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Ava Gold

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a character in “Write Sins Not Tragedies”, as played by Bartholomew Finch


Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's needs, but not every man's greed. - Mahatma Gandhi
β€’ † β€’ † β€’ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

___ V I C E ___

___ N A M E ___
Avaritia | Ava Gold

___ P U N I S H M E N T ___
Boiled in Oil...
Usually to the tune of classic cooking music

___ F A M I L I A R ___
Omnia | Fox

___ A M U L E T ___
Necklace || Ring

___ S E X U A L I T Y ___

___ P E R S O N A L I T Y ___
Covetous | Posessive | Neutral | Lacks Empathy | Arrogant | Impatient | Charming

A creature of habit, drawn always to the same old thing. He may have left hell behind, but he has not shed anything of himself. A pathological liar, impatient, narcissistic being with far too much willingness to lay out hooks for others to get caught on. His arrogance knows no bounds, he envisions himself as the best and craves to own everything and everyone. He exhibits an unnatural charm towards most humans, but for the most part despises their existence, often referring to them as stupid creatures, blind to reality. And uses them often for his own gain. Finds it fun, in fact, to lead them to sin and then enact his punishment upon them.

He has very little empathy for any other being, human, sin, or other. The relationships he forms are on a neutral basis, his predilection for owning things means that he rarely if ever connects on a deeper level - but when he does its a magical thing - and often leads him down the road to possessiveness and jealousy. Knowing how he works is essentially the first in navigating his personal minefield of a brain. He is intelligent but blinded by his most basic of needs; that being the possessing force that drives him to own everything. If he were human he would be seen as a whore, promiscuous, and the kind of lover that takes and takes with very little regard to the other person in the equation.

___ O M N I A ___

A fickle little fox, just as greedy as the sin she aligns herself with. Omnia may resemble a red fox to anyone else, but incite her anger and it is a much different beast that you will face. She spends her days lounging, wrapped around Ava's shoulders like the finest of furs, or following just at his side - ever obedient to his whims. But she is her own personality, separate from Ava in thought. She listens to him because she loves him, but for the same reason, she distances her wants and needs. She isn't some docile pet, and she is not a dog that can learn tricks to entertain others. She is his familiar, equal in a way that no-one else can achieve. Though she is intelligent she is also at the mercy of her base instincts, and though she is a monster beneath the pretty skin of a normal fox she very rarely takes that form without provocation. She can vocalize her thoughts but often prefers to project her words into Ava's mind as she refuses to converse with anyone that is not him.

Though her base appearance is that of a simple red fox she can become so much more, a terrifying beast with far too many eyes where eyes simply should not be. Its snout stretched out from the eyeball covered head and full of razor-sharp teeth and squirming tongues. Her skin clinging so tightly to the body that every bone can be seen protruding from beneath. While she still resembles a fox, she is nothing like those that exist on earth. In the light her fur shimmers like the stars, mesmerizing if not for being so terrifying to look at.

___ G R E E D ___
β€’ Greed is the desire for material wealth or gain, ignoring the realm of the spiritual. β€’

___ A B I L I T I E S ___

Suggestion and Obsession, abilities that are largely mental and consist of him being able to dig into human minds and dredge up all those things they want the most. Wealth, power, anything, and everything. He takes those wants and multiplies them by a thousand, makes them think that it could be theirs if only they just committed a little harder. The obsession side of things is simply fun for him, inciting those humans to do whatever it takes to get what they want. Usually drives them mad enough to commit all sorts of crimes - sometimes even murder. Its fun watching them scramble for their wits, as they slowly lose their mind to his influence.

___ L I M I T A T I O N S ___
Other Sins Domain and Strong Will; Greed preys on those that already have a predilection for his sin. Those that are naive, down on their luck, or otherwise desperate enough to fall into his trap. While he can work around someone with a strong will it is not worth the effort in most cases. People that can easily shrug off his influence or are happy with their station in life can often bypass his ability of suggestion, and do not easily become obsessed despite his best tries at influencing them. His abilities rely heavily on the mental state of the humans he targets. Otherwise, he also does not often target humans that have a stronger affinity for other sins, simply passes them along since they're more trouble than they are worth. Humans are stupid, and he does not have the time to waste on them if they do not already want to die by his hand.

___ T H E G O L D E N P A L A C E ___

A swanky nightclub that boasts the best of everything money can buy. A luminous dancefloor, the ceiling lined with diamond chandeliers and lights that reflected gold from every angle. Even the alcohol they serve at the bar is no less than the finest money can buy. When entering the club you can easily find Ava, either in his grand office or the second floor VIP section, with its private balcony overlooking the grand ballroom below. There are several dozen side rooms and hallways, though there are only 3 levels to the club, that being the main floor where the ballroom and bar exist, the second floor VIP area, where most business is enacted, and the basement level that requires a clearance keycard to access - generally because thats where humans are taken to be 'Punished.'


___ H I S T O R Y ___

His history is a simple one really, a former prince of hell like all the others. Decided to extricate himself from his own throne and leave hell behind for bigger, more enjoyable waters - hell is boring after a certain point and humanity is the reason for the sins existence after all. One can't simply spend that many eternities torturing souls without going a little mad - there's plenty of other ways to get his rocks off on earth anyways. And besides, that big, wide, imperfectly human world was begging to have its gates stormed by a sin like him. A monster that thirsts to claim everything.

He spent his first few years in the slum-y parts of the world, preying on the weakness of humans that had very little luck in life. It was easy to extract their wants, force them to seek it out, and then punish them for it. At least until he got bored and began moving on to bigger and better things. Maybe he became a little complacent after opening The Golden Palace because suddenly he had droves of humans for the picking - it was easy to get fat on the greed in them. Set up his own little side business to keep profit rolling in while he slowly killed his way through the clientele. Money lending was the official job title but nobody could claim he didn't run his business with sharks teeth. Often digging humans so far into his debt that the only way they could ever get out was to surrender their lives to him fully.

And while he allows other sins to hedge in on his territory - after all, nightclubs are places that incite a great deal of sinning - it is very widely known that the Palace is his to rule.
β€’ † β€’ † β€’ ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━

So begins...

Ava Gold's Story