Scarlett Harpy

A Red-feathered and haired Harpy that delivers packages near and far for a familiar delivery service~ Shy tho~

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Scarlett Harpy is a Monster Girl of the harpy variety. And for my headspace I have her as a harpy yes but living among humans as a delivery girl, just delivering packages in her home city, no questions on contents or where they are going, she just delivers stuff. To be honest what she really wishes for is friends, for someone to like the timid girl she is, who has [REDACTED] issues along with a few [REDACTED] flag warnings. Friends and perhaps someone to date/have as a girlfriend/boyfriend.

From there I can take her mutiple ways, I'm used to finding some manner to drag my chara's into different universes and realms~ But...that's a good rough summery. Apperence wise is kinda like my avatar but with more...changes. I have not the money for offical artwork...I'll add it later?

So begins...

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(Ayoka's finally here! Looking forward to roleplaying with y'all.)