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Zebediah Alnwick

'Let me help you with that'

0 · 480 views · located in Mercy Falls, Minnesota

a character in “Wolves of Mercy Falls”, as played by Polka


Zeb Alnwick
Age: 19
Occupation: Working in his Fathers hardware store
Blood type: O
Family : Father, Mother, And he had a younger sister who went missing, presumed dead
Background Info (optional): Zeb and his family have lived in Mercy Falls forever, their hardware goes all the way back to Zeb's great great Grandfather. He lost his sister three years ago, she ran away after an argument with her mother (who is now seriously ill) and they only found her jacket at the entrance of the forbidden woods. He vows one day he will pluck up the courage to enter the woods and find her... even if she is not alive, he and his family want to lay her to rest.

Image : Image
Height: 6'7"
Weight: 360lb (He is extremely toned and often works out or runs)
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black, if he had any
Skin color: Black
Shape of Face: oval
Distinguishing features: Cheekbones
How does he/she dress: Casual most of the time, often green long sleeved tops with jeans, or running attire

Personality: Though his appearance makes him look intimidating, Zeb is a kind thoughtful guy, often running around to care for his mother or working for his father. Though if his sister is mentioned he can get quite defensive. Through losing his sister, he is often looking out for the younger people in the town, as he regrets not being able to care for her.
Likes: Sport, DIY, Candy, and painting
Dislikes: Cold, The woods, Viscous animals (he suspects that may be how his sister has died)
Habits (smoking, drinking etc.): Sportaholic, he wants to be fit for when he finally enters the woods
Hobbies: running
Talents/Skills: Though he runs and keeps fit, he does have a talent of painting

So begins...

Zebediah Alnwick's Story

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#, as written by Polka
Zeb placed another box of nails on the shelf. He looked back to he clock on the wall, five more minutes and his shift would be over and his Father would take his place. It hadn't been a particularly busy shift, Mr. Edwards had been in for another tin of paint and Pam his wife had been complaining about the colour he had picked. It was a typical morning in Mercy Falls.

A short man with Greyish hair walked in from the back room.
' Morning Pops, it's been quiet today so i shouldn't be bad for you... I think I'm going to have a run'

And with that Zeb lifted the apron from over his head and walked into the back to get changed. He unfastened he store shirt and grabbed his running gear from the rucksack on the floor. As he took his shirt off he caught a glimpse of the small star tatoo on his back, a small memento of his younger sister. He stood for at least a minute, thinking of her sweet nature and how long it had been since he last saw her.

'Zeb you leaving son?'

The sound of his Father's voice roused Zen from his temporary state of unconsciousness. He quickly but on his black and navy running skins and fastened his old 'Nike' trainers.

As he exited into the crisp morning air he began to run at a slow place.

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Camillia nodded and jumped down, looking to her and passing an image of her running. She wanted to go out and see the woods, see the people who lived on the outskirts of the land, in her wolf form. It was a guilty pleasure, and it stemmed from her love of photography, though as a wolf she wouldn't know that. She only had a few human thoughts as a wolf. She liked to see the world through a wolves eyes, like a lens only she and the others in the pack could see. She howled and took off. She was one of the fastest of the group, and she was far from the meeting sight in only a moments notice.

She stayed close to the tree line, so she could watch the early morning runners. She liked to have a silent game of chase with them- she always won, though. She was following after a large-built black man, and he wasn't very much game- he was far to slow at the moment, like he was just begging his run or just out for a stroll. In any case, she was running along side him. She didn't see what was up ahead until it was to late- a large construction sight with trucks lining up in front of her path. She turned abruptly to avoid one of them- and right into the street, in front of the man.

She yelped and looked around, darting behind a bush. She knew she needed human thoughts to get her back to somewhere safe, but she didn't know how to shift without being seen by the man- or other people, considering she would be naked if she did. She saw her office, then. She howled lightly with joy and rushed behind the office, shifting quickly. She felt the air touch her skin and knew the next time it would be involuntary. It didn't matter at the moment though- there was a back door and a closet right off to the left of it- it was a personal space, too, so her assistant wasn't allowed back there. She shifted and pulled open the door quickly, dashed in and threw on her clothing before she walked back outside and sighed.

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#, as written by Polka
Zeb built his pace steadily, his heart beat matched the drumming of his feet against the cold ground.

It was days like this that he enjoyed, the crisp air fogged his breath as it caught the wind. Whilst running his mind would often wonder back to the days when he would run around the town with his younger sister on his back, she often giggled and squeeked..

' Faster Zebby... Faster!' Her pink ribboned pigtails hitting the sides of her older brothers face.

He used to cry at the thought of his sister but now he enjoyed the memories. It was the one part of Zebs life that made him truly happy that he had beautiful memories before she was snatched from his arms.

Nothing much could break Zeb's running concentration, in fact most days he would ignore people passing so he could stay in the zone. Suddenly a large flash of white and black caught his attention. There is was a huge wolf standing in front of him.

It fled quickly but something urged Zeb to follow, so he did. Into the dark forest, which he was always afraid of, partly because he felt that is where his sister was taken. However, today he felt confident.
Zeb ran down the forest trail, he had completely lost sight of the wolf at this point but eyes focused like an eagle as he continued to run blindly.


He crashed into a red haired girl knocking his back into a tree.

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One moment Maylee was struggling to get her hair free from the branches in which it kept getting caught in as she ran, and the other moment she found herself landing on her backside as she run into somebody. 'Way to go May,' she thought to herself desperately, 'First you lose your sight of your brother and now you run into somebody in the middle of the forest.' She stood up, "I'm sorry." She was about to go on her way, when she remembered that maybe, just maybe this guy had happened to see Kyle, so she turned back to him. "Have you, by any chance seen a little boy in a blue jacket pass here?"She asked hoping that he had seen him. "His name is Kyle and he is four and..." She felt the like she would start crying any moment now, so she looked down to the round and bit down on her lower lip trying hard to not let her tears fall.

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Camilla wrapped herself tighter in her woolen sweater as she walked for the street again (she had darted back into the woods to try to find her pack, but without being a wolf, she had gotten herself terribly lost, exept for a few points that were vaguely familiar) The knocked a few branches out of her dark hair. Her eyes scanned the area around her, trying to pinpoint her location. She worried that if she shifted back again, she wouldn't be able to change back- and he had an appointment with an executive of some new building in town- he was looking for decor. Her eyes caught sight of a tree near her, and she walked over. It was odd-looking. Her eyes darted down to the base, and she saw the source of said disturbance- a little boy. He was crying softly (she briefly wondered why she hadn't heard him, but it didn't matter all that much). She kneeled down next to him. "Hi there... Where is your mom?" she whispered, looking at him.

"I was with my sister..."
"Oh... Well, where's your sister?"
"I... Don't know" this is going nowhere...

Camilla stood up and gestured to him. "I'm not supposed to talk to strangers.." The boy said, and Camilla groaned. She just wanted to help. "Okay... How about you follow behind me at a safe distance and don't talk to me?" Okay, so she wasn't that good with kids, either. She turned and began to walk towards the path she had passed a while back. Eventually she found the man she had passed earlier (as a wolf) and some other girl. She heard the crunching behind her stop and turned to see the boy. "Is he one of yours? He was just in the woods a while back" she smiled lightly, hoping that she came off friendly. Then she realized she needed an excuse as to why she had been in the woods. "I didn't even see him until I looked down. I was taking pictures" she jiggled the camera hanging loosely around her neck. She always carried it if she didn't plan on phasing.