When evil witch-wolf Morgra decides she wants to take over the forests, she creates four supernatural wolves. However, she didn't count on her supernaturals rebelling against her...

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It was a perfectly normal forest, with perfectly normal wolves, for as long as anyone could remember, and everyone simply believed it would stay that way.

Until Morgra, the evil witch wolf who commanded control of the northern half of the Artua forests, decided that wasnt enough for her. She used her subjects in the northern forests to attack the southern area, but the free wolves resisted, pushing them back, and Morgra was left exactly where she had started.
When nobody heard from her for a few months, they simply presumed she had given up. However, Morgra was actually busy plotting...

She summoned Death through an elaborate and blood-curdling ceremony - the less said about, the better. The witch had Death give 4 of her most loyal (or so she thought) subjects special powers that she believed would help her take over the south. However, only some wolves stayed with her; the rest fled to either assist the free wolves, or build their own lives.

Only Morgra and the 'special' wolves know of their powers; very few free wolves had heard of them. Now these wolves must fight with Morgra or against her in the inevitable war ahead.

Or, of course, they could just get the hell outta there...

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*** Role of Morgra is still available, OOC or PM me to get her spot ***

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Character Portrait: Cheri

Squirrel!? BAH, that's not what I meant to do! Eep!


Character Portrait: Cheri

Squirrel!? BAH, that's not what I meant to do! Eep!

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Character Portrait: Cheri

Squirrel!? BAH, that's not what I meant to do! Eep!

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