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World in darkness

World in darkness


Vampires were only believed to exist in the world of fiction but what happens when humans suddenly are brutally aware of the world of the immortal and their royal family?

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For many years vampires have existed in secret. Manipulating wars and government for their own purposes. Taking over major corporations and providing aids to humans. For so long they've co-existed with humans and never made their true selves known to them. Until now that is. Recently there have been a series of attacks where the victims who are fortunate enough to survive are left with bit marks to the neck and blood loss while those who aren't so lucky are found wih similar bitemarks and completely drained of blood. These events had left many asking who is really behind these attacks. Many speculate vampires but others think it's some lunatic. Now that they attacks are happening more frequently it is now time for royal family to take action. Not having many options they did what they had to and revealed there true selves and made an obvious point[ to call out the scum who are responsible for the attacks. It had worked and though not purposefully in front of pretty much the whole world the children of the royal family vanquished the rogue vampire.

Now only days after such an incident many people are skeptical to believe in the existence of vampires but one thing is certain they do exist though they claim to not be a threat to humans unless agitated the royal family have their own plans. They also intend to make certain that the laws of vampires are upheld by vampires and if a vampire so chooses to break any of the laws they will be hunted down and killed. The of course there are the inner turmoils of the family themselves. As of now there isn't one sole ruler and many aristocrats are unhappy with this fact and out of the siblings one out of each is expected to rule. The siblings would much rather it just remain the way it is now but unfortunately for them they are the only remaining royals left and it is expected that one is chosen as sole ruler. So what will happen as humans are exposed to the turh about vampires and now the royal family's inner turmoil is being seen by the world?

The Laws of Vampires

  • No vampire is to harm an innocent without reason.
  • No vampire is to disobey orders from the royal family.
  • No vampire is to harm a member of the royal family.

    Any vampire that disobeys is to be punished with the penalty of death.

The Characters

The Royal Family

Name: Katherine Miranda Goldsworthy | Age: 16 | Role: The youngest princess | Status: Taken

Name: __________ Goldsworthy | Age: 17 | The Eldest Princess | Status: Reserved

Name: __________ Goldsworthy | Age: 18 | The Youngest Prince | Status: Reserved

Name: __________ Goldsworthy | Age: 19 | The Eldest Prince| Status: Open

The Royal Guards

Name:____________________ | Age: 17 (Though he can be older)| Katherine's Guard | Status: Open

Name: ____________________ | Age: 18 (Though he can be older)| The Eldest Princess' Guard | Status: Open

Name: ____________________ | Age: 19 (Though she can be younger)| The youngest Prince's guard | Status: Reserved

Name: ____________________ | Age: 20 (Though she can be younger )| The Eldest Prince's guard | Status: Reserved

(Others may be added once these are filled and if they are requested.)

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[center][img](Go to or and put character's name here.)[/img]

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[img] character pic or gif (optional)[/img]



[b]Thoughts and relationships to other characters:[/b] [/center]

Toggle Rules

1: This may have cursing, mentions of sex, and mentions of drugs and alcohol but sexual scenes are meant to fade to black after a certain point.
2: Fighting is of course allowed between characters but it is not to be taken to OOC so be respectful to everyone.
3: No Mary/Gary Sues!
4: Humor is of course allowed but some dark topics aren't meant to be humored in ooc.
5: Let me know in either a pm or in ooc if you are not able to post for a while.
6: Be as literate as possible! I'm not asking for each post to be five hundred words as long as there are no one-liners and it is descriptive I'm fine with post-length.
7: Password to reserve a character is your favorite color.
8: Have fun!

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Character Portrait: Jace Goldsworthy
Character Portrait: Eve Circa
Character Portrait: Levan Goldsworthy


Character Portrait: Levan Goldsworthy
Levan Goldsworthy

"Sometimes, you have take the place of the other to fully understand what they mean."

Character Portrait: Eve Circa
Eve Circa

"Knowledge without the ability to speak, a pain only to those who had known..." MORE TBA

Character Portrait: Jace Goldsworthy
Jace Goldsworthy

"Life's a game... Let's Play!"


Character Portrait: Levan Goldsworthy
Levan Goldsworthy

"Sometimes, you have take the place of the other to fully understand what they mean."

Character Portrait: Eve Circa
Eve Circa

"Knowledge without the ability to speak, a pain only to those who had known..." MORE TBA

Character Portrait: Jace Goldsworthy
Jace Goldsworthy

"Life's a game... Let's Play!"

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Levan Goldsworthy
Levan Goldsworthy

"Sometimes, you have take the place of the other to fully understand what they mean."

Character Portrait: Eve Circa
Eve Circa

"Knowledge without the ability to speak, a pain only to those who had known..." MORE TBA

Character Portrait: Jace Goldsworthy
Jace Goldsworthy

"Life's a game... Let's Play!"

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Re: World in darkness

Sounds good to me. Yeah I figured Jace had to fit in with the same story as Katherine did, so i went along with it as best as I could. Idk is everybody good with sugar's explanation or is another thread necessary? It seems fine to me, but what about you guys?

Re: World in darkness

I think the only to open spots are Katherine's and Crystal's guards. And the youngest prince and Jace's guard are reserved.

Now onto part of the siblings History:

So here's what I think we all know. Victoria and James Goldsworthy are the parents. James physically abused Victoria for many years, causing Victoria to go into depression. It got worse and worse as each child was born, when finally Victoria had enough and took her own life. Katherine was ten, Crystal was eleven, young prince was twelve, and Jace was thirteen when this happened. After Victoria committed suicide, James went into a rage fit and, how about we say two years later, took his anger out in public which got himself killed by hunters.

What the rest of the siblings don't know is that for the two year period between Victoria's death and James's death, Katherine was beat by James in a fit of anger.

We could say Jace and Crystal, being the two oldest in gender, took up some of the responsibility as an adult figure to take care of their siblings. Jace acting a bit fatherly than brotherly and Crystal being a bit motherly than sisterly.

Anything else we could say or add on to this?

Re: World in darkness

Yeah or maybe we can do like a section where we put specific memories of people also we're missing the guard of Katherine to be reserved and awaiting for the last few characters.

Re: World in darkness

Hey, I think the people who are playing as the siblings (me being one of them) should collaborate together on some of their History, at least on the parts that deal with the parents...

Re: World in darkness

Sorry for not having posting my character yet. Stuff happened and me being lazy isn't a good mix. I'll try to rush in ~

Re: World in darkness

I hope the others make their characters. I'm excited to start lol

Re: World in darkness

I'll hopefully have my girl up sometime today, if not, tomorrow!

EDIT: I sent her in, but she's WIP. I'm still working on her, so hopefully I'll finish her up tonight or tomorrow.

Re: World in darkness

He is reserved for you Confirm.

Re: World in darkness

May I reserve the eldest prince?

Color: ... hell you guys took my favorites so...... RED

Re: World in darkness

They are aal reserved for you ^^

Re: World in darkness

I would like to reserve the youngest prince's guard please. :)

Also green!

Re: World in darkness

May I reserve the guard for the eldest prince!

btw. Gray! :D

Re: World in darkness

Reserve eldest princess please!

Favorite color: Blue

Re: World in darkness

I want to reserve the youngest prince because he's MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE, MINE.

Also, purple~

World in darkness

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