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Prison owner, business man, eccentric . Jack.

0 · 442 views · located in Arn galaxy

a character in “Wrath of the Dalh 2600”, as played by xXcandlejackXx


Full name: Jack.
Alias: Simple Jack, The warden, the dread pirate Roberts. The list kinda goes on.
*Race: Thein , A humanoid like race with feathers for hair and silvery eyes.
*Gender: Male, we think.
*Birth date /Age: aug 13th 1944 ( age is only roughly 26 in Thein years.
Place of birth: Thei, the Thein home world.
*Ethnicity/appearance : Causation in appearance.
*Physical Characteristics: Thin lanky framed with tone muscles, Jack is considered by most to be handsome. His "hair" is styled in a flippy mess of feathers
that looks interesting to the eye.
Mental Characteristics: light hardhearted for the most part Jack seems like a friendly enough person, but under neith the smiles and charms lays a underhanded business individual with a killer instinct for combat
*Disabilities/medical : Depression.
*Idiosyncrasies/ habits : Spending large quaintness of money for no reason on odd things.

*Current Occupation: Drifter / Prison company CEO/ ARMS Corp CEO.
Previous Occupation(s): legalistical staff of the DAHL empire
*General History:
Jack's history isn't documented at this time , no real personal records can be found about him in the last 400 years. The little that is know about him is right around the time of the Dahl's conquest Jack made a large sum of money selling weapons to both sides of the war, however his influence and money kept him on the Dahl's good side, as such he is normally tailed by the Dhal. Being the eccentric he is he plays games with the Dahl agents and has even been known to ask them to dinner. Then again he i as likely to kill his tail as he is to be friend them. From the money e obtained he bought the planet earth back in 2574 and has sense then made it into a prison planet.
*Skills: : Piloting, hand to hand combat expect, wielding, basic plasma tech engineering, people management, marksmen ship, gardening, underwater basket weaving. ...<list goes on>

*Equipment/Attire/Currency on person: He only carries a simple P3x300 handgun and his trusty pocket tool, otherwise he's not very well armed on the daily.
(The next parts are to be done IN CHARACTER)

* what drives your character to do what they do?
Jack is tired and going through a midlife crises , he's searching for anything to become a reason to get out of bed after his sleep cycle and it is becoming increasingly hard to WANT to do anything.
[ in character response]
*Thoughts on the war and the Empire.
" My thoughts on the War? war is war its nothing new, drives the economy and what not. As for the empire, well they did Buy me earth and the prison I built on it so I can't say fuck you....least not for free.
[ in character response]
*Thoughts on being alone in space.
I like it, tho it's a bit quiet sometimes, I want to find someone to explore with but who knows what i'll find... Maybe I should go to the red district and pick up and Vixen... wink wink nudge nudge ehhh ehh?
[ in character response]
*Thoughts of being in combat.
" It's like a video game but hurts! HAHAHAHahh, No in all actualy combat sucks and I don't wish it on anyone. Tho the rush is nice not gonna lie.
[ in character response]
*Thoughts about watching your friends die.
I can buy more.
[ in character response]

So begins...

Jack's Story


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The alarm chimed in, it was faint, but steadily grew louder until it was almost unbearable. Jack Opened his eyes and smacked the alarm once. It drifted away in zero gravity , spinning as it went. Time was a bothersome thing that didn't need to exist as far as he was concerned. He yawned a bit and stretched , enjoying the weightlessness of everything for a moment. Jack was aboard his personal ZX-1 star fighter mod 1. A personal ship designed for low atmospheric / deep space combat. It was also modified to allow two people to live on the ship with decent space for them to move about. Jack however was alone.

" Moris, Gravity please."

There was a chime and then everything settled to the floor, including jack who simply came down from zero gravity like he was getting off an escalator.

" Moris, news please."

Again there was chime, followed by a male computer voice. " in the last 48 hours there have been no significant events as per your standards. In other news the Dalh empire has raised the bounty on the head of the Knox Rebellion to 200 million DED. The Rebellion on XSD-331 has ended with the Dahl glassing the planet."

Jack nodded to him self moving from his ships cargo hold.

"Moris, Music, track 3464. "

Chime, Suddenly the whole ship buzzed from the sound of bass guitar, Guitars joined in a moment later.
The music was so loud you could watch water jump in a glass from the bass. Jack nodded in time to it, moving through the ship in time with the music. He opened the storage unit and grabbed a water pack and a foil wrapped bag, labeled cheese burger.
What to do what to do...

The ship chimed "Sir, you have a call from Deata , she says it's about the company."

"Is it something I've known about?"

" The workers are unhappy with things as they are on Earth."

Jack sighed sinking into his captains chair, well it was more cockpit but all the same it was comfortable.

"Double their pay, take it out from my personal account, Tell Deata if she calls again i'm going to fire her. Inform her she can reach me by net mail. " He tore open the bag, steam rolled off the double melt bacon burger...

" Moris, Today is gonna be interesting. "

The ship chimed. " Every day is interesting with you sir.

The setting changes from Arn galaxy to Space.


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Character Portrait: Jack
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Testing test.

The setting changes from Space. to Arn galaxy


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Alexis turned to Gabe and laughed cruelly. "Why would I tell you?" she hissed, but suddenly she sighed and turned to him. She sat down on a bench and patted the space next to her for him to sit on. "My name is Alexis Viola, I was born on the site of a space military camp along with my brother Sam. Sam died at five months though because of some condition? I think... I grew up learning to fight with my cousin Inigo. My dream was always to be a military captain and this ship will help me with that goal... At least it was the dream Dad told me I should pursue...." said Alexis. Her voice trailed off slowly.


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"Moris, who's around?" Jack asked pitching the trash from his meal in the waste can by the door to his living quarters.

The ship chimed as normal before answering. " There are sixteen vessels travailing within " I'm bored" range. 17 if " I'm extremely bored"."

Jack nodded watching the stars drift in the blackness that was space, he was looking through the front visor panel, tho it really wasn't there it was just a real time image of what was going on outside of the ship.

" Any Human ships?"

" Two sir, One is Military in nature. "The Red". "

Jack grinned a bit, He might go kidnap someone...

" Moris, run personal tracker with my authentication code for council, labeled personal inquiry and label it's threat level 1, nothing major. I wan't everyone's on that ships name and rank, and medical records. Please make a note that this is level 3 clearance only and is only to be known about by Thein's in council or those deemed important enough by them to get in my business."

The ship paused for a moment , then chimed. " As you command, sir, however I must inform you that--

-- That is is against a multi-species treaty the Thein took part in , involve security of military information during the time of war and if found can lead to imprisonment" Jack mimicked the computer.

The ship chimed. " This will be your 74th charge on this, not to be disrespectful sir, but should you be abusing the clearance protocols? " The Ships A.I had a concerned tone to it's voice for once.

Jack paused and looked at the ship, like he was hearing it talk for the first time.
" You know my reputation, everyone in council think's I'm a lone with to much power, but they can't do anything because I have dirt on each and everyone of them, or they assume I do because I ask them for favors." He said talking more to a person now than a tool.

The ship chimed. " If you're sure sir. " The ship didn't sound convinced.

Jack smiled and settled down into the pilots chair, it was sunken into the floor and he had to lay down in the seat.
"Thank you for you're concern Morris, Make me one of those Earth drinks that keep me awake for a week."
He said as he pulled a visor over the front of his face, it was like a stasis pod form before FTL travel was a thing.
He inhaled deeply as the pilots seat filled with air, form fitting his body perfectly.

The ship chimed. " As you wish."

" Switch to Manual piloting , leave suggested rout open."
Jack bit his lip as he felt three needle like probes insert into the base of his neck, and with a gasp he was surrounded by nothing but the blackness of space, only contrasted by the stars.

He floated there in zero gravity, glowing a faint silvery color. It still took his breath away everything he took manual control over this ship.

He slid his hands outward in a semi circle and Disk of light appeared. Each had a reading.

'Morris Visual rout please' he thought to the ship.

There was no chime this time, only a thin blue beam of light that danced off in front of Jack's feet.

'Ship's weapons check'

A graph appeared next to the disk of light controlling the thrust. Morris soon chimed in

" Ammunition at 85%
Pay load includes following.

4,560 :30 mm High-velocity Heavy-matter rounds.
1500: 30 mm Heavy- mass-Energy-displacement rounds.
450: 30 mm anti-phase energy-shielding rounds.
40 :Ship to ship Plasma war head missiles.
10: Self guiding micro nuclear war heads Missiles.
30 : Stealth fusion war head missiles .
19 : " blue ferret" ASDMP (active shield defeating multi-purpose warheads.
65% change main partical beam
20 % main bow ionic cannon
98 % Tissue laser.

3,554 FLARE program drones."
Morris said.

Jack nodded.
" Check storage and Solar sails please. And targeting recital up. "

100 kg liquid water
230 kg food.
1540 hours of oxygen.

'Solar sail's still functional reproducing 1 kg water per 100 hours of power and oxygen.' Morris answered.

After his list several beads of light danced in font of Jack's line of sight about 3 feet away, this is where his weapons were pointed. He smiled relaxing in this virtual reality.

Morris chimed. " Here are the personal files you requested. "
"Thank you Morris." Jack said as names and faces began to show in a disk of light, a 3d model of them was cast in the corner of jack's vision. He came across someone that caught his eye.

*Full name: Hannikar Guddleplex
Alias: 'Hannie'
*Race: Martian

Jack smiled.
" Stealth, and Music track 2012, I'm in the mood for some sneaking. "

Morris chimed and a steel guitar started playing an ominous tone.The outwards hull of the ship reflected no light causing it to disappear from the blackness of space, heat signatures was reduced, ping was minimal. He might as well be a floating mail box in space for anyone cared. Jack grinned and snapped his fingers.

Jack and his ship were gone, Racing towards The Red.


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"Hannie this can wait, I need to go, we're departing soon. You're staying here I assume?" she said. Alexis left the cabin and ran down to the shuttle, placing the two daggers in their holders at the side of her hips. She checked her weapon and armoury status. "Let's hope this doesn't take long," she sighed.


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"Hey? What was that for!" she cries. She walks into the room to see Acker and Gabe. She sighs and mutters under her breath. "Boys, all about long lasting arguments and unkept promises!" She walks off angrily and sighs. Alexis ran her fingers along the sides of her daggers carefully.....


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Character Portrait: Acker Jeager Character Portrait: Alexis Viola Character Portrait: Gabriel Alexander Snow Character Portrait: Hannikar Guddleplex Character Portrait: Jack
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#, as written by KazutoK
" Let it go alexis this isn't the time for that beside you were the one that ended it, so..yeah" He said realizing that Gabe was there " Never mind that now but what is this you are asking me to take you somewhere dangerous so while we risk our lives for survivors we have to also baby sit that you don't have one of your episodes and one of us has to carry your ass back " He said as he looked at the boy clearly he had passion but was that enough acker thought. " Tell you what yeah come but if you want to survive the drop you need armor and a helmet, plus first sign of you having an attack you are to remain in the rear so the other can shield your body with theirs, so a lot of lives will be counting on you not having an attack. " He said as he saw the remaining soldiers walk in about nine of them in total with them included " Now that everyone is here this is a search and rescue mission do not engage hostiles unless absolutely necessary." He said as he knocked on the door of the shuttle and the pilot open it they walked in and waited as the ship too a nose dive to the planet at full speed in order to avoid fire and detection as quickly as possible. " Your armor is fitted with a creation of my own a radar of friendly and enemy now is not like the usual radar this turns you into a sonar as soon as one of us spots an enemy the Radar will emit a near invisible signal to the others so the squad may regroup accordantly remember we aren't here to fight a war just rescue casualties" He said as he loaded his gun and hanged it from his holster he look at the men and woman " You know what to do once we step of this ship we stay quiet until engage then its weapons free, but remember limited ammo so pick and choose your battles" The space ship began to slowdown and the shuttle was shot off into the nearest city where a landing pad use to exist but now lay in ruins thanks to the battle that had ensued, the Red took to the surface but just before reaching it, it jump like acker had ordered going into hiding the rupture of the jump moved the shuttle off course by a couple meters.