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Wolf Saga

Wolf Saga


This is a wolf pack roleplay based on the life of the Nvda wolfpack as it is brought back into exsistance and its secrets revealed

795 readers have visited Wolf Saga since wolfKaliegh created it.


Welcome to the Nvda Wolfpack

one of the oldest packs living on the Frontier. Once this pack was feared by all others becuase of it's strength and numbers; not to mention it's legendary leader, Wahya. Wahya the black wolf led the Nvda faithfully, and it was expected that his sons would be great.
Wahya had fought the Great Bear, had raced the Swift Eagle, and rumor has it he was even feared by the Two-Leggeds.
Yes, while Wahya was leader the pack prospered. It seemed as if the pack would stay that way forever, but one night the Nvda Pack vanished.

There was nothing to predict the vanishing of the pack. Everything was going well. Wahya's first pups had just been born some days ago, and they would soon open their eyes, there were four of them; though one of them, a white female, was not expected to last long.
The last litter that had been born before them were almost a year old and getting used to hunting with the pack. Wahya watched over them that night as the moon glistened on the lake near them. A strange call was heard from across the lake, and by morning the Nvda pack was gone.

Present Day:
Although the Nvda pack has vanished there are rumours that there were survivors of that night, perhaps the fledgling hunters had broken away and joined other packs, perhaps the newborns had somehow survived whatever took their familiy and were rescued by charitable clans; all anyone really knows is that the great pack is still outmatched, and if there were survivors they either can't remember the events of that night or it's just too horrible.
Recently the clans have been tense and the increasing number of rogues seems to be adding to the tension. Food is scarce this season and the number of healthy pups has been few. The packs must decide whether to band together or fight eachother to live. While still the mystery of the call looms over them.

Character choices:
We need mostly wolves but one or two bears won't be turned away.

Ranks will be given as the game goes unless I say otherwise, if you want to be a part of the the Nvda you need to start as a Rogue. (we will need Alpha's to represent at least two other rival clans)

Up to two characters

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Taking place in...

North American Frontier our primary setting

This is where all the packs reside

North American Frontier

North American Frontier by wolfKaliegh

This is where all the packs reside

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"The two-legged?...I once lived with some two legged. A long time ago." Ayla said out of the blue, just now remembering.

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"Really?" The old wolf was actually very amazed. "How did you survive living with such dangerous creatures?" He had never heard of such a thing as a two-legged living with a wolf.

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Luna flinched, the sound of voices filling the atmosphere around her. Her amber eyes twinkled in the early sun as she raised her head warily. Surely she was alone, as always? The subtle scents of other creatures told her otherwise. Pricked ears, muscles tensed, Luna listened out for another voice. According to her nose, three of her kind were present. She dared to take another step forwards, then another, making her way towards them. About 15 metres from where she was standing, the outline of the creatures became clear to her. Her hackles raised as a twig snapped, announcing her own presence.

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((sorry I've been really busy))
Ayla spun around at the sound of twig snapping. She seemed to have stumbled upon a really popular spot. "Geez what now?"

"Come out. We know you're there." Anuk growled.

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North American Frontier

North American Frontier by wolfKaliegh

This is where all the packs reside

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Character Portrait: Anuk
Character Portrait: Ayla
Character Portrait: Luna


Character Portrait: Luna

She is a female 4yo grey wolf. She is the soft and sensitive type.

Character Portrait: Anuk

an overconfident black wolf who is from the Shiloh Clan. When he came of age he was expelled by his leader, and is now a lone wolf.

Character Portrait: Ayla

a strong-willed, mysterious white wolf who was adopted by the Shawnee Wolf Tribe when she was 5 months old. A great fighter and hunter.


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