Cara LaVelle

Short in stature, slim and athletic with short black hair.

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a character in “Wolves of Genesis”, as played by nightstar_


Short and slim in stature, she looks surprisingly young considering the way she acts. Despite her looks she has crimson eyes that command respect. Her sleek black hair is short and choppy. Cara pays more attention to her work then her appearances and its pretty obvious. Her hair looks like she cut it herself with safety scissors and she rarely wears much makeup.


Cara didn't become detective by being weak. All her life she's been a hard-working girl. She can have a bit of a temper, especially when people don't take her seriously, which happens quite a lot. She tends not to trust others and is definitely not a girly girl. You'd be hard-pressed to draw any real emotion other than anger out of her.

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Cara LaVelle's Story