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Max Pyne

"What happens, happens."

0 · 402 views · located in Mercy Falls, Minnesota

a character in “Wolves of Mercy Falls”, as played by ChristyLovesYou


Name: Max Pyne

Age: 18

Occupation (optional, wolves are allows to have one): He works at a coffee shop.

Blood type: AB+

Family (if any): Both of his parents died wolves, and he has a twin brother.

Background Info (optional): Him and his brother were born, they were twins. If you had to get down to the seconds, he was older. When he was about 12, he bit a girl who was about 2 years younger. She's actually his neighbour when he isn't a wolf, so he knew who she was. His motives as to why he bit her are questionable. He didn't mistake her for prey, his eyesight is perfect. He was only 12, it's not like he was in love with her to a strange point, maybe a crush though. Maybe he was jealous, of how perfect he thought she was. Maybe he was angry because of a fight he had with his twin, (which happened often) and as a confused angry kid he hurt a girl who was around him. Maybe he regrets it, maybe he's glad. No ones ever asked him.

How you got turned (Wolves only): When they were about 9, weird things began happening to Max. But not Leo. Their parents being wolves, knew how to handle him, but didn't understand why one was shifting and the other wasn't. Their childhood was complicated, their aunt lived with them, their mother's sister. She took care of them while their parents were wolves. Basically, he was born a wolf.


Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220, muscular
Eye Color: Grey
Hair Color: Brown
Glasses or contact lenses: Neither
Skin color: Pale
Shape of Face: diamond face shape
Distinguishing features: Hard jawline, very sculpted body
How does he/she dress: Comfortably, but classy.

Wolf Appearance

Height: 4 feet
Weight: 230
Coat Color: Brown
Body Structure (optional): Muscular, but swift


Personality: Max is well loved by his friends, but he's a bit quiet in general. If you ask him why, he'll tell you he has nothing to say, or no opinion on the matter. He's intelligent, and when he does speak out it's usually something important or meaningful. He does make small talk of course, and will answer any questions you have for him. He's friendly, but somewhat reserved. To some he may not seem approachable, but he is very welcoming if you do.
He's a bit conceded actually, one of his quirks is that he thinks he's always right and nothing can beat him. He's decided for himself that its him vs. the world, and he's sure that he'll win. He will eventually find out that, he was wrong. He sometimes hurts those close to him, because his main goal is to survive, and his idea of that is survival of the fittest. He doesn't do this purposefully, but he tries to do what's best for himself, then help others. He's not completely heartless, he just hasn't realized that he needs other people, and that he can't do everything alone.
Under his slightly arrogant façade, he has a soft spot for helpless people. Those who don't know how, or are too young or weak to help themselves. Those he reaches out to without thought. He probably won't even ask them, just pick them up and help them. When he does do this, he gets very attached and feels protective of whoever it is. Although he's looking out for himself, he'll guard whoever he chooses. Once he does this for someone, they've grown on him, and he wouldn't be able to let them be hurt under any circumstances.
With his personality slightly divided, it's hard to really explain Max. He tries mostly to blend in the background, and not be interrogated on everything he does. He's a loyal friend, and he will lend a hand if it's needed. But even his friends know he's looking out for himself in the long run. He doesn't see this as too much of a problem, but gradually he will begin to grow out of this.
He's extremely athletic, and very strong. Sometimes you can't always notice it, but he could easily snap bones in half. Being very witty, he can come up with things on the spot and mostly gets away with everything. He's sly, and sneaky. Easily looked over, most people won't even notice him in the background. Or the exact opposite, he may stick out to some because he's so backed off and a bit mysterious at first.

Likes: Hunting, the dark, being a wolf, his pack, food, interactions in moderation, being alone
Dislikes: Threats to him or his pack, injury, weakness
Habits (smoking, drinking etc.): Occasionally drinks when he's human and doesn't want to be.
Hobbies: Working out, body building, playing the piano (not that he'd show anyone that.)
Talents/Skills: Agility, strength, endurance.

So begins...

Max Pyne's Story

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Chloe watched as Camillia ran off towards the town. The sun was rising higher, letting light shine down upon the woods. Looking around the clearing, she noticed majority of the pack was still at here. Some members didn't even bother to show up like Max, a brown and gold wolf. He was the pack's best hunter, so he usually skipped out on meetings like this. Deciding to just prowl around, she trotted off away from the pack. They seemed to be enjoying the breakfast the Beta had provided them. So she didn't want to be a bother. Walking back to the lake, she took a drink. It was peaceful without the enthusiasm of the pack. Most members after eating a meal like that would begin to pick fights with one another, but in a playful way.

Chloe didn't want to be around when that will happen. She new, even as a wolf, that she was different. Deep down she knew she couldn't stay in this form for a long time. She was afraid that if she interacted with the pack too much, she'd shift and that pack would either run away or attack her. Lifting her head from the water, she looked at herself. She saw a tan and white wolf face staring back at her, but the hazel grey eyes reminded her of something she had lost.

Then it started. Pain shot through Chloe's body, her claws digging into the snow and dirt. She felt her bones begin to rearrange themselves. Not able to hold herself up anymore, she dropped to the ground, whimpering as the pain was too much. Soon, she fainted, as her body completed the shift. It was only 5 minutes later when she awoke. Her body aching, she slowly opened her eyes, spreading her pale flesh fingers on the snow. Trying to regain her human thoughts, she gently sat up. "Ugh...I...Hate that..." She huffed, feeling out of breath. She tried to get to her feet, but she couldn't since her limbs were in pain. Her body shivered against the cold, yet she didn't shift again. "I need to get back..." The cabin was 3 to 4 miles south-west from the lake. That would take about an hour to walk there. She couldn't recall where Camillia's work was, so she had no choice.

Chloe did not like this at all. Walking through the woods butt naked. She hugged herself, rubbing her hands up and down her arms, trying to keep part of her body warm. "Why did I have to shift at the lake?" She asked herself, weaving between trees trying not to be seen. Even when she knew people don't usually go into the woods.

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Max rushed around the hill's bend, chasing after a buck. It was fast, but he knew he was faster. Snow sprayed his fur, but his speed seemed to make the air blow it out. His heart pounded, and he felt warm with an odd feeling of not being the slightest bit tired. He dodged through trees, getting closer to the deer by the second. Soon enough, when the timing seemed nice, Max leaped onto the animal, taking it down from the side. Trying to quickly end its pain, he put his jaws around the delicate animals neck. With a quick snap, he broke it, leaving the animal lifeless. Its dull black eyes stared motionlessly into the distance. As a wolf, Max couldn't care less.

He tore into the animal, giving himself something to eat. One wolf could eat a full deer, but he howled for anyone else to enjoy some. A pack member or two came over within a few minutes, sharing the animal with him. He knew he'd have to get another deer, or a rabbit or two before he was done for the night, but he decided to get a drink from the lake anyway.

Jogging over, he bent his brownish gold head down to the water, lapping some of the icy liquid with his tongue. It burned his hot throat, but it felt good. He panted a bit, then got another drink. Settling him self he noticed a human on the other side of the lake. She hadn't noticed him, for she was facing the other direction. She was naked, not that Max cared being a wolf.

Her light blonde hair, and her scent was familiar. All too familiar. He knew her well, he was the wolf that changed her. She was part of their pack. They didn't converse much, but Max always felt an odd connection to her, that he never cared to explain to anyone. Then again, no one really questions him.

He could tell she was freezing, her bare feet on the snow. She seemed to shiver, but began to walk towards the cabin. Max decided she was probably small enough, and light enough for him to carry on his back.

He cautiously approached her, edging his head against the side of her leg. She looked down at him, slightly surprised that she hadn't heard him coming. He motioned for her to get on his back, his light grey eyes looking into hers. His expression was stern, if you could have expression as a wolf, he wasn't really the type to take no for an answer if he went out of his way to help.

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Chloe felt something furry brush up against her leg. She jumped out of shock of something touching her cold leg. When she looked down, she was surprise to see a wolf. At first, she couldn't recognize the wolf, that is, until he looked at her with his light grey eyes. "Max..." She quietly said, kneeling down. Hesitant, she extended her hand and gently stroked the top of his head. Most wolves would bite a human if they tried to touch them, but her wolves were different.

Once Max motioned her to get on his back, Chloe let out a shuttering sign. "Alright, I get it." Her voice was quiet, but unsteady. The cold was getting to her. She climbed up onto his back, somewhat laying on him, as she wrapped her arms around his neck. She wouldn't be chocking him when he started to run, because wolves have very thick fur. It might hurt at first, but the feeling would disappear soon after.

"..So warm.." Chloe spoke calmly, having a small smile on her face. She rested her head against the back of Max's neck, rubbing her face into his fur. If she wanted to, she could probably fall asleep like this.

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Max pushed against his wolf instincts to quickly dart away from the human climbing on his back. He kept repeating in his mind that he knew her. Once she was laying on him, her arms going over his broad shoulders and wrapping his arms around his neck. At fist he felt tense, but he could feel her cold skin against his warmth, and he began to relax. He began trotting through the trees towards the cabin, but picked up his pace as he went. He was afraid she'd get too cold, so he didn't want any wind to make it worse.

When he reached the cabin, he stopped in front of the door, and let her slip off of his back. It was about 10 x 10 feet, and made of wood. It contained clothes of everyone from the pack, and basic essentials. Whenever anyone shifted, they usually traveled here. Chloe was obviously still shivering. It was probably below 30 degrees. She looked basically worn out and tired, but he pushed his muzzle against the back of her leg, pushing her towards the little building.

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Upon reaching the cabin, Chloe slip off Max's back. She looked down at him and gently patted his head. "Thank Max." She smiled, but was obviously shivering from the cold. When he pushed the back of her leg with his muzzle, she knew what he was telling her. Get something warm on. She went to the door of the cabin, unlocking it, then she opened it. Inside were small compartments, one having her name on it. She grabbed a pair of jeans and a green sweatshirt. She needed to remember to put warmer clothes in next time, as well as undergarments, socks, and shoes. But she had to made do with what she had. Quickly putting on the clothes, she left the cabin and closed the door and locked it. Placing the key back into a box the was nailed to the door.

"Well, I better go to the house now and get warm...Bye Max." Chloe ran off towards the house, which wasn't that far from the cabin, only a 5 minute or less walk. Once she get to the house, she grabbed the key that was under the welcome mat and unlocked the door. She put the key back and went inside, turning on the lights. "Now time for the heater." She walked down to the basement and started the heater up. The whole house got warmer within 20 minutes.

Going to her room, Chloe changed into better clothing; zebra print panties, a white bra, fuzzy rainbow socks, black sweatpants, a blue long sleeve shirt, and a purple beanie. Her stomach growled and she let out a small giggle. "Let's see, what's there to eat?" She went down to the kitchen and opened the fridge. Frowning, she saw nothing to eat. She went for the phone and dialed Camilla's cell number.