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Cannadore Isth'adral Andredi

Treasure-hunter, Isth'adral tribesman, bounty seeker. [In Progress]

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a character in “Worlds' Edge”, as played by Cypher


ImageRace: Human (Sub-grouping: Isth'adral - a proud, strong, hearty group of nomadic tribal warriors offering their services to the highest bidder. They are not made up of one centralized government; rather, they are made up of several hundred tribes, the heads of each tribes occasionally convening into a sort of tribal council. Their values include strength in battle, faith to the clan and people, humility in defeat and civility in victory, respect of the tribes and the tribe-heads, respect of your opponents and never backing down from a job among several other tenets. Typical Isth'adral are impossible to quantify due to the fact that they're from every race and gender across the galaxy, but they're generally better muscled and darker-toned than their standard counterparts.)
-Istha: A dead planet with a thin, barely-breathable atmosphere, little to no known natural resources, no indigenous life-forms and widespread desert, this is the chosen home of the tribes of the Isth'adral (lit. 'Children of Istha'), a hearty, proud mixed-bag of bounty hunters, tradesmen and disgraced military officials, to name a few, of every race, creed, gender and religious denomination. Their planet's harsh climate requires them to ship all of their food and water rations from off world, and as such the most powerful tribes contract out to anyone willing to pay their prices in return for food, water and a lucrative income. Isth'adral resides in a tidally locked orbit with one side facing scorching temperatures upwards of 130 degrees Fahrenheit and the other reaching bone-chilling lows of -60, there is no surface water and very little ground water and most of the weather is some variation of either harsh winds, sandstorms or withering heat.
Name: Cannadore Isth'adral Andredi
Nickname: Nobody refers to him by anything other than Cannadore, and even he refers to himself as Cannadore; nothing longer or shorter.
Age: 48, and there are days when he shows it, or seems even older than that.
Appearance: Cannadore is a tall, robust man in his late forties, with leathery, well-tanned skin and short-cropped, military style gray hair. His muscular frame is always hidden behind a thick, damaged layer of garish military armor painted white and gold and adorned with various LEDs and scars. He modified the armor - Isth'adral perform all of their own armor modifications, even if it's forged or machined by someone else - to have, instead of two smaller pauldrons (standard for this class of armor), one large, gladiator-style pauldron, while retaining both gauntlets and one sleeve of the undershirt (the other one long since having been torn away). His thick, somewhat wrinkled skin is covered in scars and tattooes from almost head to toe; his left side especially adorned with the typical yarra (warrior's marks) of the Isth'adral, each individual one a story of a past conquest, a duel won, a beast defeated, a contract carried out, a family's honor preserved. His left eye and most of his face are badly scarred due to a point where his skull was actually destroyed by a blow from a hydraulic fist. The scars themselves are a careful reconstruction of the pattern that the skull breakage left, a permanent reminder of the cost of failure to Cannadore every time he looks in a mirror as well as a tactic to intimidate his opponents.


Personality: In a way, Cannadore is the embodiment of all the ideals of the Isth'adral. He is a proud man, but not overly so - he knows what he is capable of and respects his boundaries as a man. To his employers he is courteous until spurned, for his clan he reserves the utmost respect and to his enemies he shows ruthlessness in pursuit but mercy in victory. He is kind to his friends; although a mercenary has to be kind to his friends in order to do something as simple as subsist in a galaxy like today's lest he be found dumped in a gutter with a steaming hole in his head. He is also one of the most efficient hunters of the galaxy, so he never has to want for money, given his access to several hundred bank accounts spread out across several station planets, and his reputation most of the time can function better than any high-powered blaster, although he isn't afraid to use both to get his way. He will refuse the company of any woman (being happily married to a woman on Istha for going on seven years now), and does not abuse the numerous drugs and other substances that youths prefer; instead using smoking Isth'adral herbal cigarettes and drinking grain alcohol. He has no tolerance for traitors and cowards; though, and would just as soon airlock someone who slighted him or his friends/crewmates as look at them.
Skills: He is well-versed in the ways of both gunfighting and melee combat, preferring a forged blade or spear to the more modern projected energy blades, and using energy-jacketed solid core rounds ("ripper rounds") - the trademark of Isth'adral gunfighters - as opposed to energy weapons. He is an adept negotiator (read: intimidating bastard), and won't hesiate to just scare the tar out of someone to get what he wants. When he has to; though, he is very skilled at interrogative techniques both widespread and limited to only the Isth'adral. He is an adept survivalist.
- Money.
- Isth'adral culture.
- Having a contract.
- Shooting things.
- His friends.
- Grain alcohol and herbal cigarettes.
- His weapons.
- People who look upon the Isth'adral with disdain.
- Not having money.
- Being out of a job.
- Not shooting things.
- His enemies.
- Not having his grain alcohol and herbal cigarettes, or his weapons.
+ Versatile fighter skilled in range and melee combat.
+ Knowledgeable in matters of tactics, interrogation, et cetera.
+ Intimidating figure.
+ Connections within his tribe and outside it, each with varying degrees of power and sway over things.
+ Access to stable funding across several bank accounts.
- Proud and stubborn.
- (Very) Angry drunk.
- Merciful to his opponents (if he thinks they've earned it).
- Can be standoffish at times.
- Accent can be hard to understand.


Armor: Cannadore's armor is that of the old Tentari Council's infamous Commando Elite unit, albeit with several personal modifications. The armor plating is hardened steel backed with light carbon plates, coated with a thin energy-ablative mineral compound designed to lessen the damage dealt by energy weapons or - in the case of low output arms - completely nullify it. The armor has seen a lot of wear over the many years it's been in operation and no amount of careful maintenance and repair (and trust me, Cannadore has done a lot of that) can completely repair it; especially considering that, since the destruction of the Tentari Council twelve years ago, along with all of its armormasters, any potential ability to repair or replace damaged portions of the armor is now long gone. The accompanying helmet was lost long ago with the standard shoulders, Cannadore replaced the right shoulder with the pauldron of a long-ago enemy's custom built powered exoskeleton. The gold-on-white color pattern were the markings of his former squad, and he wears the pattern in their memory. The undersuit is a thick poly-cotton jumpsuit over which is laid a knife-resistant mesh designed to deter stab wounds, although the effectiveness is debatable with one whole sleeve missing.

-Melee: Cannadore carries an Isth'adral long blade; a thick-bladed sabre with a straight blade, handle and guard of simple make and nondescript appearance, carried in a heavy-duty scabbard on his left hip. The steel of the blade, rendered black in the fires of its forging, was turned over one hundred times. Isth'adral blades are some of the most sought-after in the galaxy, and for good reason - the mineral properties of the few precious rocks on Istha produce an alloy that, when forged properly, is light but incredibly durable and doesn't easily lose its edge. Cannadore also (very rarely) carries a ceremonial Tentari Warpike, a long-bladed awlpike better suited to bearing military standards than actual combat.

-Ranged: Cannadore has a Tentari Mk.6 Slugthrower Pistol holstered on his right thigh; a big, gray, angry-looking energy pistol/revolver hybrid that fires high-velocity metal slugs jacketed in plasma designed to sear through light armor and shatter on impact, shattering flesh and bone. He also has a high-powered Tentari Mk.22 Battle Rifle, another slugthrower weapon effective to intermediate range and well-suited for marksman duty as well as close combat.


Although the tale of Cannadore Andredi, Isth'adral mercenary, former Tentari Elite Commando, former nobleman, former up-and-comer on the galactic political scheme, is one of great tragedy, it is one not uncommon in the annals of the Isth'adral. Born into nobility on the planet Tentar, a temperate, snowy world populated shortly after the founding of Gantric Station, Cannadore was the first son of the Andredi familiy, a powerful and respected member of the Tentari Council, the governing body of Tentar made up of the seven most powerful people on the planet.

[in progress]

So begins...

Cannadore Isth'adral Andredi's Story