Fabian Novosad

Chaos is the law of nature; order is the dream of man.

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a character in “Wolves Reign: Blood Moon”, as played by Moonstruck




Fabian Novosad


13th Century Poland


Medical Doctor
Eugenics Researcher





A man more suited for a straight-jacket than a business suit, Fabian leaves a trail of destruction wherever he goes though no one is usually able to trace the trail back to him. He is a nihilistic God with no grand ambitions to rule the world with an iron-fist; only to watch it burn with the kindling of fear and a match which he holds in his diabolical hands.

He is a performer in every sense of the word, pretending to contain some semblance of a soul, while also being an actual entertainer with his many talents. Many years of living has made Fabian quite the renaissance man: he can paint, write, play music, cook, and build a bomb. He seems put together as attested by all his success in various fields and most people don't question Fabian's state of mind. All of is noticeable quirks are usually written off as him being some kind of savant who is not always mindful of social protocol rather than being a psychopath. But Fabian is always aware of when he is making someone uncomfortable and enjoys watching other people squirm. He is prone to long stares with his cold dead eyes and will say off-putting comments just to see how the other person will react.

Yet making people squeamish isn't the worst he can do; he's downright dangerous to everyone around him.The world is essentially one big experiment to him and he doesn't care who he destroys or how he destroys them; only that they can be destroyed. His lack of empathy and curiosity make for a volatile twisted cocktail. Anyone can become a target of Fabian's unpredictable brand of violence but those who try to impede on his freedom and restrict him in anyway are especially at risk. Despite striving to create chaos, he is neurotic and detail-oriented. As he crushes society's pillars of law and order one by one, he replaces the foundation with sand and watches with sadistic satisfaction as everything slides into chaos.


HEX CODE ; #304878


Little is known about Fabian's origins, the man simply referred to as "The Alchemist" in history books. Originally part of the Polish court, it is said he narrowly escaped being burned at the stake for heresy and witchcraft and fled to the Hungarian Empire. The Hungarians were no less superstitious and religious, but there he gained favor of the king promising him a way to stave off the constant intrusions that plagued the kingdom by harnessing the powers of the wild beasts that prowled the land at the time. The king funded his work to create a new species that was both fierce and obedient, and gave Fabian nearly complete free license to do his experiments. These experiments heavily relied upon the use of live specimens, mostly slaves and prisoners of the king.

Truthfully Fabian was obsessed with the idea of creating his own species like a God and had tried interbreeding man with various animals before with no success. It still took many years before he was successful; he tried breeding the wolf and human, but most sessions ended in bloody failure. Then finally after much manipulation, different concoctions and potions and breeding sessions, a female prisoner was finally impregnated. Nothing is really known about the mother of the first original lycanthrope, other than that she was likely a prostitute or heretic. She gave birth to a baby boy whom Fabian named quite aptly ‘Adam'. The mother went insane and died soon thereafter. In time Adam would be exactly what Fabian and the king had hoped for: the perfect monster, a mix of man and wolf Fabian deemed the werewolf.

Fabian raised Adam as both a son and prisoner. He kept Adam mostly in the tower where he conducted his experiments. Adam was subjected to Fabian's various cruel studies and probing, along with being forced to bite humans – typically criminals, slaves, and hearsays of the kingdom – in order to turn them. Sometimes if he refused he would be starved for weeks on end until he could no longer resist human flesh. These second generation werewolves created from the bite and their offspring were used for battle and as slaves. While Adam was treated with somewhat special care from the others - being educated by Fabian to read and write and learn other subjects - he was still treated as subhuman and was invited to court only as a spectacle and to impress (and intimidate) foreign guests.

Adam was used as a means to control the growing werewolf population which formed its own social hierarchy. He was the original alpha, at the time using his authority to maintain the status quo. However, in his teens Adam began to question human superiority and why they obeyed them. Then the king fell ill and his wife the queen - a devout religious woman who had always opposed the creation of werewolves, rejecting any humanness in them, and threatening to eradicate them all - was eminent to be put on the throne, pushing Adam at a much quicker rate towards rebellion. Fabian knew of his creation's plot but said nothing either to Adam or any human, quite happy to watch the queen's demise; and on that fateful night when Adam launched his rebellion, storming the castle and slaughtering every man, woman, and child they could find; Fabian disappeared.

Adam continued his bloody rampage across Hungary and further to kingdoms all across Europe. Fabian was never found and presumed dead.

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Fabian Novosad's Story