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Lil' Detail

"Hi! Are you new here? Would you like a drink? Can I devour your girlfriend's soul?"

0 · 293 views · located in Wolfie's dance club/ bar

a character in “Wolfie's Bar and Dance Club”, as played by ForgottenDetail



Name: ???

Nickname: Lil' Detail


Gender: ???

Species: Spirit thing

Occupation/Job: Waitress/Waitor

Physical description: Lil' Detail isn't very much to look at at the bar of Wolfie. They're 5'6 ft tall, weight as much as a penny, and is as skinny as a bone. Their skin is paler than snow, their eyes black as coal, and is always seen in their robe. Often it carries a scythe decorated in pink flowers, but that's just as much color as you'll ever see on it.

Personality: Lil detail is a lot like a friendly guard dog. They like to greet each costumer with a smile, loves to serve drinks, and is the one to go if you ever need anyone to be put down. They are quite sensitive to negative input and attempt to kill anything that's in a bad mode. (Unless of course the negative person is bigger that it. Then Detail just proceeds to hide behind someone.)

So begins...

Lil' Detail's Story

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#, as written by Miyer
On her way to scarlet she heard a shreck from one of lil' Detail's tables, turning around she spotted the dark spirit wielding his scythe as it was about to decapitate a young female fae, who looked visibly depressed.
"Lil! You can go killing people just cause they have negative emotions! The reason she came her was to have fun so stop trying to kill her!" Dani yelled across the room, causing Lil' Detail to stop what he was doing, nod and put his scythe away before sending the poor fae a smile and leaving to get her a drink.
Sighing, Dani approached the girl. "Hay, my names Dani. Just ignore that idiot, he's harmless really." She said, taking a seat opposite and switching in her Succubs charm to ease the faes nerves. The girl looked at Dani nervously before giving a small smile and a nod of her head.
Glancing round the room she spotted a lone ghost boy hiding in the corner to shy to talk to anyone, smiling dani pointed him out to the girl, hoping to life the girls spirits. "Your here alone rights? So is he, i suggest go and talk to him, his names Johnnycake and he's a real sweetheart but a bit shy." The fae looked towards the ghost and smiled, nodding her head and getting up from her seat, leaving Dani with her left over drink.
Sniffing the drink, dani grinned and finished it in one big gulp, 'God I love vodka!' She through before she head someone clear their throat next to her. Turning she grinned up at Lil' detail who had returned with the faes order only to find her missing, "Sorry Lil, you know I love ya but I couldn't let you terrify that girl anymore that you already had, also ghost boy in the corner was looking lonely." She gave a wink, before getting up and began to scan the room for more entertainment.
Seeing none she sighed and sat back down as Lil' Detail turned to leave.
Bored as hell she sat there staring into space waiting for something to happen, and than it did, in the form of Misha who had one of his insane grins on his face as he approached her.