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Wrong Time, Wrong Place

Wrong Time, Wrong Place


Three men are attempting to rob a local bank. Will you stop them? Or JOIN them?

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It was just another day at the office, when two men suddenly walk in the front door, shotguns in hand. Everyone drops to the floor, and the clerk presses the red button. The slight buzzing sound that triggers when it is pushed does not sound. There was a third man on the outside, controlling the electronics in the bank.

ROLES (you choose names)

Robbers inside bank (2)
Robber outside controlling electronics (you choose location)

President of Bank

Citizens (10 max)

SWAT team (5 max)
Police (3 max)
Security Guard

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Police Station

Police Station by RolePlayGateway

Police Station, unknown of robbery at the beginning.

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The inside of the armoured van was gloomy and smelt of gun-oil. Will sat with his MP5 between his knees, sweat trickling down his face. The S.W.A.T team sat on the benches bolted to the sides of the van, sweating in the heat from the summer sun and the constricting feel of their body armour. It had been a long time since Will had been in this situation. The last time had been in the Gulf. He shuddered at the memory, as more beads of sweat broke on his forehead.

To chase away the memory, Will returned to the MP5. He racked back the bolt, checking for the glint of the 9mm in the weapons chamber. Slamming the bolt home, he loaded the narrow curved magazine into the weapon with a harsh crack, and check the calibration on the sight. He continued the checks, tightening the straps on his armoured vest, adjusting the way his ammunition webbing hung across his chest and checking that his Glock was still in his holster. "Jesus Will, chill the fuck out." Will's head swiveled, the kevlar helmet restricting his neck movement. "Your so damn twitchy, calm down. I know this is difficult but your making the rest of us nervous." Will looked into the eyes of the S.W.A.T captain but said nothing.

The van began to slow as they drew close to the bank. Will adjusted his body armour for the final time before reaching down the neck of his vest, pulling out a silver crucifix. Pulling to his lips, he kissed it swiftly, before dropping it back under his vest. Muttering a quick prayer, he slung the MP5 across his body and prepared himself.

The van slewed to a halt and the pointman kicked the double doors open, causing light to flood in. "Go Go Go" the Captain shouted, and the S.W.A.T team stormed out into the light.

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Police Station

Police Station by RolePlayGateway

Police Station, unknown of robbery at the beginning.

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Bank Robber

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Police Station

Police Station by RolePlayGateway

Police Station, unknown of robbery at the beginning.

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