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Kaito Shimizu

"You can call me Reptile."

0 · 280 views · located in Earth

a character in “World Of Wuxia”, as played by Kai_Hibiki


Name: Kaito Shimizu
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Appearance: Image The coat goes down to his ankles, and he wears black boots, and black jeans. He is feminine, and very frail. On occasion, he is known to wear an extremely dark green mask, covering his mouth and nose. It goes round to his ears, and goes down his neck. He wears sort of dark green and black outfit. Used for competition matches and tournaments.(Lol, totally ripping of reptile from MK9.. xD.... Yeah, his outfit basically. Google him on images.) He also has a rainbow wristband, leading to the fact that he is Gay.

Fighting Style: Aikito, Judo and Karate. He knows how to use a Bo staff and small weapons. He also has a deadly accuracy. He specialises in Hansen Ka with slight bits of Kiken mixed with his attacks. (Light green, Light blue, or Blood Red energy. Which is very easily overpowered. And makes him very weak. But he can cut an arm off with a few slashes of his hand, not bad, eh?

History: He had a nice life, and grew up learning Martial Arts. He is an Artist, and draws things, and paints a lot of things. He Plays the Flute, and the Lute. And he has a liking for Apples. (Random, i know.) and seems to like music.

Weapons/Items: A blow gun, A Bo Staff with a metal rod inside it, a Tanto sword. Small knives, and Poisoned food. Lute and Flute.

Extra: He's social, but not many approach him, because of his dark clothes and attitude. He can't really do much damage becauseof his lack of muscle, and lack of fat. He can attack very quickly though. And run very fast, giving him a Ninja quality. His theme is and his fighting nickname is "Reptile" for his abilities to scale walls, and move quickly.

So begins...

Kaito Shimizu's Story