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Georgia Upton

"Team Blackpaw!"

0 · 318 views · located in America, Miami

a character in “Wolf Academy”, as played by WrittenInScars



General Info

Nicknames: George, Gia, GG
"Call me what you will, it doesn't effect my personality"

Pack Rank: Blackpaw Luna
"I'll make daddy proud!"

Age: Sixteen
"Yeah, I went to DisneyLand for my sweet sixteenth... You're just jealous!"

Gender: Female
"You seriously had to ask?"

Sexual orientation: Heterosexual
"Sorry, ladies..."


+Common Sense
+Her pack

-The Redford Pack

+To meet her mate
+To make her daddy proud and be a great Luna

-China Dolls
-Rejection from her mate

Appearance Details:

Height: 5'4"
"You wish you were my height!"

Weight: 105 lbs
"Didn't your mother ever teach you not to ask a woman her weight?"

Build: Slim with decent curves

About Her

Georgia is your average popular girl. She's head cheerleader, knows almost every style of dance and stars in all the school plays/musicals. But unlike the rest of them, Georgia is kind. She's that sweet, caring, thoughtful girl who'll pay for your parking ticket whether she knows you or not and it's never even been her fault that they got the ticket in the first place. You'd think she's perfect but, just like everyone else, she too has flaws. She's a sensitive girl, obsessed with looking strong and invincible - and because of this, she'll do anything to avoid crying in front of anyone. Another would be that she's depressed, and has been ever since the death of her mother. She doesn't cut herself, or try to commit suicide, but she does cry herself to sleep every night and have nightmares when she finally gets to sleep. Georgia hates herself, but to keep from looking weak she covers it up with the act that she just doesn't give a crap.

Georgia grew up in the pack house with her father and mother, and being an Alpha's only daughter she was spoilt rotten. She was loved and cherished as a child, and was always the centre of attention. But one day, her perfect life was punctured to a drastic end. She was only twelve and her mother had taken her to the forest to teach her some "special Luna fighting moves" but everything that could have gone wrong: did. They were attacked by rogues, and in battle her mother was murdered right before her once innocent eyes. Her father was on his way, but he was too late. The rogue pack kidnapped her and kept her locked away in their hideout. She was beaten and raped for months, and to add it all on in the last few weeks they mentally abused her; causing her to go into severe depression. After months of hell, she was finally saved by her father. She was welcomed home and a huge celebration took place. After only weeks, her father discovered that their neighboring pack: The Redford's were allies with the rogue pack! A battle took place, and after many deaths they called a truce and an alliance was formed. Of course, it didn't last long. For when the High School was opened the young members of both packs took matters into their own hands and began a feud. This feud became so big that the school population was split into two groups.

Theme song: People Help The People - Birdy

Password: Wolves have paws

Photo Album:


So begins...

Georgia Upton's Story