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World Collapse

World Collapse


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Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

*Shrugs* If you want but I'm actually turning this into a tales game and redoing mostly everything.

Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

-got a random notice of a reply here-

Can I help revive it? D=

... Since the story is partially mine as well anyways, Mid. :P


Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

Zomg guys, Mid's thinking of bringing this back to life! Yes she is.

Just gonna fix the story up some first. <3

Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

alright i have school to so i understand that


Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

I have yet to speak with blue being as we are both busy with school, work and other forms of life. It's pretty much a joint decision to be honest. When I do get a hold of him you'll know. Until then just sit tight..

Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

hey there everyone i have yet to be accepted and i would like to get in the role-play but myrin has yet to respond to my PM's. i have just a couple things to say first the female gender sign is supposed to represent the Venuses hand mirror, and also who else can i send the character too to get accepted or rejected i just wana know?

Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

Got the map done. New Locations and such will be added if/when people make them up (and we approve of course), or we come upon new places. ... rldMap.png

Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

Here's my profile, I'll make a post when I've come up with an entry.

Name: Mek Saomaha
Age: 22
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Residence: N/A
Position: Battle Mage
Personality: Mek's primary mode of living is focused externally, he take things in primarily via intuition. His secondary mode is internal, he deals with things rationally and logically.

With Extraverted Intuition dominating his personality, Mek's primary interest in life is understanding the world that he lives in. He is constantly absorbing ideas and images about the situations presented in life. Using his intuition to process this information, Mek is usually extremely quick and accurate in his ability to size up a situation. Mek possesses a deeper understanding of his environment than any of the other type of person.

This ability to intuitively understand people and situations puts Mek at a distinct advantage in life. He generally understands things quickly and with great depth. Accordingly, Mek is quite flexible and adapts well to a wide range of tasks. He is good at most anything that interests him. As his mind grows and further develops his intuitive abilities and insights, he becomes very aware of possibilities, and this makes him quite resourceful when solving problems.

Appearance: A pair of black shoes are laced to his feet, over the laces are two straps to tightly secure them. The pants are a gray, trimming the sides of the pants are metal buttons. On the left leg there is a vine/flower design, made of black silk thread. His pants fit him nicely, not too tight and not too loose. Tucked into the pants is a dark gray sleeveless shirt. It has no collar but three buttons are unbuckled to give his neck room to move freely. Over this a a long sleeve, buttonless shirt. It is dark red in color and smokey flame designs ride up the sides and back of the shirt. The outer side of the sleeves are loosely sewn by X-crossed leather threads, he always keeps the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. The bottom of the shirt is ripped and looks as if it were burn, creating many holds. But that is just the designer's thoughts. The shirt looks alot like a kimono shirt, except for the sleeves are modern dress shirt style.

Two ancient looking silver rings rest on his left middle finger, they are slightly separated. Attached to the first ring is a dark red partial glove. It doesn't cover any of the fingers or the palm of his hand, just the back part and just a little bit past his wrist. Over this partial glove is an ancient looking bead bracelet. Up his left forearm are two bracelets of the same kind, but with less beads and more metal bar. Around his neck, hanging loosely around mid-chest, is a leather band necklace with nine metal pipes attached to it. From the outer sides they are small and get bigger till the middle pipe. Mek's body is more toned than muscular and is slender as he stands at a height of exactly six feet. He has medium length messy spiked hair and he has creamy colored skin.

Skills: Mastery in both the arts of basic swordsmanship and black magic.

Weapons: Two staves that resemble the standard medievil polearms with a long piercing end fanning out into a small cylander shaped hand guard. One handle is shaped like a question mark while the other has a circle with a horizontal stick, resembling the gender female sign.

Alliance: Undecided.

Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

Name: Nystan Dumos
Age: 28
Race: human
Gender: male
Residence: none, has a room open to him at all mage towers
Position: mage
Personality: a little dark humored
Appearance: 6 foot, lean, bright white hair, gold eyes. Wears a dark blue robe with a belt going across his chest and waist that’s covered on pouches, leather boots.
Skills: very good with lightning spells and can summon demons and elementals from other planes.
Weapons: a heavy carved staff with a multi-colored crystal embedded in top, where the staff is carved into a claw. Nystan also carries a good sized book of spells, bound in black leather and clasped with silver.
Alliance: leans towards good
Bio: Nystan is a mage in a small mage guild that’s spread across the world. The guild stays out of the light as much as possible with very few known members. The guild maintains a few towers across the lands that are cloaked in magic and wards that drive non-members away. His skills are impressive for his age and he quickly went from being an apprentice to a mage. Nystan refused to take any master to continue his teaching. What the current masters of the guild didn’t know was that he was already under the teaching of a master mage. His staff was owned by a great mage of ages past who still looks in on mortal affairs. When Nystan took up the staff, the mage that was once know as Athlor the Red, began to teach young Nystan advanced secretes of magic. Mostly Athlor taught Nystan the nature of beings from other planes and how to summon them.

Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

It was brought to our attention that we had no rules for magic-casting, which we should, so we've devised a simple system to avoid arguments in the future.

Lv1 spells (Basic): You may start the cast in your current post, but a total of one person(s) must post after you to allow you to cast it in your next post.
Lv2 spells (Mid): You may start the cast in your current post, but a total of two people must post after you to allow you to cast it in your next post.
Lv3 spells (High): You may start the cast in your current post, but a total of three people must post after you to allow you to cast it in your next post.

Also, any summonings are considered a Lv3 magic, so the same rules would apply.

As for the duration of spells, depending on the level and nature of the spell, that's how long it lasts. A level One enhancement spell, or protective barrier would only last until your next post. After it, wears off. A level two lasts two posts of your own as opposed to one, but takes longer to cast, etc... You get the idea. The only exception to the rules for Duration are Summonings, which are considered level Three spells, yet only last until your next post, as if it were a Level One.

It's basically a progressive wait-and-cast system. Simple, but effective as it leaves the caster open to attack in-between posts.

Note: Simply attacking the caster doesn't necessarily stop the casting.

Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

well i guess that means i am to pro for you guys then lol joking aiight then. i will look some place esle then.

Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

Name: Jordan Alan Lesser


Race: Human

Gender: Male

Residence: Currently in Argyros Peak Village

Position: None (Drifter)

Clam, Quiet, Out going. Jordan Gets along well with people when he wants to. But if not he gets really rowdy

Description: 6"9 290 pounds, Skin a Deep Brown. Long black hair kept in Braids and down to the bottem of his back.

Jordan Wears armour all the time. The amour is Sliver in color and alway hidden from a cloak he wears all the time. With the Cloak he wears the hood over his head covering his face.

Skills: Jordan has mastered Most Bladed Weapons

Weapons: Jordan is Usually seen carring around with him all the time is a Sycthe And Twin Short sworts, and one Battle axe

Alliance: None


Re: World Collapse OOC thread~ Kay ready. :lol: Oh and if you're in a different place from everyone else, just put where exactly at the top of your reply.


Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

Koolies, tomorrow we're gonna post the main story just in case someone else joins and we need to make any adjustments kie?

Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

Name: Miora
Age: 100
Race: Fairy
Gender: Female
Residence: Kali Forest
Position: none
Personality: Mischevious and playfull
Appearance: Small and slender. Pale lumeniscent skin, icy blue eyes and silver waist length hair. Silver-blue wings.
Skills: Some magic, mostly things like sleep spells, or levitation. Magic to aid in trickery and mischief.
Weapons: none
Alliance: undefined

Re: World Collapse OOC thread~

We're also in the process of finding our old Map that we had drawn out- if unable to we'll be drawing one up, as I've noticed it's hard/confusing to visualize the locations as we've provided them.

So do bear with us on that one. :P