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"I-I don't take souls. Who said I take souls? Drinks are here!"

0 · 130 views · located in Wolfie's dance club/ bar

a character in “Wolfie's Bar and Dance Club”, originally authored by ForgottenDetail, as played by RolePlayGateway



Name: ???

Nickname: Lil' Detail


Gender: ???

Species: Spirit

Occupation/Job: Waitress/Waitor

Physical description: Lil' Detail isn't very much to look at at the bar of Wolfie. They're 5'6 ft tall, weight as much as a penny, and is as skinny as a bone. Their skin is paler than snow, their eyes black as coal, and is always seen in their robe. Often it carries a scythe decorated in pink flowers, but that's just as much color as you'll ever see on it.

Personality: Lil detail is a lot like a friendly guard dog. They like to greet each costumer with a smile, love to serve drinks, and is the one to go if you ever need some dirty work taken care of. They are quite sensitive to negative input and attempt to kill anything that's in a bad mode. (Unless of course the negative person is bigger that it. Then Detail just proceeds to hide behind someone.)

So begins...

Detaily's Story

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#, as written by Miyer
Dani snorted as she saw Misha deal with some lycans, the bar fight was starting to sound slightly appealing... But she would lose her job and that would be stupid.
Finishing off the flask in one gulp, dani renewed her journey towards Scarlet, through the night had been rather peaceful compared to some it had gone by fast and soon the bar would be closing up. Spotting her favourite werewolf taking a break from the table station, she headed over in hopes of some entertaining conversation, but than again, knowing her luck scarlet probably wasnt to interested in talking right now, she would probably be heading back to the table in a few minutes.
"Where is some entertainment when you nee-" Grumbling under her breath as she shoved past some dancing bodies, her complaint was cut short as the whole room plunged into darkness. There was a cry of surprise around the room but no one was to worried as many of the monsters there had good night vision, it was the music that had caused everyone's frustration as it had also cut off leaving the place in silence.
Someone suddenly grabbed Dani's arm and whispered in her ear, "Here's you entertainment love." Before she could turn around to see who it was and deal out some serious arse whooping, she saw the room flood with bright light leaving everyone momentarily blind however the sudden pain at the back of her head and the floor rushing forward to great dani as she collapsed probably wasn't a very good sign.

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Character Portrait: Misha Chase Character Portrait: Daniella(Dani) Cordford Character Portrait: Jack Colten Character Portrait: Detaily Character Portrait: Character Portrait:
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#, as written by Miyer
Dani gave the red head angel one last smile before heading over to sign off, she has the day free and right now she just wanted to crash before they headed out for a wild party night for Halloween. She would text Scarlet for the details later when she less exhausted but she should probably check if one of the other wanted to come with them.
Walking over to the three other employees at Wolfies, dani gave a grin and asked, "So me and Scarlet ar heading out to party tonight case it's Halloween and I was wondering if any of you guys wanted to join us?" She said, giving them all a cheeky smile.