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Seraphina Everlight

"Sorry darling but that buck's mine."

0 · 949 views · located in Forest of Espa

a character in “Wolves of Espa”, as played by AvalonKnight


Sorry darling but I'm really not in the mood for your bullshit.

...Just The Basic's Darling...
Full Name:
Seraphina || Aurora | Rebekah || Everlight

Sia | Rory | Little Red Riding Hood






Role in Pack:

What happens when Little Red is actually the Big Bad Wolf?

...Well, Well, Well Look Who
We Have Here...

Human Appearance:
Its hard to say if there is a little or alot to say about Sia's mundane appearance. In mortal form she is birthed with pale blonde hair that, depending how it decides to act, can neither reach just below her shoulders or right down to the middle of her back. Her mane is indeed unpredictable though is usually takes form as loose curls, though Sia's has awaken to it pin straight before as well as also suck wild curls it makes the Disney princess Merida hair look tamed. Sia's usually leaves her hair either loose, in a braid or in a ponytail. Sia's facial expression usually doesn't shows her mood but her bright silvery sea green eyes are a different story. When people say the eyes are a window to the soul it is shown with Sia for her eyes tell people just how she feels even if her facial features don't. Pale ivory skin adore's the soft feminine body of Sia, whom is all lean curves and grace. But don't yet this fool you for Sia's has a backbone and a temper and knows how to use her strength so never mistaken this girl for fragile. She stands at an average 5'7" and has two tattoo's the first being a dream catcher tattoo on her hip, to catch the nightmares she once had as a child, and a compass tattoo on her wrist, so that she will never lose her way. Sia is usually seen in jean's, a shirt, boots and a leather jacket. She loves her leather jacket and cowboy boots.

Wolf Appearance:
Despite Sia's natural light blonde hair in human form her wolf's fur in a glistening midnight black. She has a lean, muscular build making her agile, faster then most, flexible and graceful. She's one of the most deadliest hunter's in her pack. She is both an excellent Tracker and Ambusher. Sia's wolf's size is the average female's maybe just a bit on the small sized but her razor sharp teeth and claws make up for her lacking in body weight and height. To finish off the deal Sia's silvery sea green eyes contrast greatly with her dark fur making them the first thing you notice. Sometimes in the light of a full moon Sia's midnight fur will take on a silvery gleam that puzzles other's since no silver can be seen.

I enjoy hunting at night because I love the feeling of disappearing.


Likes: Dislikes:
• Country Music.
• Leather jackets.
• Cowboy boots.
• Running.
• Autumn.
• Whiskey.
• Playing in wolf form.
• Her pack.
• Hunting.
• Reading.
• Spicy Food
• The scent of rain.
• Being randomly touched by stranger's.
• The scent of cigarette's.
• Missing out on a hunt.
• Small catches like rabbits and squirrels.
• Mushrooms.
• Sour Food.
• Neon colors.
• Girly things.
• Getting sick.
• Being disrespected.
• Her brother.
• Goody Two Shoes.

I promise I don't bite.....just kidding Darling.


...The Past Is In The Past, Nothing I Can Do About It Now...

Sia is a spit fire of a girl. She doesn't hold her tongue and says things how they are no matter how much it may hurt. She believes people should know the truth and that people shouldn't try to sugar coat it with lies. She hates liars. She's got a bit of a temper on her and acts before she thinks at times, don't get me wrong she's very smart, just doesn't like to use those smarts some times. She's a very focused person, especially when hunting. She's also the type of girl you wouldn't want to get in a fist fight with. She's very kind to other's and people enjoy her company. She got a sweet spot for pups and they know it. Sia is the kind of person who can see right through another, she knows how a person is feeling no matter how hard they try and hide it.

Sia was born on a chilly New Years Day to Melissa Everlight, a scout, and Miles Everlight, a hunter. She is the second child of the two wolves Grayson Everlight being the first born making him Sia's older brother. The two are only a few years difference in age and they have a strong disliking for each other. Ever since they were kids Sia's has always seen Grayson as a goody goody, being far to sweet. Their parents always payed more attention to Grayson, him being the golden child, Mr.Popular, while Sia was the rebel. In truth Sia wasn't even a rebel, not even close, she just has a temper and speaks her mind. When the time came for all the younger wolves to choose a place in the pack Sia immediately knew she would be a Hunter but Grayson was uncertain. When Sia became a Hunter classified as both Tracker and Ambusher that was the one time they were truly proud of her, at least thats what Sia thought. Grayson on the other hand didn't feel like he had a place in the pack so, while the peace between the two packs still existed, Grayson asked his parents if they could join Stiprus. Sia was outraged when her parents agreed and refused to go with them. So at the tender age of fourteen Sia's parents and brother left her and moved to Stiprus and Sia moved in with her grandfather, Maxwell Everlight. Over the years Sia heard that he brother got the Delta position in Stiprus but she felt in pride for him for in his quest he had taken away her family and abandoned her. Sia was given the nickname 'Little Red' or "Little Red Riding Hood' because of the fact that she was in love with the book as a child and her grandmother had made her a red cloak before she passed away. Sia had refused to remove it from her person after the death of her grandmother whom she loved dearly and was very close to.

So begins...

Seraphina Everlight's Story