The man with a thousand masks.

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a character in “World Of Entertainment”, as played by Ryusaki Miyako


✭POI Application Form ✭


Birth Name: Unknown

Stage Name: Vincent

Age: 30

Gender: Male

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Dark brown

Skin Tone: Fair

Height: 6'1"

Race: Korean-American

Nationality: Dual citizen of America & Korea

Talent: Acting

Level of Fame: Cosmopolitan

Quirks: Has the ability to manipulate people into doing what he wants.

Hobby(s): Unknown

Personality: Mysterious man with many faces.

Relationship status: Single

Bio: Vincent entered WOE as an actor at age 25. No one knows how and where he came from. Since then, he has acted in many well-known movies, dramas and television series across the globe. He is known as the man with a thousand masks in the entertainment world for his many acting roles of different personalities and is admired by many actors and actresses.
The past of Vincent has never been heard of. He was a mysterious man that no one could ever get close enough to know more about him, not even his manager. Be it on the island or the outside world.

Assigned Living Quarters: POI's Dormitory, Underwater Suite, Floor B2

So begins...

Vincent's Story