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"For the Kaiern Kingdom, I go forth."

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a character in “Wrath of the Dalh 2600”, as played by claw


*Full name: N/A, Kaiern are not given names and are simply known by their titles and deeds
Alias: Farstrider
*Race: Kaiern, a genetically modified artificial clone-race, in general however about 80% of their population is made up of Clones, who serve as soldiers, builders, workers and almost all dangerous roles, the remaining 20% is made up of Trueborn, Clones who opted to be genetically changed so that they could reproduce in the traditional way.
*Gender: N/A, Clones are 'born' genderless and asexual, only if they opt to retire do they get given the option to take a gender, though they would not be classed as a Trueborn
*Birthdate/Age: 2470/840 or 130 Earth years old or 43 Eden years
Place of 'birth': Citadel 'birthing pits', Capital, Eden
*Ethnicity/appearance: Outwardly all Kaiern have features not too dissimilar to that of Earths felines, they are covered in black and white fur, have pointed ear which they can swivel, eyes tend to be slitted and dark brown or yellow. Due to the chemicals in the cloning process all Kaiern are in fact genetically different, however to most races who use sight alone as their basic method of identifying a person all Kaiern appear the same.
*Physical Characteristics: Like all Kaiern veterans, Farstrider is a battle hardened and scared warrior, having lost the use of the right side of his face during a ship-to-ship confrontation with a band of pirate raiders on the outskirts of Kairen space, though Farstriders ship, also named the Farstrider, was badly damaged it came out on top, by its sheer hull size and weapon capacity, the scar tissue was left untouched, giving Farstrider a bare patch across the right side of his face, though a biotic eye was implanted to replace the lost one.
Mental Characteristics: A tactern and sharp minded veteran of countless skirmishes, Farstrider learned a long time ago that Kairen are recognised for their talents, not their birth or the accounts of battle alone, this has given him a drive not often seen in Ship Commanders, able to micro-manage and out think most opponents, his stance towards arrogance causes him to rashly jump into things and even rarely disobey orders he disagrees with, which unknown to him is holding him back from acceding higher in the ranks.
*Disabilities/medical: Other than his biotic eye, he like all Kaiern is in peak physical condition, as well as having regular checks by the Farstriders medical team to give physic evaluations.
*Idiosyncrasies/ habits: Most Kaiern when given officers of power over a large number of their fellow Kaiern are often given over to vanity and hubris, Farstrider is no exception, he demands to always wear a cloak around his shining battle armour and tends to punish his men if he command deck is left unclean or undisciplined.

*Current Occupation: Ship Commander- the equivalent of a battleship Captain in Human terms.
Previous Occupation(s): Infantryman, Thorn fighter pilot, Forward-boarding Marine, Ships Navigator, Disciplinary officer, Under Commander.
*General History: Like almost all Clones, Kaiern was drafted into one of the countless newly formed regiments, namely the 83rd Tactical Recon and Removal regiment, who's missions included removing some of Edens more dangerous lifeforms that endangered some of the Kaiern settlements not under the control of the Kingdom- The most powerful and original faction of Eden, led by their creator himself. Having excelled in high pressure combat situations against multiple dangerous creatures, almost all which are bigger, stronger and more unpredictable than the Kaiern themselves, and was placed into the Kingdoms Navy, after being trained as a Thorn pilot (Thorns are the staple fighter/bomber of the Kingdom, able to transition from spacial to atmospheric combat with ease) like all Kaiern he was then given the option of customising his armour and helmet, which is only allowed by promoted Kaiern, it was during this time that as the Kingdoms colonies expanded they started to come into contact with other races, luckily for them Eden is situated far on the outer-rim and the first contact wars were fought against pirates and mercenaries. Due to their enemies preferring to hide out in asteroid fields, many Thorn pilots were reassigned to varying roles, due to the danger that concussive damage could do to Kaiern ships, which to this day have only bellow par anti-concussive defenses as they themselves use energy or plasma weaponry. Having been reassigned as a Marine he was often among the first to board enemy vessels and space stations, at the time the Kaiern were little more than a rumour among the outer-rim pirates and as such usually were taken by surprise, during these early years a record number of Kairen were promoted to higher rank, the only time this number was beaten was during the 2nd and early 3rd century during the Kaiern Civil War, which still effects the Kaiern society today in many ways, the most obvious one is the fact that the previously unified race are now a number of different faction on their homeworld. Having been one of the many hundred of thousands of Marines serving in the Kingdoms Navy, Farstrider was quickly promoted to higher and higher rank, moving from ship to ship as they were either damaged, sent for repairs or even destroyed entirely, only 5 years after making first contact, the Kaiern had subdued the majority of the outlaws in their stretch of the outer-rim and their colonisation programs continued unmolested, a year later they made contact with legitimate alien governing forces, though they were given a place in the galactic council, they tend to remain in their own systems and the surrounding area of space, patrolling it fiercely, though against what most other races can only speculate.
*Skills: A long and varied military career has left Farstrider with quick communication skills, rapid spur of the moment decision making and the ability to judge a situation of conflict and to assess his chances of victory, he however like almost off Kaiern have no sense of empathy with the other races in the galaxy and find them generally strange and confusing as well as difficult to understand their inner workings.
*Equipment/Attire/Currency on person: Black battle armour made of a metal substance known as Crimate, harder than steel and more malleable in factories, it has been standard issue for the last century, replacing hardened steel entirely, a red and gold cape with the symbol of the Kingdom, a pair of pistols, capable of firing a laser an unlimited distance, however the power of the laser blast decreases exponentially the further it has to travel, thus making it a mid-close range weapon.

* what drives your character to do what they do?
"Service to the Kingdom, Kaiern, fealty to the Lord. I serve, so Eden may prosper." Excerpt from the Marine Oath of Service.
*Thoughts on the war and the Empire.
"The wars of other races are not our concern, until this Empire makes it our concern. Let them fear that day when we shall cover the skies of 10,000 worlds in our numbers and the galaxy shall know true war."
*Thoughts on being alone in space.
"We are never alone, we are many, we are endless and we shall always survive. To be Kaiern is to never be alone."
*Thoughts of being in combat.
"I have lived a long life in battle and survived, though I will one day fall, 10 more shall take my place. The battlefield is what I was 'born' for, it is there that I excel, it is there that I live.
*Thoughts about watching your friends die.
"I have seen many die before, friends, comrades, enemies and civilians, it means nothing to me. Others may call it heartlessness, our people have no word for that, for us death is simply a part of life, neither feared nor hated, but embraced and celebrated greatly in our culture."

So begins...

Farstrider's Story


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#, as written by claw
Eden, heart of the Kaiern Kingdom, home to a powerful clone race and mass producer of a navy unlike any other. Surrounding the planet is a number of space-stations and star-factories, all which are dedicated to producing the kingdoms massive ships and great fleets.

One of these new ships was just at that moment finishing being cold-welded, the method where two pieces of metal are placed together at such extremely low temperatures that they fuse completely together, this particular ship was one of many of the Kaiern cruisers being built at that point. The ship followed standard design and was triangular in shape, with an elongated and bulky strip along the base of the hull, it was also a smoothly shaped ship, crafted with an exterior hull of tri-tanium, a metal at least 3 times stronger than regular titanium, its polished black edges reflected the star light of the surrounding systems.

Striding into the sleek and shining command deck of his ship was Farstrider, so named for his ability to outrun the majority of men in his first regiment, his red cape billowed out behind him as he made his way to a raised balcony situated above the operations deck, where the ships navigator, pilot and other executive officers were posted. All the men rose from their positions in acknowledgement of the higher rank of the Ships Commander, waiting until he had sat down in his command chair before they themselves retook their own positions, he turned to the Kaiern at his side, known as Skyglide.

"Under Commander." He said in a formal tone, some men in command were more lax and informal than him, yet he believed that discipline must be maintained when at ones post at all times. "Situation report."

Skyglide nodded and stepped forwards. "All situations normal, Ship Commander, systems are at maximum capacity, ammunition and supplies are fully stocked and the men are awaiting our heading, sir." Farstrider waved him away and moved to call down to the deck bellow when a shout came up to him from his comms officer.

"Incoming transmission, sir, putting it through now." Normally this would be a breach of conduct, unless the transmission was coming one of higher rank. Indeed it was, all Kaiern snapped to attention, their right hand closed into a fist over their heart in salute as the face of Commander took up the view screen. Commander was the eldest, greatest and highest ranking all of the Kaiern, he was both the first Kaiern and second most powerful in the entire Kingdom, naturally he commanded respect with his image alone.

"Ships Commander Farstride." Though Commander had lived for centuries and faced every single bloody war along the way, always leading from the front, he had never lost a sense of humor and as such was very informal despite his rank. "I see you were planning on leaving us without saying goodbye. Good luck out there Farstrider, hopefully you won't need it, your patrol route is going out beyond our territories though, keep on guard for The Enemy at all times Ships Commander." With that the transmission suddenly cut out, due to the fact there was always a delay in these communications it was usually a lengthy affair and most simply got everything they needed to say out all in one go.

Farstrider gestured to the Kaiern bellow to set course out of the star-docks and to travel away from the debris fields that were dotted around the low orbit, after a few minutes the ships navi-computer lit up, declaring the ship clear to vibro-jump away. "Navigator." Farstrider began. "Set course to the Zelia colony, vibro-jump when ready."

The ship quickly set about to preparing for the sometime difficult jump across space, unlike the other races Kaiern ships contain a molecular destabaliser and energiser, which can only be fitted only larger ships such as cruisers just to have enough space to power them, when activated massive vibrations power through the ship, destablasing the molecular bonds between atoms, then projecting them to wherever they are needed to go. With a few pulses the Farstrider visibly shook and then gently disappeared.


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Alexis turned to Gabe and laughed cruelly. "Why would I tell you?" she hissed, but suddenly she sighed and turned to him. She sat down on a bench and patted the space next to her for him to sit on. "My name is Alexis Viola, I was born on the site of a space military camp along with my brother Sam. Sam died at five months though because of some condition? I think... I grew up learning to fight with my cousin Inigo. My dream was always to be a military captain and this ship will help me with that goal... At least it was the dream Dad told me I should pursue...." said Alexis. Her voice trailed off slowly.