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Wolf Tribe

Wolf Tribe Territory


a part of Wolf Tribe, by Ecila.


Ecila holds sovereignty over Wolf Tribe Territory, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Default Location for Wolf Tribe
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Wolf Tribe Territory is a part of Wolf Tribe.

2 Places in Wolf Tribe Territory:

9 Characters Here

Shadow [95] Ordinary male wolf living in a den near the river.
Death [86] Wicked, twisted, evil, cruel wolf... (Loner really)
Star light [79] Female Sacred wolf
jessica monroe [67] a shy six week old puppy
Nouvell [50] The silent, the wise
Beninca [19] Sacred Wolf Master (Dead)
Nyxmel [16] Rogue wolf with wisdom of the world and wanderlust, yet he longs for a place to call home.
Napica Zhero [14] A small girl with a big temper.
Ashwood [2] Female Wolf Master's Wolf

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#, as written by Ecila
Shadow was happy to have Death working alongside him. Now that they were both digging it didn't take long for the den to provide plenty of room for two wolves to sleep comfortably and still have a bit of space left over. Shadow sat back to survey the den. It was perfect for both of them. He turned and headed out of the den, pushing a little loose soil that was still in the tunnel out ahead of him. The sun was only just begging to slip down the other side of the sky, so the day had a fair way to go yet. He wondered what he should do next. the den had been finished in an amazingly short amount of time with Death there to help.

Star Light heard a quiet ripping sound. Then came a chewing noise, followed by large feet moving gently through the grass ahead. Straining her eyes she saw a pregnant moose on its own, dragging it's hooves as it moved to a new patch of grass. Star Light turned to Nouvell to see what he would do, hoping to copy or get some clear signals.

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Death smiled as she dug alongside Shadow, and it was done rather soon. Now there was enough space for both of them. She watched Shadow head out of the den, and she followed him. It was still day for quite some time, and she smiled at Shadow. She laid down and watched the sky.

Nouvell heard something, making him alert. The smell of a moose came into his nose and he saw it. A pregnant one as well. He thought for a moment, since he had only really hunt small animals. He signaled for Star Light to head to the right, and he himself headed to the left.

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Character Portrait: Death Character Portrait: Shadow Character Portrait: Star light Character Portrait: Nouvell
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#, as written by Ecila
Shadow lay down next to Death. Feeling a little tired after digging out the den he closed his eyes and slept.

Star Light headed off to the right of the moose, keeping it and Nouvell in sight the whole time. She kept low like he was and watched her paws so that she didn't step on anything. Moving slowly through the grass, she copied his movements as they slowly got closer. The moose hadn't yet noticed them. Star Light wondered how good it's sense of smell was seeing as she could smell it. The thought of moose was making her mouth water. It had been one of her favourites when the season was good.