Squirrel!? BAH, that's not what I meant to do! Eep!

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a character in “Wolfbane”, as played by DulceMori


Gender: Bitch
Appearance: Black, with vague swirling gray patterns. Medium length fur, large ears and a delicate muzzle. Icy blue eyes.
Personality: Untrusting, fiery temperament. Dislikes most wolves.
Power: Morphing; can change her appearance, eg. fur colour, height/weight, facial features. Can also morph into other creatures, but only ones she's touched. So far, the list includes mice, rabbits, cougars, and squirrels.
Weakness: Extremely afraid of water, hates being restricted or contained
Mate: None
Crush: None, yet
Pups: None
Pack: No
Rank: N/A
Other: Doesn't actually hate Morgra, but pretends to. That isn't to say she likes her; she's pretty much indifferent.

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