: There is always a lingering fear that he will be alone.

• Waterbending
• Cool temperatures
• Training
• Combat Strategies

• Fire benders
• People who fear the Fire Nation
• The Fire Nation

-Personality: Being overly passionate has gotten Alexi called arrogant many times, but he doesn’t let it bother him. He is easy going and likes to make new friends. His pride and honor as a waterbender has gotten him in trouble with the fire nation before and most likely will in the future.


”You may fight with a sword, but a true warrior fights with a flask."

-Clothing: As he doesn’t like being overly warm, Alexi wears the lighter summer dress of the water tribesmen.
-Carried Items: Slung around both shoulders and across his chest are two water sacks that are always filled with water. As seen here

-Main Weapon
•Name: None
•Type: Water Sack
•Made of: Leather
•Length: A single foot
•Weight: 2lbs

”I would not recommend you proceed."

-Natural Talents
•Talent 1: Hand-to-Hand Combat – Alexi is proficient and prefers Hand-to-Hand combat even when his opponent is wielding a weapon.
•Talent 2: Water/Ice bending - Like many people in his tribe he has become excellent at water bending and soon mastered the art of Ice Bending shortly after.

•Skill 1: Liquid Stance – Alexi has developed his own fighting style known as his Liquid Stance where his attacks become harder to read which makes him more unpredictable.
•Skill 2: Weather Man – Alexi has become so well attuned in water bending that he is able to affect the moisture levels in the air.

•Weakness 1: Ranged Weapons
•Weakness 2: Critical Thinking


”I am not one for history lessons. I choose to only move forward."
•Marital Status: Single
•Family: Irrelevant
•History: Will be revealed in storyline

So begins...

Alexi Celsius's Story

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Vincent watch as some guy entered after he'd already sat down. The man appeared to be a water bender as Vincent noticed small amounts of light reflecting off of the guy's hand, like how a basin of water with many ripples would reflect light at many angles but noticing the light wasn't always an easy task. It seemed Tahnu didn't like the look of this water bender and the water bender seemed a little too sure of himself in the current situation, something Vincent didn't exactly like with people. A new person soon arrived, a girl to be exact who threw off the robe she was wearing to reveal traditional water tribe clothing. She seemed fascinated at the male water bender and it appeared that she didn't even realise Vincent was here. Vincent though at this point had stopped his bending and put the sand back into it's gourd.

Tahnu questioned the water bender, the girl asked about keeping the water bender and then the water bender gave his name as well as alot of other words. Vincent listened closely though was quite annoyed at the fact that nobody had asked for the guy's life story yet for some reason Alexi seemed to think he should give it anyway. After Alexi had finally finished speaking saying he'd either join if allowed or simply leave and fight the fire nation on his own Vincent stood up, walked over, crouched down and closely inspected the guy. "Excuse me, Tahnu but if you don't want to take this guy's words then I'm sure I could find quite the buyer for a water bender. Even higher if they can bend using only their breathing," Vincent said thinking of a name or two for potential buyers and he was sure the water bender would even pay for Vincent to sell him to certain people so he could go and cause rampage in the fire nation. Vincent's merchanting ways were something to look out for. "Just kidding," he said with a smile standing back up but with a look in his eye that cleary showed he was full serious when it came to talk about business. "My apologies if I appeared rude just then," Vincent said and turned to face the water tribe girl, "Hello, my name is Vincent Ornitier, it is a pleasure to make the aquantice of such a lovely girl, I would be honoured to discover the name of such a beauty," looking directly into her blue eyes as he spoke to her.