Ayoka Rayne

Female. See Bio for looks.

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a character in “World of Harpies”, as played by Revenant Sorrow


Modelled after the ever-awesome Secretary Bird. Commisioned from the equally awesome hiwamanabs over at artistsnclients.

Ayoka's parents had never wanted anything more than a pretty looking doll. They got her instead. Still pretty, and generally graceful,
but she can also kick your ass seven ways to sunday and outswear a sailor if she feels it's warranted.

She can come of as cold, unfeeling and harsh, but she's really just really, REALLY awkward, hard-learned grace not withstanding.

This can be attributed to her childhood.

So begins...

Ayoka Rayne's Story


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(Ayoka's finally here! Looking forward to roleplaying with y'all.)