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Michelle Brown

"It wasn't me!!"

0 · 542 views · located in The Forever Gaze Mountains

a character in “Wolf Paw: My Mate”, as played by AuroraDawn


Full Name: Michelle Brown
Age: 11
Family: Caleb and Emmy Brown siblings
Pack: winter river pack
Role: Dylan is teaching her to become a healer
Likes: Bunnies and icecream
Dislikes: when Emmy blames her

So begins...

Michelle Brown's Story

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"not bad yourself" Caleb grinned, slightly blushing at her appearance. He was right she gorgeous with her fair skin, blue hair and beautiful eyes.
"you know my favorite color is blue" he said, grinned playfully he walked closer to her, looking her barely clothed body up and down. He laughed when he saw her boxers "Hey i have the same pair at home" he chuckled reaching when he brushed his fingers along her cheek, putting some fallen hair behind her ear. Then he heard something that broken his heart. A painful howl filled the air. It belonged to his little sister Michelle.
"STOP IT!!" Michelle shouted as she ran outside. Emmy was chasing her with a bucket of soapy water "But Dylan's note said you need to take a bath!!" Emmy cheerfully cried, "NO IT DIDN'T!! and how would you know you cant read!!!" Michelle shouted. They were running in circles, Emmy throwing large splashes of water at her sister every time they turned. Michelle would quickly dodge it each time. They did that for 10 minutes until Emmy ran out of water, but then she took the left over bubbles and wiped them on Michelle's cheek.
"HEY!!" Michelle growled and lunged at her little sister. Emmy quickly shifted into her little wolf and ran into the bushes. Michelle shifted as well, her wolf only a little bit bigger then her sisters. They chased each other until Michelle stopped suddenly and growled at a big bush. Emmy looked at her puzzled until a big, dark grey wolf walked out of it. He looked mean and his eye's flashed red for a moment. Michelle knew what it meant, this wolf was a rogue and he was craving blood.
'RUN EMMY, GO FIND HELP!!' Michelle shouted threw the mind link and took up a defensive position in front of her sister. Michelle knew she didn't stand a chance for she only each the middle of the wolf's legs but she didn't back down. She growled at the wolf who looked amused.
Emmy shot off as fast as she could, she caught the scent of her Alpha and Dylan. She ran in the direction their scents were the strongest then plowed threw the bushes and into the clearing.
She was about to scream in panic when a painful howl filled the air. Tears slid down Emmy's cheeks as she recognized the howl.
Liam's ears perked up when he heard the painful cry of one of his pack's pups. 'MICHELLE!' he screamed threw the mind link but got no answer. He hopped off the she-wolf and ran in the howl's direction.
Dylan head shot from Luke to Emmy, one of the pack's youngest pups. She saw the pups breathing was rapid and tears streamed down her face 'Emmy what's....' Dylan was cut off when a pain filled howl filled the small clearing.
'Michelle' she heard Emmy say and Dylan's eye widened. 'NO!!' Dylan shot up and ran into the bush, knocking over the Alpha that was on top of her. Pain heated Dylan's heart as she heard the whimpering of one of her pack's pups. As a female she was very protective of them as was all the pack, and she knew her Alpha would kill the person who hurt Michelle.
'Not before i do' she growled and broke threw the tree's.
There lies Michelle, beaten and bloody her foot angled strangely and the strangers teeth around her neck. Shock and anger coursed threw Dylan as she recognized the wolf.It was the rogue who killed her parents.
'YOU!!' she growled and lunged at him.
Peter was so hungry, his pack had gone off to look for food and he had heard the rumors that the two most powerful pack's in the North Continent had opened the lands today. He grinned at their stupidity and dashed threw the trees. He knew Dylan was part of the Winter River Pack and he wanted her, he was going to go and get her until he stumbled across two pups.
'Breakfast' he thought sickly and exited the bush, earning a growl from one of them. He grinned evilly at her bravery. 'Stupid pup' he thought before he attacked. The smaller one had run off at a point in time, but he didn't care as he beat the one pup. The pup let out a painful howl and he smiled, loving the sound of pain in he morning. He was about to end the pups life when the cracking of tree's and a ferocious growled entered his ears. He looked up to see a beautiful white wolf. 'Dylan' he purred and she growled, she silver eye's darkening in anger. She lunged at him but he quickly dodged it. She now stood over the pup protectively , her hackles raised and sharp, white canines bared. She growled at him, anger filled her voice as her eye's went completely black.

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Maybe it was because it was the day of the ceremony. Or maybe it was because of the recent accident. But either way, for some reason Johnny allowed the pups to tackle her. Of course she had heard them running around behind her, and approaching her, but what fun would it be if she exposed their plan? None at all. So she sat quietly, and when they pounced she went down without a fight. Dylan and Emmy ended up on top of her, and a low rumble sounded in her throat. It was a laugh, or as close as a wolf could get to one probably. "You guys got me."

Shaking her head, she leaned up the most she could and nudged the wolf nearest to her head. Dylan, probably. "If you'd care to get off anytime soon, I'm not a couch. And you guys are heavy." Her tongue lolled out of her mouth, again an indication she was joking. Though she really did want them off, so she could go find Caleb.