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World Of Wuxia

World Of Wuxia


The action filled, mystical world of Wandering Warriors and martial arts comes to life In The adventure of a lifetime, where you can discover powerful abilities, friends, love, and adventure around every corner!

861 readers have visited World Of Wuxia since JayZeroSnake created it.


Wǔxiá (also Wu Xia) (Traditional Chinese: 武俠; Simplified Chinese: 武侠; pronounced "woo seeyah") literally meaning "martial arts chivalry" or "martial arts heroes", from Mandarin Chinese, is a distinct genre in Chinese literature and cinema. Wuxia figures prominently in the popular culture of all Chinese-speaking areas, and the most important writers have devoted followings.

The wuxia genre is particular to Chinese culture, because it is a unique blend of the martial arts philosophy of xia (俠, "chivalry", "a chivalrous man or woman") developed down the centuries, and the country's long history in wushu. In Japan, samurai bushido traditions share some aspects with Chinese martial xia philosophy. Although the xia or "chivalry" concept is often translated as "knights", "chivalrous warriors" or "knights-errant", most xia aspects are so rooted in the social and cultural milieu of ancient China that it is impossible to find an exact translation in the Western world.

The modern wuxia stories are basically adventure stories with a strong dose of cultural and historical context. Plot differs largely from writer to writer.

(All Info from I do not own any of it.)

The Story...

You are a young patch of dirt, hoping to sprout a flower someday. In this case, you're an average kid who has, each in their own way, discovered the Wuxia School of Martial Arts, a large collaboration effort by members of various families and clans to make a school that contained various styles, to train military.

Alas, all the private armies, and all the mercenaries, and the Imperial Army of Justice have their own teachings to pass on. Now, the secrets of The Wuxia School have been given to private students who have sought out the masters and practitioners of the school to discover its secrets.

Enter Wuxia 2012. It is hidden off on one of Japan's Islands. Standing tall through disaster after disaster, though gaining bits of wear here and there, the students and teachers there have worked hard to make it a good place.

Recently, it has acquired 7 students in the age range of 14-18. That would include you.

(You do not have to join as one of the seven.)


Type: (Kyuuso is a balanced style characterized by rapid fist techniques, and others, some including Pressure point combat. Hazan Ka Is a speedy style that can cut opponents with bare fingers. Kiken Is a super strong style focusing on the spirit energy known as Ki.)


(Hazan Ka) , ... re=related

(Kiken) (the blonde one)

Fighting Style:




Almost coincidentally, the night they arrived, the Big Dipper had shined in the sky, with all its 7 stars. Could you and the others be what those cheesy movies call 'The Chosen ones?'

Wait, you're all still teens. you have to worry about friends, romance, TV, Video games and whatever else it is you kids do these days!?

Martial arts
Although wuxia is based on true-life martial arts, the genre elevates the mastery of their crafts into fictitious levels of attainment. Combatants have the following skills:

-fighting, usually using a codified sequence of movements known as zhāo (招) where they would have the ability to withstand armed foes.

-use of everyday objects such as ink brushes, abaci, and musical instruments as lethal weapons, and the adept use of assassin weapons (ànqì 暗器) with accuracy

-use of qīnggōng (T: 輕功 S: 轻功), or the ability to move swiftly and lightly, allowing them to scale walls, glide on waters or mount trees. This is based on real Chinese martial art practices. Real martial art exponents practise qinggong through years of attaching heavy weights on their legs. Its use however is greatly exaggerated in wire-fu movies where they appear to circumvent gravity.

-use of nèilì (内力) or nèijìn (內勁), which is the ability to control mystical inner energy (qi) and direct it for attack or defense, or to attain superhuman stamina. (Also known as Ki, Or Chi.)

-ability to engage in diǎnxué (T: 點穴 S: 点穴) also known by its Cantonese pronunciation Dim Mak 點脈, or other related techniques for killing or paralyzing opponents by hitting or seizing their acupressure points (xué 穴) with a finger, knuckle, elbow or weapon. This is based on true-life practices trained in some of the Chinese martial arts, known as dianxue and by the seizing and paralyzing techniques of chin na.

Consistent with Chinese beliefs about the relationship between the physical and paranormal, these skills are usually described as being attainable by anyone who is prepared to devote his or her time in diligent study and practice. The details of some of the more unusual skills are often to be found in abstrusely written and/or encrypted manuals known as mìjí (秘笈), which may contain the secrets of an entire sect, and are often subject to theft or sabotage.

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Character Portrait: Renko Nakamura
Renko Nakamura

Silence is golden, I'd like to think.

Character Portrait: Kaito Shimizu
Kaito Shimizu

"You can call me Reptile."


Character Portrait: Renko Nakamura
Renko Nakamura

Silence is golden, I'd like to think.

Character Portrait: Kaito Shimizu
Kaito Shimizu

"You can call me Reptile."

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Character Portrait: Kaito Shimizu
Kaito Shimizu

"You can call me Reptile."

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Silence is golden, I'd like to think.

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