Small young wolf, 1.5 feet at the withers, 8 months old. Black with piercing blue eyes and oversized ears. Temperamental and feisty - orphaned lone wolf

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a character in “Wolves of the Night”, as played by DulceMori


A black, eight-month Great Plains Wolf, with deep blue eyes and an icy gaze. Oversized paws hold up short yet strong legs, speedy and agile. Sharp, ivory teeth lay beneath a black-whiskered muzzle, ready for battle if need be. Her midnight pelt is sleek and smooth, as she cares well for herself, perhaps trying to make up for the care her sister used to give


Temperamental and easily angered, a feisty yearling. Courageous and strong, she will stand up to any wolf that threatens her, and is quick to attack due to her distrustful and wary nature




Orphaned by parents along with her sister, Morte, at age four months. Together the sisters worked to survive, hunting small prey and staying in makeshift dens. But when a strange white wolf attacked, the sisters were separated. Try as she might, Mori could not find her sister, and was convinced Morte had abandoned her. Heartbroken and enraged, Mori fled her territory to the Artua Forest, an unfamiliar and strange world. Now she struggles to keep going without her beloved companion, not trusting anyone along the way.

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Mori's Story