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World War 2

German Frontline


a part of World War 2, by Skirick.

German Soldiers trying to stop US advance

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Not as gruesome as US frontlines, but hardships do occur here.
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German Frontline

German Soldiers trying to stop US advance


German Frontline is a part of World War 2.

4 Characters Here

Sgt. Konrad Eichmann [0] Administrator for the Fuhrer during the 30's but was disgraced and framed by his comrades, forcing him to take up arms and join the Reich's 23rd Infantry Division in 1943. He has a french wife but no children.
Dave Cambrio [0] Team Bravo Soldier
Pvt. David James Wilkins [0] soldier of Alpha team
Rowen O. Benard [0] Nervous Corperal, known for his shakey stature.

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#, as written by A.P.USA
The sounds of battle echoed off everything around him. Intense fighting at the front, with tanks and motors safely tucked in the rear of the division. Team A's situation looked promising, but something was tugging at Eichmann's confidence. From his jeep, he could see his men (brave souls each of them) running to and fro in the muddied trenches, raising to take a shot and then ducking down as the enemy returned fire. From the left of the defenses, a machine gun whirred to life, spraying bullets as fast as it could shoot them. Yelling and shouting could be heard over the roar of the guns and motors, and it was apparent that hell was close to home.

The driver of Eichmann's jeep watched the battle intentively, only breaking his glare to look at his gun, or a piece of grass. Eichmann scanned the horizon, squinting to see dark shapes from the enemy front bob and weave. It was getting darker outside, so visibility was becoming an issue. He shouted at the driver to slowly move down toward friendly trenches, and turn right behind a rocky outcrop near some pine trees. Once there Eichmann hopped out.
"I'd stay in here sir if i was you," warned the driver.
"My men need me," replied Eichmann, raising his voice as a motor was launched. And with that, he raced down the hill and around the rocks, sliding into the trenches alongside his men.

Soldiers were running everywhere, sergeants barking orders and shoving guns from the dead into the hands of other soldiers. Eichmann stood near the back of the trenches, inside a makeshift shanty where wounded soldiers were being treated by medics. If the gunfire was any louder, Eichmann would'nt have heard the muddied private shouting in his ear. "SIR! he yelled, "TEAM B IS TAKING MASSIVE CASUALTIES AND THEY LOST THEIR SERGEANT, YOU GOTTA HEAD DOWN THERE AND RESTORE ORDER!" The private winced as a bullet richocheted against the side of the shanty and passed his ear. Eichmann grabbed the private's arm and they ran down the trench, dodging soldiers and bullets. They passed another private, who took a bullet in the chest before he could get a chance to duck down and reload his rifle. His body fell backward into the mud. No amout of decency could be shed from that man's death. They passed another makeshift shanty, dug deeper than the trench with the opening crowded by ammo crates and more wounded soldiers. By this time it had gotten darker and soon torches were being lit so just enough light could illuminate the trenches. They waded through more soldiers and then came out into an opening. Eichmann noticed that the trenches here were bombed out, giving the appearence of a larger trench. From what he could see, dead body parts were lying around, covered in mud. The private who was following him whimpered in dispair, for many of his friends were part of Team B. "Hey Sarge!" called out a voice from the darkness. Three men appeared from the gloom, carrying another one on their backs. The man's right leg was missing, and he was howling in pain. More men appeared, limping or not, but they all looked worn out. Eichmann realized that the whole right flank of the german line ended here, and those who were defending it were either dead or gathering in front of him. "We gotta reinforce this position!" Another voice called out. "We recieved a direct hit from the American's aritllery and it took out a large portion of this area!" yelled another voice. Eichmann squinted to see who said it, but they moved to help another wounded soldier. It was now totally dark outside, and Eichmann realized that the fighting had stopped...for now. "Quick, move the wounded into the medical huts in the trenches behind me!" shouted Eichmann as he pointed to where he came from. The private who informed Eichmann of Team B's condition motioned for some of the survivors to follow him with their wounded. "Alright, whoever's left gather weapons and ammo from the dead and build defenses around this bombed out trench!" Eichmann grabbed two sandbags and flopped them down to line it up against the other trench.

In no time a crude defense was setup, and Team B's position was back in shape. Eichmann was glad it was dark, he knew that neither side would wander over their lines with zero visibility. Fresh soldiers poured into the repaired trench, and others from Team B returned. A machine gun was setup and the trench was removed of obstacles.

Tomorrow, Eichmann and his fellow sergeants would execute the infantry charge against the American trenches. One of their tanks had already flanked an American trench but was destroyed by a squad of marines. "Tomorrow we finish this and protect the fatherland from these yankees." shouted Eichmann. A few men cheered, but the rest were too weary to join in.