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Brian McCarthy

0 · 166 views · located in Lost

a character in “World of Darkness”, as played by guru101


Username: ShieldArm10
Status: “I can sleep when I die. For now, I’ll watch the night."

Name: Brian McCarthy
Alias: The Wall
Citizenship: American
Ethnic Race: Caucasian
Species: Human
Age: 38
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
D.O.B: 05/23/1974
Height: 6’ 2”
Weight: 220
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Handed: Right
Tattoo/Piercing: Y/N

Last Visit:11/15/2012
Hunter Grade: C
Hunter Type: Devil Hunter
Hunter Creed: Defender
Hunter Virtue: Zeal
Hunter Nature: Caregiver
Hunter Demeanor: Curmudgeon
Hunter Alignment: Good
Total Hunts: 958
Creatures Killed: 1916
Innocents Lost: 3


Brian is a large and muscular man due to his police training, love of competitive fighting, and his primordial heritage. He has vibrant green eyes, and black hair. While he has an attractive face its offset by his nose which has been broken many times over in various boxing matches and martial arts competitions. While Brian has minor scars on his face he has many larger ones on his arms, legs, and chest gained from his many hunts.


Before Brian was a police officer he had a strong moral compass, always wanting to be a hero, and a solid belief in the goodness of humanity. After a few years on the force though his belief in humanity began to fade due to seeing all of the hatred, greed, and violence that humans are capable of. While Brian slowly became bitter he still retained his sense of honor and moral rightness, and never quit trying to make things right.
After his imbuing Brian became almost obsessed with hunting and protecting the innocents from the creatures of the night. He was finally the hero he always dreamed he could be. He prides himself on having lost so few innocents on his hunts and has gone through great lengths, endangering himself many times, to protect them. He never enjoys killing the creatures but he fiercely enjoys the satisfaction of knowing that others are now safe. Many times he wonders why he continues this hellish path protecting the people and thinks about quitting. Each time he remembers the few truly good people out there in the world and that is what keeps him fighting. To most people he is quietly polite, never saying much. He avoids getting too close to most people, not wanting to risk seeing if their true selves are just as he believes most of humanity is.

Determined Willpower
Exceptional Strength
Good Dexterity
Exceptional Stamina
Poor Charisma
Poor Manipulation
Average Appearance
Good Perception
Good Intelligence
Average Wits
Expert Alertness
Competent Athletics
Practiced Awareness
Master Brawl
Master Dodge
Competent Empathy
Novice Expression
Expert Intimidation
Practiced Intuition
Competent Leadership
Competent Streetwise
Novice Subterfuge

Novice Animal Kin
Practiced Crafts
Novice Demolitions
Practiced Drive
Novice Etiquette
Expert Firearm
Competent Melee
Novice Performance
Competent Security
Practiced Stealth
Novice Survival
Novice Technology
College Academics
Student Bureaucracy
College Computer
Student Finance
Scholar Investigation
Doctorate Law
Student Linguistics
Student Medicine
Student Occult
Student Politics
Master Research
Student Science

Racial Power
Power Name: None
Tier 1 - Name:

Tier 2 - Name:

Tier 3 - Name:

Tier 4 - Name:
Tier 5 - Name:

Class Techniques
Power Name: Martial Focus

Tier 1 - Name: Focus becomes greater and his reflexes increase

Tier 2 - Name: Brian’s battle senses heighten and he can interpret a single enemies movements and predict their next attack. His attacks become more precise and accurate.
Tier 3 - Name: Brian can interpret and predict up to three enemies attacks.
Tier 4 - Name: Brian’s brain begins to process at high speed and times slows down by 25% for him.
Tier 5 - Name: Brian’s brain begins to process at high speeds and time slows down to half 50% for him.

Trait Specialties
Name: Specific Martial Arts Form
Name: Fistfights

Name: Strong Back
Miscellaneous Skills & Abilities
Name: Boxing: Brian is an avid lover of boxing and has competed in many tournaments.
Name: Judo: Brian is a sixth degree Rokudan in judo.
Name: Bullet Casting: Brian makes his own ammo for his 500 magnum.


Item 1:

Item 2: Smith and Wesson 500 Magnum Revolver: The gun is not enchanted but the bullets are home made to pack more punch against the creatures.

Item 3: Revolver quick loader clips: Brian carries 20 of these on his ammo belt
Item 4: Ammo belt

Item 5: Backpack filled with first aid kit, salt, and cross


Back to this later.

Brian was a decorated police officer in the NYPD for 8 years before his imbuing. After wards he quit the police force due to the restrictions and long hours the job had. He is now a bouncer at a high class club in New York.

Brian has a mother, father and younger sister living in Albany New York.

Brian was born in Albany New York and lived there until the age of 19 when he moved to New York city.

Brian now lives in an apartment in New York city.

I will add more details later but for now this is the gist of his bio.
Brian was born and raised in Albany New York. He had a loving family consisting of a mother, father, and little sister. He was raised up on stories of knights, and super heroes all of his childhood and decided that he wanted to be a hero and save people too. When he was 19 he left for New York and went to college for few years before joining the NYPD.
After 8 years in the NYPD Brian went through his imbuing when, after work, he spotted a man getting assaulted In a back alley. As he shouted at the assailant and ran to help he heard his message “Defend the light.” When the assailant turned to look at Brian he was terrified to see the unearthly creature that had taken the muggers place. After moment’s hesitation Brian regained control of himself and told the creature to back away slowly. The monster attacked and Brian managed to fight it off until it decided to go look for easier prey. That night Brian went through a transformation. The imbuing had awakened the primordial blood inside of him.
After obsessive investigation Brian eventually found and learned about hunters. Eventually he began hunting and practicing to control his primordial side and after a number of years he has finally managed to learn to control his abilities.
After becoming a hunter Brian quit the NYPD and became a bouncer for a club.

So begins...

Brian McCarthy's Story