This bitch bites.

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a character in “Wolves of Genesis”, as played by DulceMori


Her jet-black fur fades to a deep golden-red around her paws and tail, and piercing blue eyes are set like sapphires above her muzzle. She moves with a harsh kind of grace, like some beautiful creature that's been broken. She is petite, but an amazing fighter. Her long, sharp fangs make quick work of any wolf to come near, or prey she happens to desire - not that they're so different.


Cheri is a young wolf with a deep hatred for the world around her... She never speaks to anyone, and attacks those who come too close, always stalking away with bloody muzzle held high.
However, her normally anti-social ways have been temporarily put aside; those sapphire eyes set on Shayde, and won't let her walk away.
Though she supposes he doesn't know that. She's been keeping to the shadows, silently following him on his mission, feeling more drawn to him the more she stays yet not being able to leave...

So begins...

Cheri's Story