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World Trigger: Genesis

World Trigger: Genesis


An RP based on the World Trigger Universe, but accepting creativeness! (Looking only for people who have a desire to do long term RP, be fairly frequent (not asking for a crazy amount), and stick with the group and make an effort)

4,702 readers have visited World Trigger: Genesis since LookingAtPerks created it.

Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:


In Mikado City, monsters known as Neighbors began appearing through gates and attacking the city. Nothing seemed to be able to defeat them, and many people died or went missing during the invasion. Suddenly, an organization defeated the Neighbors using Neighbor technology called Triggers. The organization, called Border, was then planted in Mikado City with their primary goal to defend the city against Neighbors.

Yes, Border. An Organization meant to protect the public from the dangerous coming from the other world through the gates.

However, here is some truths you may not know.

The truth is those so called "Neighbors" are actually Trion Soldiers, and that Neighbors are really humans that live on the other side of those gates.

That Border before going public long ago had allies with the Neighbors, but no one outside of the very top brass and Tamakoma branch really knows this fact.

And that...there are dangers, new dangers approaching.

Anyways, this RP will be following somewhere between a slightly different and a very different plotline from the canon. This is to allow for more creativity and flexibility. I will also be accepting and approving of Original Triggers that people think up provided they are balanced and reasonable.

Also, here is a list of Border's Management. You should remember these people!

Masamune Kido (Border Headquarters Commander-in-Chief)
Masafumi Shinoda (Border General Manager & Commander of the Self-Defense Unit) (Also a badass when he fights)
Kyōko Sawamura (Border General Manager Counsellor)
Motokichi Kinuta (Headquarters Development Chief)
Eizō Netsuki (Media Countermeasures Chief)
Katsumi Karasawa (Foreign Affairs Operations Manager)
Takumi Rindō (Tamakoma Branch Chief)

Here is a friendly helpful Character Sheet

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Physical Details and Appearance: 


Combatant Style:  Attacker, Shooter/Gunner, Sniper, Attacker-Shooter/Gunner, All Rounder, ect.

Trigger Composition:

Main Hand:

Off Hand:

Original Trigger Details:

Trion Form Appearance: 



General Demeanor:




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The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

The Story So Far... Write a Post » as written by 3 authors

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#, as written by Zaria
Rai stood still, with disbelief…someone just touched her hair, and nothing happened.

Well, something did happen, she smiled and seemed to enjoy it, opposite to when he wanted to brush her hair…he got bit.

“You got to be kidding me.” He muttered, and Kali noticed that...yet said nothing.

As much as Kali wanted to focus on what Rai said, it couldn’t be done for introduction hasn’t come to an end…yet. Testing triggers out was not the most entertaining thing, mostly because Kali felt limited by them somehow. Part about simulator seemed more interesting, at least for Tora.

“Well, we could test them out…” She kept one crazy idea to herself, one that surely wouldn’t be normally accepted.

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#, as written by Josua
Shugo laughed when he saw Rai's reaction. It seemed like this was not something that he could've done to Kali in normal occasions.

"I see that you two have a... Unique relationship. Though I suppose I'll just leave it at that." he said to Rai while continuing to ruffle Kali's hair for a little while.

After he finally stopped ruffling Kali's hair, he chuckled slightly. He was quite amused by these two.

It was already time for the next part of the introduction. This part is where C-Ranks would be allowed to use different Triggers to fight simulated actual Neighbors, which is what the public and the C-Ranks call the average Trion Soldiers. In truth, real Neighbors are humanoid, but this is not known outside the expedition squads or the mid-upper ranks of B-Rank. Of course, Shugo already knew about this, since technically, he could be counted as a Neighbor, but not really, since he's a bona fide Human from Earth, though his upbringing in the Neighborhood might cause some people to think otherwise.

As Arashiyama explained the details, Shugo saw Tora visibly getting excited. After he was done explaining, Tora finally said it himself. He's really looking forward for this. Shugo can't help but chuckle once more, amused at the sight of the little shrimp getting excited for something like this. For some, it might be odd to think like that, but then again, Shugo's values are a mix of Earth's and what's basically the Neighborhood's. He then decided that it might be better to give himself more credit to these rookies, since they might think his opponents during his occasional Rank Wars matches were just weak. He then approached Arashiyama.

"Jun, I'm gonna intrude in for a little while. Set up several Neighbors for me, preferably a healthy mix of Bamsters and Marmods." he said to him, activating his Trigger.

"Sure, but why?" Jun asked him.

"Just to show these two that I'm the real deal, not a fluke." he replied, pointing towards Kali and Tora, though indiscreetly, as to avoid any more attention towards those two.

"Okay then. Suwa, I'll leave that to you." he then radioed Suwa, who was handling the simulation with Tsutsumi beside him.

"Got it, Jun. A blend of Bamsters and Marmods, coming right up!" he said as he activated the field, prompting the summoning of the said simulated Trion Soldiers to the field.

"Okay... Now... Shall we?" he said as he slowly walked towards the bunch of Trion Soldiers.

He slowly pulled out Kogetsu with his right hand, while materializing his Raygust with his left hand. He walked slowly, as the bunch started to move towards him. The first to arrive was a Marmod. It's quite known for its speed, armor and attack capabilities. Suited for combat, these things would typically shred your average C-Rank and in some cases, even a B-Rank if they're not careful. However, it only lasted for one second before he sliced through with his Kogetsu. The second Marmod that came behind the first one tried to caught him by surprise, but to no avail, as he used his Raygust to guard against the attack, slashing one of the appendages that was halted by his Raygust with his Kogetsu, and subsequently used the optional Trigger for Raygust, Thrust, to slice through the thick armor of the second Marmod.

The remainders were three Bamsters. He then dematerialized Kogetsu and brought out his Desert Eagle-modeled Asteroid Gunner Trigger. He then shot two of the Bamsters with the gun, hitting the weak point (being the eye), and immediately slashed through with his Raygust that was yet to be dematerialized. He then jumped back and dematerialized both weapons, bringing out his AWM-modeled Egret, and shot the final one with more precision than when he was using his Handgun. With the final Bamster down, he finished the overall "training". The C-Ranks outside the field were mumbling, probably out of astonishment of what he just did. While time wasn't much of a factor, still, it was quite impressive. He finished all of this within one minute, mostly due to him taking his time, not really getting into the fight too much.

"As expected of Shugo. I suppose the rumors were true then." Jun greeted him.

"Well, I'm still nowhere as good as Reiji in Sniping, nor Kyosuke in being a Gunner or Attacker. But, I guess I'm getting closer." Shugo replied, deactivating his Trigger.

"Still, that's not something that one can sneeze at though." Jun said.

"Then again, I'm technically already a B-Rank, so this is a special case, really." Shugo once again replied.

"As you can see, if you can use multiple Triggers well, you will be able to fight effectively. Remember, this is a special case, since the one demonstrating today is already a B-Rank, do not think that it will be that easy!" Kitora said, who was beside Jun. She was fuming, since he got to show off a little.

Shugo, upon seeing Kitora's face, he chuckled a little. She's quite feisty, like Luvion from his time in the Military Academy. He then patted her on her shoulder.

"Don't worry, I'll ask Kyosuke to come here when he can." he said, smirking as he left Kitora with a red face on her.

He then walked towards the two rookies that were the targets that needed convincing of his legitimacy in combat and words.

"I told you, I'm the real deal, right?" he said to both of them.

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#, as written by Zaria
“Yawn, more like the showing off type…” Kali replied, then grinned, back to her usual self she was. Thing that bothered her was how Shugo wanted to show off in front of them, as if he wanted them to recognize his strength…which was boring from her perspective.

From what she observed and gathered about Bamsters, C- rank would mostly likely lose, possibly some of the B- ranks would fail if not careful, Kogetsu in Shugo’s hands is surely a deadly weapon, but he may have a certain flaw that could be used against him.

“It’s just my hunch, but you’re quite sure of yourself, bit too overconfident most of the time, right?” She asked, and went back to considering other options.

Marmod seemed to have been designed for fighting, real issue for C- rank, B – rank may have a lot of trouble as well, but she couldn’t know for sure. She could think about it for longer, but she still had to know an answer from the Fishy.

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#, as written by Josua
Shugo sighed, his plans backfired against him. He had hoped that this would've at least gave him some credit, but instead, they thought that he was just showing off. But then again, it could be seen as doing something like that. He wouldn't blame her for that. It was a miscalculation on his end of part.

"I told you this was a bad idea." Cyone said via internal comms.

"Well, I didn't expect it would backfire this spectacularly. Guess curiosity killed the cat." he replied internally.

Turning to Kali, who was trying to guess him again, he simply smirked. She was only slightly getting closer, but not close enough to guess his real character.

"Perhaps. Take it as you will." he said to her.

It was pointless trying to say that he wasn't showing off, because he would typically get the answer that it's the opposite. Even when he wasn't serious, he made it look like it was easy & seemingly showing off, though the latter's not the case.

"It might look like it was easy, but it wasn't if you're like the average joe." he said to her as he started to get a little more serious.

"If you can't cut through a Bamster's armor, then you can forget about beating a Marmod. It's more thicker than a Bamster, and unless you some sort of a hidden trump car, you will die, if this was a real combat situation. And yes, Marmods are a combat-specialized Neighbor." he continued, with the smile on his face slowly disappearing, before being replaced with a dead-fish eye look on it.

"I know that you're stronger than what I've seen during the previous mock battles, but since there's something that's preventing you from fighting at full capacity, you're at risk of either getting killed or captured." he said before Jin interrupted him, smacking his head.

"Sorry about this guy. He gets too serious sometimes. I know that he's like this, but he means well." Jin said after he smacked Shugo's head.

Just as he was about to say something, Kako came jumping in from behind him, locking her arms between his torso.

"Kurenai, can't you change your mind? Just join my squad..." she said to him, giving him chills up his spine.

"NOPE." he replied to her, slipping through her grasps and immediately ran away from her.

"You're not getting away this time, Kurenai-chan~." she said as she started to chase after him. Futaba was also alongside her.

"And there he goes... He'll be back soon though." Jin said after seeing the comic.

And Jin was right. After a few minutes, he came back, finally losing Kako inside the base. He was gasping for air, after running around just to get her off his back.

"I forgot that woman was here..." he said, visibly terrified of her.

This happened for quite a while after he joined Border. Because of his combat proficiency, many A-Rank squads wanted him on their team. Although some backed down since he refused, only Kako and several other squads that were persistent to keep asking him to join their team. Hence, he never really stayed in HQ for too long, aside from being lazy to participate in the Rank Wars. Other than Jin and Amo, who were both Black Trigger users, making them S-Rank and almost effectively solo agents, he was one of the only few agents that were not in a team, but strong enough to act for one.

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#, as written by Zaria
Kali laughed.

“Oh, you thought I was serious? Now I know you weren’t serious for sure, but I still wonder why you….” She started, but then noticed him running away. Jin commented it was normal, but for her it is still annoying.

“Annoying, frustrating even…” She muttered, and sighed.

What Fishy said was interesting, his knowledge about the Trion soldiers, but to hear more about it she’ll have to wait as it seems.

Kali looked at Tora, wondering what will he do now.

“So, will you try out this simulation?”

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#, as written by Josua
(Guys? Are you still alive?)

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Zaria
(Umm, I'm still alive, not sure about Perks though... )

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0.00 INK

(Wow, it felt like only a week went by but it was this long huh....anyways,yadayadayada, yada mc yadaing yada, yada, I soemwhat forget the flow so ima be doing a timeskip. Sorry for the delay)

After various more events and tasks were done on the first day, Tora went and got a juice from a nearby vending machine again to quench his thirst and re-energize himself. Although it was not terrible, and there were experiments done on him to make it better, he still had to pack away more food then the average, he hoped eating more would help him grow.

It seemed that several of the other agents had gone to do some training for the upcoming Rank Wars. To be honest, he also wanted to do sounded fun and exciting, and like it would be a blast. Their team just needed to all get up to B-Rank...

Well, right now it was just him and Kali, but there was that other guy...although, Tora was still unsure about him.

And then it happened, the fated meeting...

"Yo! From what I heard, you are Jin-niichan's new kouhai, am I right? I wanna do a battle with you!"

This would mark the first time Tora encountered Shun Midorikawa.

(Had to do it. It was unavoidable. This is Shun after all, and they are in Tamakoma. Sorry if the post is only so so, but this is easier for me so we cant resume)

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#, as written by Zaria
OOC - Welcome back, beware, my post is bit chaotic... ^^

It’s been a while since she joined Border, enough to wonder whether it was a good idea or not. Rai still visited her, trained even, but something changed… he’s been away more often these days.

When it comes to others, Shugo is… she doesn’t know where he is, for his sudden appearance, was as sudden as his disappearance, surely got a lot of things to do. Tora is as lively as always, most likely for she has yet to see him today, if she decides to finally get up.

Lying in a bed was always the greatest feeling, for a slowpoke such as her. It’s the greatest place for resting, creating, and finally… again resting. Lying and reading a book, hundredth will be finished, added to the collection. Slowly reading last few pages, and enjoying a bag of chips resting beside her.

Alarm clock rang again, for the third time today, she sighed as she finished last page, got up and put away book. Alarm rang for a brief longer, for she had to find a comfortable clothes first, then it was silence, and then she left, searching…

“Tora, Tora, where might you be… “ She muttered.

OOC - Well, that kinda hurts, but kay :)

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Character Portrait: Tora Rokuda Character Portrait: Kali White Character Portrait: Shugo Kurenai
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0.00 INK

#, as written by Josua
(I think I'm gonna cry. Welcome back mate. Let's get this show on the road!)

After the tests were finished, Shugo went back to Tamakoma for his long-awaited breakfast. He had delayed it for far too long. He was quite starving by the time he reached the front doors to the dining/main hall.

"Welcome back~! Good work for last night's duty!" Usami said as she stood up from the sofa.

"I'm back... Oh boy... I'm just gonna eat now..." he said as he immediately churns the breakfast menu down his mouth.

The look on Usami's face was... Priceless. She laughed furiously at the sight of Shugo clomping down on his breakfast like there was no tomorrow. Meanwhile, Yotaro had just finished dressing himself up after his bath. He went to the dining room for his breakfast when he saw the scene happening.

"Ah, Yotaro. Good morning." Shugo said to him.

"Good morning~..." he replied. He still sounded sleepy to Shugo.

He continued to chow down his breakfast and drank his glass of water. Yotaro was fully awake by the time Shugo finished his meal. It was bloody good, after a night & some time at the HQ. Since his school was off for the day, he went to his room & fell asleep. He was deprived of that thanks to the defense duty.

-- Timeskip occurs! --

Shugo woke up. Cyone was continuously bugging him to wake up. Next year will be his last year in highschool, hence he will have to prepare for university by that time. Thankfully, that instant-learning device that he used all those years ago when he got to Kion gave him enough knowledge to pass the tests on Meeden with acceptable scores. Even if that wasn't enough, he has Cyone that could give him the rundown of the knowledge that he needed.

During the summer holiday this year (prior to Kali's & Tora's official enlistment into Border), his squadmates from Kion visited him to give the rundown on the situation in Kion since their last visit the previous year. While nothing much has changed, they did say that his little sister was rising in the ranks of the military. He then went to Kion with them to see everything for himself, all while seeing his adopted family & checking in with the higher ups in the military, especially the general who was also the principal of his old military academy & the grandfather of his mom's acquaintance, whom he was also familiar with. He then returned several days before his supposed defense duty at the night prior to the enlistment day.

As he went down the stairs to the dining area, he was greeted by Reiji preparing the breakfast for the day. They rotate the meal duties every day, so no one is really spared from this one. The breakfast: Beef Bowl. Quite the punch for the stomach, but it tasted so good that Shugo chowed down his meal almost in an instant and asked for seconds. After two more bowls, he was finally satisfied, finishing off with a warm green tea.

"Ah... Nothing beats eating that much breakfast & drowning it all with a healthy, warm green tea..." he said, with a blissful look on his face.

"Aren't you supposed to go to HQ today? They did request you for something, right?" Reiji said to him.

"Oh yeah... I got the message last night... I'm gonna head over there now." he replied, finishing up his drink & got dressed properly.

After several minutes of travel, he arrived at Border HQ. Using his Trigger as his ID for entrance, he entered the building. He then walked for several minutes, passing through the many corridors that looked nearly identical. He would've gotten lost so many times before, but after Cyone got the proper mapping of the whole place, he could finally traverse the building without getting stranded. While passing through the main hall, he saw Tora and Midorikawa together. Instantly, he knew where this was going.

"Oh boy... This will not end well for those two..." he said as he approached them.

He hadn't explained his origins to the two newbies that Jin scouted some time ago. While he did promise that he would tell them later on, he didn't get the chance to because he slept very soundly until he woke up at night during the enlistment day. And when he got down, only the senior members of Tamakoma were still awake. He then discussed with them on how & when he should tell the two about him.

"Oi, newbie. Just make sure that you & your friend got time later tonight at Tamakoma HQ. Jin & the others will be present as well for what I will tell you later." he said to Tora.

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0.00 INK

(And my brain is currently suffering from massive headaches, so sorry if my post is all over)

"Oh, okay...." Tora said, though he looked a bit confused there. It was probably because two different people called out to him at the same time, and he did not know how to handle the situation. In the lab, there was a pecking order, but he didn't know what it was here.

"Oi! Don't think you can escape! I hear you are pretty good!"

Pretty good? I mean, weren't the others just weak?


"So lets have a match! Right now!"

Shun said that with a sort of energetic and playful grin. In truth, Tora was not really a battle junkie at all, he mainly joined Border for cover and because fighting was the one thing he was good at...however...this was different from all the fights he was forced into i nthe past. The boy in front of him, Shun...something about that energy and smile sparked something inside Tora that he had not felt in a long time, possibly ever...

Playful excitement. Sheer and pure happiness, and a bit of a desire for mischief.


...and about an hour later, stories spread about a C-Ranker beating an A-Ranker with a final score of 7-3.

(I was tempted to write the battles, but....all ten? I thought this worked much better story telling wise. The action can come soon though....hehehe....)

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Zaria
Kali found Tora, when he was in a middle of his fifth battle with someone they called Shun, this one was not his greatest, but in the end, he won with slightly crazy score. Kali watched it all with crossed arms, slightly annoyed, for there he lost his low profile.

“Do this, he does the other thing…” She sighed, knowing that she expects too much from such child.

Everyone would soon know him, and that may pose a problem, but what kind of a problem, no one knows, for now she could only focus on training in nearby training room… and that is what she did.

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0.00 INK

#, as written by Josua
"Shun, are you seriously doing this right now? You know that he's still a C-Rank, right?" he asked Midorikawa.

"Well, I just felt like it!" he replied to Shugo.

Shugo can only sigh at the little boy. This also happened when he entered Tamakoma, though he did beat Shun in the end.

"Fine, I suppose." Shugo said, as he then left the two to their own business.

He then walked towards the meeting room. He rarely gets summoned by the higher ups, so this was one of the rare occasions for him. He then entered the room.

"Agent Kurenai Shugo, present." he said with a monotone voice.

"Thank you for coming, Kurenai." Shinoda said to him.

Inside the room, aside from Shinoda & Shugo, there was only Kido. While the meeting seemed not that high up in terms of importance, it was still something for these two to be there. Shinoda Masafumi, the strongest normal Trigger user and head of the so-called "Shinoda Faction". Kido Masamune, basically the Commander-in-Chief of Border and head of his own faction, the "Kido Faction", as it was known. While he was aware of the political struggle within Border that involved these two and Tamakoma, he never really got involved as he rarely attended anything that would caught the attention of these two people.

"So, about what we've been talking about before..." Shinoda said before Kido interrupted him.

"To be frank, you're an asset that I cannot allow to stay neutral. You have to choose who will you side with." Kido said immediately, interrupting Shinoda.

"I've already said this before. I'm not interested in your petty politics." Shugo replied to Kido.

"We've already tolerated your neutrality for a while. But now is the time to decide. Once again, choose now." Kido said to him once more.

"I'm done with this conversation, Sir. Even if you're the head of Border, this is far too much. Please think carefully before you start to use such power on your subordinates." Shugo said to him in a calm, but angered voice.

"Now that's enough. This conversation is going nowhere." Shinoda said as he slammed the table.

"Once again, I'm sorry for this, Kurenai. The reason we're calling you here is for your promotion." he said to Shugo.

"Promotion? Don't tell me..." Shugo replied.

"Yes, it's regarding your promotion to A-Rank." he said.

"But I thought only Squads that could be promoted?" Shugo asked him.

Shugo was stunned. While he did got offers to be promoted to A-Rank, it was entailed with the fact that he had to join the existing A-Rank Squads that had less than 4 combatants, since the rule doesn't really give any individual promotion to A-Rank if they're still a solo Agent, regardless of their performance in Rank Wars.

"Yes, but after reviewing your performance since you joined us, we've decided that we could allow for this exemption." he answered.

"But how will the others view this, sir?" Shugo asked him again.

"Ah... We've already discussed this with the rest of the A-Ranks some time ago, and they approve of this offer." Shinoda answered.

"Regardless, if you chose to accept the promotion, you will have to report to me or Shinoda, not just Rindo." Kido said.

This was a risky offer. While it would be great to have greater access in Border, it would be bad for his personal mission for Kion. Even if he's a Border Agent, he's technically still a soldier of Kion, regardless if he's from Earth. He chose not to jeopardize the mission. Not to mention, the media could get more exposure of him and it would cause unnecessary ruckus if his country of birth's government caught a wind of him.

"I'm sorry, Director Shinoda. While I would love to accept it, I can't, due to certain reasons that I can't say." he replied to Shinoda.

"I see. I'm sorry for asking you to come this early in the morning. But please think about it once more. The offer still stands, if you're willing to accept it in the future." he said to him.

"Ah, no no, it's fine, Sir. I will think about it." Shugo said as he shook his head.

"I will take my leave now. Please excuse me." he continued as he bowed and left the room. It was a short meeting, all in all.

While his relationship with the Director wasn't that close, he has a considerable amount of respect for Shinoda. He then walked towards the Rank Wars hall once more, only to find Tora won against Shun, 7-3 of 10 rounds. He then immediately went to Tora, who was clueless on what he just did. He then karate chopped Tora's head.

"Great, now you got a lot of the higher ups' attention. You should've known better. Bloody hell." he said to him.

"I'm headin' back now. As I've said before, tonight. At Tamakoma. You and the other rookie." he continued as he walked back, exiting the hall and eventually the building, heading back towards Tamakoma.

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0.00 INK

"That was fun!"

"Yeah yeah!"

"You seem pretty good for a rookie...but next time, I will definently win!"

"Nope! No way!"

"I accept your challan..."

At that point, two very similar sounds errupted. Rather, it was both of their stomachs that seemed to growl at the same time. Tora also noticed Shugo coming over as well.

"Hey, you know where the cafeteria is?"

"Yeah. I will meet you there, okay?"

"Yeah! And then, you gotta tell me how you did that one move! It was all woosh and slash!"

"Only if you tell me what the best stuff on the menu is! Still have not figured it out!"

The two then split up, and Tora went over to Shugo to see what...


Tora got karate chopped in the head. It left him a bit confused on why Shugo did that, since his normal body was a bit trion enhanced and so unless he was in a Trion Body, that might have just hurt his hand right there, but then Shugo scolded him.

"Oh...yeah...I don't know why, but something about just made it a lot of was...enjoyable to be around him and fight him...its kinda weird, but I like it".

Tora, who was still unfamiliar with the idea of friends, his only friends being Tamakoma and most if not all of them also being weird in some way, was for the first time experiencing the feeling of making a friend his own age, or close to it anyways.

Although, to be fair, Tora who lacks any awareness of the real world in a sufficient manner still probably wouldn't really know how to be discreet. He already did kind of achieve one of the highest scores in the practice room.

Afterwards, he decided to go have lunch before returning to Tamakoma to hear Shugo's explanation of things.

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#, as written by Josua
After walking for some time, Shugo finally returned to Tamakoma. When he entered the living hall, there were Usami, Yotaro and Konami. Reiji was out for duty until tonight, while Karasuma was doing his part-time jobs. It's still unknown if Yotaro actually goes outside of Tamakoma or not. The three in the hall were watching some TV show when Shugo entered.

"Welcome back!" Usami said as she stood from the sofa.

"I'm back.." he replied as he let out a brief sigh.

"So, what was that summon to HQ about?" Konami asked him.

"They're offering to promote me to A-Rank, again." he replied, shook his head in disbelief despite the many times he refused.

"Wow. Anyone would say you're an idiot to refuse that kind of offer." Yotaro said. He got smacked by Konami.

"Considering your issues though, I'm not exactly surprised." Konami said.

When Shugo first arrived back on Earth, the first ones to know about his history were Usami, Yotaro and Jin. But later on, Reiji and the others got back, so Jin had them sat down together and told Shugo to explain it to them. And tonight, he will do it to the two rookies that had just joined Tamakoma.

"I'll have to explain to the two FNGs about my circumstances tonight." Shugo said.

"Ah, you did promise them about that." Usami said.

"Though compared to what I heard about one of our rookies, mine is much more... What should I say, tame?" he replied.

"Well, we'll have to see about that later." Konami said.

"C'mon, sit over here! There's an interesting show we're watching right now!" Yotaro said while pointing at the TV.

"Fine fine... I suppose it'll do to help me kill time." Shugo replied reluctantly, as he walked to the sofa & sat down with them.

They would be glued to the sofa until dinner time, where Reiji got back from his defense duty and Torimaru finished with his job. Shugo then stood from the sofa and went off to take a bath. And with that, they had their dinner and wait for the two new rookies to get back from HQ.

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#, as written by Zaria
Time passed, and Kali forgotten about the promise, about Tora and Shugo for a moment, as she enjoyed simple dashing, jumping, parkour in overall, that she could have, during the training. Slowly more people came, watching her, and getting impatient, wanting to train as well, that in turn forced her to stop, to leave training room, and return to other things. Still for a brief moment she was… absent, while walking down the corridors, only when she heard others talking about Tora, she remembered about the promise, promise that prompted her to finally move towards Tamakoma Branch, their dinner room, that looked more like living room, but she’s not that picky.

Today was another day… of annoyance, this time caused by another randomness – which caused her to see people through walls, their Trion to be precise, and since it flown through whole body, she could see their bodies, but that in turn obstructed her normal view. Also staring at people for a long time is tiring when she’s experiencing it.

OOC - I think I'll really make it random (most of the time), when it comes to how her quirk works, and most of the time it will be a nuisance. ^^

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#, as written by Josua
With both Tora & Kali finally back at Tamakoma, Shugo then moved to the living area after they finished the dinner of the day, which was curry rice (boy, that was some good stuff). He then sat down, along with the others, on the sofa, with the two rookies on the opposite of him, while the rest of Tamakoma were on the sides. Director Rindo also came back before the two rookies returned from HQ. All of the pieces were in place, all that's left was to let it rip.

"First, I bet you're confused on why I knew that you, Tora, came from the Neighborhood. What I'm about to say will explain why. And Kali, I know that you have a lot of questions. This will answer them for you. So... Here we go." he said, as he took a breather before he explained.

- Flashback for the purpose of explaining occurs! -

1-2 years ago...

"I'll be going then. Don't worry, we'll be seeing each other again soon." Exios said as he boarded the expedition ship. Irette, with tears in her eyes, held tightly to the letter that he entrusted her with. As for to whom it was addressed to, these were the words visible on the letter's envelope: To my dearest mother, Vinlett. His ship took off the ground and went up to the sky before opening a Gate, as his sister waved at his ship.

He then launched through the Gate and went into the black sea known as Space. He was fortunate that his predictions were correct. The orbit of Kion at the time was at least close enough to Meeden. He then set it to autopilot, with the designated target being Meeden. Alongside him aboard the ship were his two teammates, Lucreccia de Luvion and Xilles de Korzdt, who also happened to be his classmates during his tenure at one of the most prestigious Military Academy in Kion. Like him, they were also of Nobility. He then reviewed his plans for once he lands on Meeden. Cyone, his autonomous Trion soldier partner, then came out.

"Once we land, what do you plan to do?" Cyone asked.

"Well... I do know that things would be very different compared to when I was still a third grader. I just hope that I can re-adjust well-enough." he replied.

"As usual, your plans really suck, don't they?" Luvion said to Josua, sighing.

"Hahahaha, what did you expect? I mean, we never really invaded Meeden as much as we needed to in order to gain the required info, right? It can't be helped." Xilles said while laughing at it.

"Still, this is a serious situation. If you were to land and got discovered by the local authoritites, who knows how will they react when they see you or me?" Luvion said.

"That's why I'll land using a Bamster as the decoy. We'll move out from the immediate vicinity once we land, and then we'll try to gain info while laying low. Simple, right?" Josua replied, outlining the plan.

"Well, that's assuming that Meeden has yet to advance. From recent info in the records several months ago, Meeden has acquired Trigger technology, and they're rapidly advancing." Cyone said.

"Have they? While that is worrysome, but at least he can gain some time before they could find him, right? You'll have to keep that in mind though." Xilles said.

Cyone sighed again, while not completely approving of his plan, but it was at least a sound one. It would take about several more hours before the ship almost reached Meeden's borders. Josua took some shut eyes, as Xilles piloted the ship with the guidance of the ship's AI and the map from Cyone, while Luvion was preparing the program for the Bamster, while watching over the sleeping Josua.

Several hours later, Xilles notified the rest of the ship via the intercom.

"Approaching Meeden's border in 30 minutes." he said.

Exios, or as his old name was known, Josua, woke up. He had taken a nap for several hours prior. It was the combination of the ship's notification and Cyone that woke him up. He then went to the transfer room, while Xilles was piloting the ship, and Luvion oversees the deployment & guidance of the Bamster and also the activation of the Gate.

"Deploying Bamster at landing zone." Luvion said as she activated Gate.

"Okay, now teleport!" Josua said as he and Cyone went inside the Gate at the transfer room, which was at the aft of the deck of the ship.

It took several seconds before both were finally on Meeden, or as it was called by those living on it, Earth. Luvion programmed several Bamsters to be deployed as to buy Exios more time.

As he touched the ground, he heard the sirens and loudspeaker.

"Emergency Alert! Gate generation confirmed! All Civilians please evacuate from the vicinity & do not approach the Forbidden Zone!" said the loudspeaker.

He didn't really understand what the language was, but thanks to Cyone, who translated it, he then decided to immediately leave the location before anyone showed up. The Bamster, programmed by Luvion, went on a rampage to bait anyone that will come to his arrival location. Meanwhile, Xilles piloted the ship back to Kion as planned. Josua then ran from the location, with Cyone guiding him.

"Where's the nearest safe location?" he asked her.

"It's right around..." she said as she scanned around the area.

"Here! Head over there!" she said as she finished scanning.

He then ran towards a house in the distance, and entered. It wasn't locked, so he thought it was odd. He then went upstairs and into a room. There, he sat down, finally able to settle down for a little. Cyone then came out, and her "antennas" were twitching.

"Hm...? What's wrong, Cyone?" he asked her.

"I'm detecting radio waves. It seems that Meeden has this network of information called the Internet..." she said as she continued to search for info.

"Can you try to... Find any info related to me? I think it was about... Arrgghh, can't remember... Anyways, try to search it." he said.

"Okay... Searching..." she said as she browsed through many news sites and civillian registries.

"Found it. A boy went missing near school... Family searched for him but he was never found... Police classified the boy as deceased...The family made a foundation to help children in honor of the missing boy..." she said.

He sighed. He didn't really expect anything, but as he guessed, that was the most probable case.

"At least they won't be looking for me now, thank God..." he said.

"Why would you say that? Wouldn't your family be glad to see you still alive?" she asked him.

"It's... Complicated..." he replied.

While Cyone was aware of his old memories thanks to Vinlett's programming, she didn't know how badly the impact it has on him when Vinlett told him, since it was one of those suppressed memories.

Half an hour passed, when suddenly, Cyone detected movement. Josua was half-asleep when he was woken up. It was night-time there.

"Movement, 20 meters from the house! Only one though..." she said.

"Prepare traps. Make sure that whoever that is, they don't come in here." he said as he took out his Trigger.

"Trigger on." he said as he activated his Trigger.

His clothes changed to that of an long-sleeved shirt with a mantel coat on the outside, while his weapon's form at that time was a short sword. The crest of his family was visible on his left front torso. Despite the traps that Cyone had prepared, it was set off
without any signs of the intruder getting injured or killed.

"Not bad... I guess we'll have to face the man in here, huh..." he said.

Cyone could only nod in agreement, and prepared, as the intruder was nearing the door to the room he's currently in. As the door opened, the man jumped in and introduced himself.

"Hello, unknown people! I'm Jin, The Talented Elite!" he shouted.

Josua looked dumbfounded, but Cyone was readying her weapons.

"Whoa whoa, calm down now. I'm not here to arrest you or anything." Jin said.

"How did you find us?!" she asked.

"Ah... You see, it's because I have this thing called Side Effect, and mine can see a little into the future, that is, the people that I've seen anyways." he answered.

"I knew that someone was going to arrive here, but I didn't precisely know who is that until I see them in person." he continued.

"What the hell?! That's just overkill!!" Josua shouted, when he heard Jin's explanation from Cyone's translation.

"So, when are you gonna introduce yourself? Mr...?" Jin asked.

"Fine... My name, well, my current name is Exios la Revilus, but my old name... It was Josua. And my floating partner here is Cyone." Josua answered.

"Nice to meet you, Josua, and Cyone!" Jin said.

"Let's continue this conversation at another place, shall we? It will be bad if anyone were to see you in your current outfit." he continued as his hand signs to follow him.

Josua simply nodded, knowing that it would be bad if he were to be seen right now, even if he's not in his Trion body, since there was Cyone. All of his conversations with Jin and later on, the others, were translated by Cyone.

After some time, they arrived at a place. It was a building by the river.

"Welcome to Tamakoma Branch of Border!" Jin said, while he introduced it grandly.

"Border? What Border?" Josua asked.

"Come in. I'll tell you more once we're inside." Jin said. Josua then followed suit, entering the building.

Both of them then went into the living room, so to say, after they took off their shoes. There was a girl with glasses inside, sitting on the sofa, while a little boy was riding a capybara, for some reason.

"I'm back! The Talented Jin has returned!" Jin said as both of them took notice of him entering the room.

"Oooh, welcome back, Jin-san!" the glassess girl said.

She then looked to the person behind him. "Jin, who's this? A newbie?" the little boy asked him.

"Yotaro, watch your words. He's older than you, you know." Jin said as he smacked the boy's head.

He then turned to the glassess girl.

"Ah, he's a special guest. Can you prepare him something?" he asked her.

"Ah, I'll go get him some tea then. We're out of snacks though." she replied as she went to the kitchen cabinet and took out some cups.

"Here, have a seat." Jin said to Josua, as he gestured him to sit down.

"So... What is this Border that you were a part of?" Josua asked.

"Hm... What is Border, huh... Border is-" Jin said before the glasses girl interrupted him.

"Allow me to explain it!" she said as she put down a cup of hot tea in front of Josua on the table.

"Border is an organization responsible for the defense of Mikado City against Neighbors!" she explained enthusiastically.

"Ah, before I forget, my name is Shiori Usami! Nice to meet you!" she introduced herself.

"Nice to meet you." Josua said, bowing his head a little.

"Mikado City...? This isn't Jakarta?" Josua asked, confused.

"Jakarta... Wait... Are you from Indonesia?" Jin asked Josua.

"Well, it was my hometown. At least, until several years ago anyways..." he replied to Jin.

"What do you mean several years ago?" Usami asked.

"I don't remember what year was it exactly, but I do know that there were no such thing as Border back then." he said as he took a breather before continuing.

"I was only in third grade of elementary when it happened. I was walking around my school at the evening that day, waiting to get picked up. I felt a sudden tremor that was different than what you'd expect from a truck that occasionally passes by. I immediately went to the source of it, out of curiosity. And it was there, that I saw this black thing." he continued.

"Black... Thing?" she asked.

"Well, I didn't know that it was a Gate back then. Since I was always curious of a lot of things, I went to the black thing, and stretched my arms into it. It felt weird, and it piqued my interest further, so I decided to went inside. At the time, I only had my wallet with me. When I realized, I was at a completely different place, no longer outdoors. Long story short, I was found by the soldiers there and taken to the office of the commander there. It was there that I was told that this wasn't Jakarta, or Indonesia, or even Earth. It was a completely different world." he said.

"You know what a Gate is?" Usami asked again.

"Yes, well, that was after I learned it at the academy. Anyways, in short, I got stranded at a world called Kion." he answered.

The three of them were shocked when he said the name Kion.

"Kion... By that you mean... The freezing superpower Kion?" she asked.

"Yes. And before I continue, I want to show you this." he said as he gestured Cyone to project the news about him.

"This news... Can you tell me how long has it been since this was reported?" he asked them.

Both Usami & Yotaro were shocked once more, while Jin was more composed.

"This was about 7 - 8 years ago, I believe. I see, that explains it..." Jin said after reading the news.

"Ah, before I forget, this here is my partner, Cyone. She was given to me as a present for my birthday back on Kion." Josua said to them, since both Yotaro & Usami were having a hard time between listening to him or looking at her hovering beside him.

"Pleased to make your acquaintance. I'm Cyone, an autonomous Trion soldier, made & programmed by Exios' mother, Vinlett la Revilus, the current head of the Revilus family, one of the noblility of Kion." she said.

"Exios? Your name is Exios?" Yotaro asked, confused.

"When I was adopted by the Revilus family, my mother gave me the name Exios. Aside from that though, my old name is Josua." he answered.

"What was it like? What was living being a noble like?" Usami asked, looking very excited.

"Well... It was... Great, I guess?" he answered.

"Great? Just that? PLEASE EXPLAIN IN DETAIL!" she pressed on even further.

"Usami, you're too excited. Calm down." Jin said.

"Ah, I'm sorry! I was just really curious about it!" she apologized.

"No no, it's fine. I'd be curious as well if I were you. Though... You might want to keep it down..." Shugo replied.

"Okay, back to the topic... I got adopted by a noble family there, the Revilus family. Apparently, I looked like the previous head of the family, his name was... Axius, I believe? Yeah, Axius la Revilus. He died several years before my 'arrival' there. Well, me looking like him isn't the only reason. Aside from my high Trion, apparently, I also emit an aura that's similar to him." he explained.

He then took a breather before he continued with his explanation.

"Shortly after that, I was admitted into Kion's most prestigious military academy, which was run by the family of the commander that welcomed me when I first arrived there. I enrolled there for about a year, and after that, I graduated & participated in a lot of action, so to speak. Thanks to that, I became a high-ranking military officer that gave me a lot of perks & discretion on my activities. Hence, I'm able to get back to Earth, though, it's also thanks to my comrades that I could even get here without any other problems that may surface after I left." he continued.

"However, even with that, I have to return to Kion to check in with the higher ups and my family, every once in a while of a year. Hence, if for some reason, I'm not found in this city, then you can safely assume that I returned to Kion to do what I just said. Don't worry, I'll return before they notice my long absence." he further said.

"With that out of the way, now here's one thing that I wanna ask: How will I even be admitted into Border? Technically speaking, I'm a dead man." he asked them.

"Ah, don't worry about that. I already thought of a plan." Jin replied as he looked towards the door.

Director Rindo came in through the door. He wasn't surprised when he saw Jin looking at him entering the hall, even with Shugo, back when he's using his old name Josua, being there. He then approached the party and sat down.

"So, I assume that you have something in mind for our new friend here?" Rindo said.

"Yes. Our friend here is a returnee from the Neighborhood. He's considered dead here, so he needs help in order to be admitted into Border." Jin explained the basic summary to Rindo.

"Okay, I can work my magic with that. Though I'd like you to explain it to me after I've completed your registration papers." Rindo replied, with a shining symbol appearing next to his glasses as he fixed it with his hand.

"Sure, I don't mind it." Josua said.

"Ah, before I forget, my name is Rindo Takumi. I'm the director of Tamakoma Branch." Rindo introduced himself.

"And oh yeah, don't forget to explain this to the other members of Tamakoma. They're gonna ask you anyways if they saw you, so I'll help out in setting the time & place." Jin said to Josua.

"Yeah, I suppose." Josua replied.

Rindo then prepared some papers, concerning Josua's new identity, alongside his admission into Border and the local senior high school that's also affiliated with Border. For his new name, it was derived from his eye color and his behavior. Hence, he got the name Kurenai Shugo. And for his background, Rindo & Jin thought up of it being:

Shugo spent most of his childhood overseas before returning to Japan. His mother and his sister were overseas, while he returned to Japan.

After finishing the background of Shugo's family (most of his personal details were made similar to his old biodata, with the only exception being the cover background), Rindo had Shugo explained what he just said to the three. Thanks to that, he was able to confirm the cover was perfect enough.

The next few days, with the rest of Tamakoma who weren't present during that night, he explained his background to them (which includes Reiji, Konami, Karasuma, Yuri and Cronin).

- Flashback ends! -

"... And that's the basic gist of it." he said as he finally finished explaining.

"Though compared to what I've heard of your past, Tora, mine is tamer, I suppose?" he said to Tora.

"And I hope this answers the questions that you, Tora & your Trion Soldier partner, and Kali as well." he continued.

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#, as written by Zaria
It was a long explanation, sad to some degree as well.

“Ouch, poor you…” She commented, though only slightly saddened by this turn of events, and satisfied mostly with answer to questions. She continued to sit, and avoid looking at Tora, all while constantly blinking and rubbing eyes.

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0.00 INK

(That was a lot of information. Had to reread a bit in hopes I remembered all the important parts...but figures Jin would do that)

"Huh...I see...I guess everyone has their own circumstances then".

That was what Tora said, having listened to the whole story from Shugo, and then considered everything that happened...

At least, that was until the Director spoke up.

"You know Tora, I think that pause was for you to elaborate a bit more. You know, since we only got cliff notes, and Mimik wont say anything new".

"It's Tora's past, so I am respecting his desire for information release..."

At that point, Tora spoke up again.

"You mean, you were too distracted with anime and manga online that you weren't paying attention?"

"You know thats impossible, I detect all audio around me".

" didn't deny the anime and manga part though..."

"By the way, have you looked into Blood Blockade Battlefront ye..."

"I have been busy Mimik!"

It seemed that Tora didn't currently have much to say at the time. However, Mimik turned off in another direction and before anyone could pressure him...

"Emergency Alert! Emergency Alert! Gates opening in the vicinity of Tamakoma Branch!"

"We get alerts here too?!"

"Of course. Normally, anyone on Defense Duty responds to alerts, but obviously if an alert happens near a Branch HQ and we have people around, we are expected to take care of know, once Kali-kun and Tora-chan..."

"He-hey! Tora-kun is fine!"

"...once those two reach B-Rank, you three could make a nice team? How about you use this for warm up?"

But it was not the director that finished, but instead Jin who was standing near the doorway.

"Are you sure? We are only C-Rank, we would need fully decked out Triggers".

"Its fine. HQ wont complain once we explain this is a training excercise, and who knows, the enemy might be interesting. Besides, if me, the super talented elite Jin goes as an S-Rank Agent, then it really cant be called anything but a training exercise.
And I think I have some you might like right here".

As he said that, he held out some full B-Rank quality Triggers to take. Surprisingly, the one who took action first was Tora while the Director smiled and made a remark.

"Well, I suppose thats true".

However, the atmosphere almost seemed different about Tora for a moment despite the lighthearted remark.

"I suppose that is true, we might as well go then. See what they sent this time".

Finally, it was Mimik who flew over to Kali and Shugo who went and explained the weirdness in their words.

"The gate that opened up, given its proximity to Tamakoma, and based on Jin's words, there is a high chance it is from Colsaria. And on that note, you both should be careful. Although they have plenty of the generic types you will have seen before, Colsaria also has plenty of prototype, variant, and advanced models. To put it simply, I think if you do well right here, Jin might have some plan to speed B-Rank along...but also he doesnt want anyone else to fight the Colsaria models just yet".

It seemed that Jin's Side Effect might have told him something important.

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#, as written by Josua
When Rindo mentioned of Shugo forming a team with the two new rookies, he wanted to interject, but didn't get the chance to. He had already rejected various offers to join various teams, and he wasn't planning to form one, even with interesting people like these two. Although, to be fair, the thought of it did entertain his mind. But then again, this would widen the possibility of his position in Kion getting compromised, and may result him being hunted down for reasons like those. That would spell disaster for his family & squadmates in Kion. That being said, he's willing to compromise with several conditions, which he already had in mind. He also used internal comms with Cyone and she approves the conditions that he planned to place.

After hearing Mimik's explanation, and further breakdowns from Cyone on the meaning of the words, he understood that the ones coming from these new gates were from the same place as Tora, Colsaria. He had heard of Colsaria's reputation from several reports that passed through him while he was stationed at the military HQ in Kion, but after what he heard of Tora's experience, or at least, the ones that he told to the rest of Tamakoma, it seemed like Colsaria was preparing for war or a large-scaled conflict in the future. This kind of info rarely pops to him, since the intelligence department directly reports to the higher ups, and all he got was the reports from the soldiers deployed before he passed it to the top, and even that was gibberish, with only a few key points that definitely came up often, hence he could only draw a rough idea on the capabilities of Colsaria, and their reputation in the battlefield.

He then immediately went outside and activated his Border Trigger. Using his actual Trigger would be his last resort, as it would expose his identity. There was no telling if these Colsaria pawns could identify him or not, but playing on the safe side, he'll keep it sheathed unless it was absolutely necessary to use it.

"Trigger on" he said, as he transformed into his Trion body and his equipment.

He then moved towards the approximate location of where the gate was located. As he reached the landing zone, out of mockery, he greeted them sarcastically. The other two were behind him, and it was only a matter of seconds until they too reached the landing zone as well.

"Welcome to Earth, dear guests! Pleased to meet you!" he sarcastically said to the unwelcomed guests that were the Colsarians.

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#, as written by Zaria
With everything happening quite fast, Kali was left behind, while Shugo went to greet Colsaria visitors. She yawned, instead of hurrying, then looked around and once more rubbed eyes.

“Ah, this is so annoying, I’ll need a minute…” She muttered, and continued to sit, still rubbing visibly tired eyes.

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(*throws a huge amount of project, paperwork, and bags of chips to the side as he surfaces*)

(I STILL HAVE A WHOLE DAMN PROJECT AND A HALF TO DO! But, lets try to get this going still. Uhg, I hate taking long absenses since it messes up my rythem though, so my posts will probably be a bit irradic and not quite as good in quality as normal for awhile until we can)

Several gates began to open up, with all sorts of Trion Soldiers appearing from them. No humans emerged, which could be said to be surprising, and all of the Trion soldiers appeared normal even...

"Mimik, are those..."

"Yes. Mark IIIs. Tougher armor, more powerful weapons, but disguised as the base units so people underestimate their true power. Its a trap. This attack is a way to test the waters, and to capture a responding team. People would make the mistake and believe they are normal enemies, and then get captured by their faster reflexes and enhanced capabilities..."


"It is unknown if anyone else at Border may watch. We already stood out quite a bit, so it would be bad to seem to know the enemies are tougher. However, there is a chance. Everything else is enhanced, but the Cores should be less so. If you only target and destroy the cores, no one will notice the difference in strength compared to the armor. However, you cant get hit by any of hte attacks either. If you get hit, even if you block with Shield, the damage you take would make the enhancements clear".

"And of course, there is also the people who sent them. If we appear to know too much or are too strong and adapt properly, they will grow suspicious and gain intel. So we cant let them figure it out either. It also means, we cant take too long. The longer the fight, the more dangerous it gets".

" then...

"Trigger On!"

Tora activated his trigger and rushed into battle.

(finishes post right as another avalanche collapses onto him, once again drowning)

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#, as written by Josua
"So it seems that there's no humanoid that's a part of this group, huh..." Shugo said as he readied his Kogetsu.

He was taunting the Trion soldiers in front of him while listening to Mimik's explanation over the comms. There were no "people" that participated in this incursion, since it's more like testing the water bed, according to what Mimik said. As he walked towards the Trion soldiers, they began their attack on him. He used Raygust that was on his left hand & engaged its Shield Mode. Thanks to his high Trion levels, the attacks were blocked by his "shield". His stance mimics the use of infantries during the Medieval eras, with their shields at the front while readying their swords behind it, though he wasn't limited by the weight of his equipment. As he was within optimum range, he jumped & aimed for the core of the one in front of him. He slashed with his Kogetsu, but it took him longer to slice through it & got to the core, destroying it.

"These bubs... They're tougher, I'll give them that. The Bamsters, if I had to guess, is closer to a normal Marmod in terms of armor density alone. But that shot earlier was certainly something..." Shugo remarked.

While it was nothing amazing, these Trion soldiers are certainly tough enough to be a threat for the lower echelon of the B-Rank agents. He then jumped back to prevent himself from getting surrounded, while still focusing his Raygust Shield to the front.

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#, as written by Zaria
When one uses thy Trion, it shifts, bends, moves through body and mind. It is a sight that can blind - if one can see it, or rather if one is unfortunate enough to see it in its true form. The ones that do see it, are the ones that had a side effect, had for it left them blind, in a distant place, different world would be the best word. Different world, for this is where such side effect could be found, here… it is yet to be found.

Though truly, having something similar is a true, true nuisance for one, especially one that has friends with great amount of Trion, this Kali learned today - being unable to join the fray, nor even watch how it unfolds is almost equal to blindness of which she heard much.

“I hate this…” She muttered, glancing at where her friends should be, or where she thinks they are, for Trion is simply too blinding.

OOC - For one, sorry for late response, two I really wanted to avoid putting Kali in this scene at all, but here we go - where she is exactly, later will be shown. Also testing out idea, do tell if it's too horrible, or if it's fine ^^

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Character Portrait: Tora Rokuda
Character Portrait: Kali White
Character Portrait: Shugo Kurenai


Character Portrait: Shugo Kurenai
Shugo Kurenai

A rare case of one that managed to return to Earth from the Neighborhood.

Character Portrait: Tora Rokuda
Tora Rokuda

The Runaway, The Kidnapped, The Testsubject. And so much more.


Character Portrait: Tora Rokuda
Tora Rokuda

The Runaway, The Kidnapped, The Testsubject. And so much more.

Character Portrait: Shugo Kurenai
Shugo Kurenai

A rare case of one that managed to return to Earth from the Neighborhood.

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Character Portrait: Tora Rokuda
Tora Rokuda

The Runaway, The Kidnapped, The Testsubject. And so much more.

Character Portrait: Shugo Kurenai
Shugo Kurenai

A rare case of one that managed to return to Earth from the Neighborhood.

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