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Wolfie's Bar and Dance Club

Wolfie's dance club/ bar


a part of Wolfie's Bar and Dance Club, by Wolf's Bane109.


Wolf's Bane109 holds sovereignty over Wolfie's dance club/ bar, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Default Location for Wolfie's bar/ dance club
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Wolfie's dance club/ bar is a part of Wolfie's Bar and Dance Club.

8 Characters Here

Daniella(Dani) Cordford [19] "Do you want to say that again sweetheart and see what's happens"
Scarlet ( Wolfie ) Castro [13] '' Welcome to Wolfie's, have fun!!''
Jack Colten [7] see bio
Misha Chase [6] Dude, just, like no
Chevin [2] A wisecracking, uneducated drunk who owns a construction company.
Detaily [2] "I-I don't take souls. Who said I take souls? Drinks are here!"
Lil' Detail [1] "Hi! Are you new here? Would you like a drink? Can I devour your girlfriend's soul?"
Alexis Glass [0] Alexis watched her parents die at the hands of a vampire before he turned on her. Now she is a creature of the night seeking her revenge and nothing can stand in her way.

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Character Portrait: [NPC] Bartender Character Portrait: Chevin
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(You guys interested in opening this up again, iv got some free time now?)

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#, as written by devin