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The Doctar

Time Lord

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a character in “Worldly Known”, as played by The Raggedy Doctor


The Doctor seemed disappointed that his tenth incarnation was not "ginger", but has worn his own dark brown hair in various ways. It’s more Modern and "all sticky uppy." He is also perceived by most. Donna has referred to him as skinny.
He wears either a dark brown (with blue pinstripes) or a blue (with rust red pinstripes) four-buttoned suit, a shirt and a tie (otherwise, open-shirted with a light grey/black t-shirt/vest "), a red-hued t-shirt or a black t-shirt. a light brown faux-suede overcoat (which he claims was given to him by Janis Joplin), and different coloured pairs of trainers depending on his suit. The Doctor has been seen wearing cream (with brown suit), burgundy (with blue suit) and black pairs (with tuxedo).
Eleventh - He has emo-style, scruffy hair. Wearing a brown tweed jacket with elbow patches, bow tie, rolled up trousers and black boots. He frequently refers to his affection for bow ties, often proclaiming "Bow ties are cool."


The Tenth Doctor generally displays a light-hearted, talkative, easy-going, witty and cheeky manner, but combines this with a somewhat egocentric sense of unstoppability when facing his enemies. He is perhaps as ruthless and dangerous as his seventh incarnation ever was, although much less inclined to complex schemes and set goals. This emerged early on when he sent the Sycorax leader (who was attacking him from behind) falling to his death while commenting that, with him, there were "no second chances". He acknowledges that he is less merciful than he used to be and has stuck to his "one warning" code, punishing his enemies if they persist in their hostilities. The Doctor sometimes has trouble with ordinal lists, starting with one numbering system (1, 2, 3, etc.) and unintentionally switching to a different one (a, b, c, etc.) and back again. He corrects himself when he notices that he has done this, but also appears quite annoyed at himself for doing it in the first place.

He also exhibits a remarkable sense of taste, again similar to the Fifth Doctor, able to identify the blood type of a blood sample or the presence of mistletoe oil just by licking. He also shares the Fifth Doctor's skill with a cricket ball. The Tenth also admitted to the Fifth that he was his favourite past incarnation. Like the Ninth Doctor, the Tenth Doctor used his sonic screwdriver quite often. This Doctor relied heavily on the device, and chided his fifth incarnation for going "hands free". This reliance came to a head when the screwdriver was burned out in "Smith, having been pushed past its limits in order to boost the radiation output of an X-ray machine. He obtains another screwdriver. This Doctor has also favoured certain phrases on various occasions.

Eleventh - This Doctor can tell how old something is by taste. He is often late, for example arriving twelve years later than he intended, like his fifth, ninth and tenth incarnations. He also appears to have incredibly good eyesight as well as an eidetic memory, and is able to scan an entire scene and pick up little details. He implores others to observe every detail in an area and make brilliant deductions from doing so.
He also has shown a penchant for talking with his hands, being able to calculate a situation with hand gestures. While trying to understand The Cracks appearing in the Byzantium and what it could mean, he made a circular gesture as if he was forming a clock then erasing it. He also shapes out a large nose with his hands when referring to Rory Williams, whom he has a habit of patting chummily on the face.
Like his tenth incarnation's fondness for bananas and little gift shops, this Doctor is fond of bow ties.
Much like his tenth persona, this Doctor has horrible social skills. Even going into detail about his encounter with Amy at Rory's Bachelor party, and often interrupting himself (and others) to tell someone to "shut up!" Also, this Doctor is frequently out-done verbally by Amy, to the point of becoming flustered at some of her wittier remarks. He also has a habit of making various subtle lighthearted innuendos with Rory but ends up clueless when Amy tries to flirt with him.
He also has a habit of rambling, making rapid amendments to his speech, to the point where it seems like he is talking nonsense.
A habit that seemed to mildly disturb the Doctor when Amy pointed it out to him was his propensity for tasting things in order to determine their chemical and mineral composition. This ability recalled one he displayed in the early days of his tenth life. Once, when Amy asked him if he'd always "been this disgusting, " he replied, "No, that's... recent."
Frequently, this Doctor has asked his companions and others to trust him before he begins any plan. This Doctor has also frequently hushed others while he tries to think. Before the Eleventh Doctor points at someone or something, he usually clicks his fingers and then points. When he walks somewhere at a pace, he usually walks with his head looking at the ground.


two hearts, sonic scredriver etc.


Likes: Fish Custard, Amy Pond, fun, Rose Tyler, The Master, bananas, friends, and company along with lots more

Dislikes: Daleks, cybermen, being told what to do, apples, doing an ordinal list and mostly all annoying things.

History: The Doctor's tenth incarnation regenerated after absorbing a vast amount of radiation. After this, he released a massive amount of energy during regeneration, causing severe damage to his TARDIS. Despite the destruction going on around him inside the TARDIS, the new incarnation's first priority was to do a personal inventory of his body to make sure all the proper parts were in place; in fact, his first words were "Legs! I've still got legs! Good!" after which he kissed one of his knees in relief. He next counted his fingers. The new incarnation was momentarily worried that he had regenerated as female due to having longer hair, until he confirmed the presence of an Adam's apple. He then mentioned "I've had worse" when it came to his nose, seemed unsettled by his chin, and again bemoaned the fact that he was still not ginger; something his previous incarnation had also wanted to be.

So begins...

The Doctar's Story